Business Communication Systems

Mobile Softphone


Feature list for Mobile Softphone App

Supported OS iOS 11.0 or later Android™ 6.0 or later
SIP Registration
Call Functions Make Call
Call Functions Reject Call
Cancel Call
Video Call
Call Hold
Call Transfer ✓ (Blind/Attended)
Audio Codec G.722, G.729a, G.711a/µ
Video Codec H.264 Base Line Profile Encode up to VGA / Decode up to 720p
Push Notification
Call Log / Missed Call Indicator
Automatic control
of trunk line feature access code
Support Language UK English ・ German ・ French ・ Italy ・ Dutch ・ Spanish ・ Portuguese ・ Russian ・ US English
Canadian French ・ Polish ・ Arabic ・ Hebrew ・ Ukrainian ・ Thai ・ Simplified Chinese ・ Traditional Chinese
Turkish ・ Spanish in Latin America ・ Portuguese in Latin America


Activation Key

AK Model Name Description
KX-UCMA001 Mobile Softphone 1 user Activation Key
KX-UCMA005 Mobile Softphone 5 users Activation Key
KX-UCMA010 Mobile Softphone 10 users Activation Key
KX-UCMA025 Mobile Softphone 25 users Activation Key
KX-UCMA050 Mobile Softphone 50 users Activation Key


System Requirement

Main Unit version Necessary PBX Activation Key (AK) Supported Device
ver.5.0 or later IP Proprietary Telephone / IP Phone AK
Model No: KX-NSM5xx or KX-NSM2xx

iOS 11.0 or later

Android 6.0 or later

KX-HTS824/KX-HTS32 ver.1.9 or later -


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