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Document Scanner


KV-S8147 / KV-S8127


Language File Name File Size Date
English Operating ManualPDF 3,406KB 19/Jul/2019
German Operating ManualPDF 3,477KB 19/Jul/2019
French Operating ManualPDF 3,477KB 19/Jul/2019
Spanish Operating ManualPDF 3,474KB 19/Jul/2019
Italian Operating ManualPDF 3,495KB 19/Jul/2019
Russian Operating ManualPDF 3,582KB 19/Jul/2019
Portuguese(Brazil) Operating ManualPDF 3,478KB 19/Jul/2019
Simplified Chinese Operating ManualPDF 3,708KB 19/Jul/2019
Turkish Operating ManualPDF 3,577KB 19/Jul/2019

Bundled Software (Windows)

・Software Download Tool
Download tool to create an installer package composed of the software items
equivalent to the contents of the CD/DVD attached to your product.
 * OCREngine included

Software Connection Version Date
- 27/Aug/2020

・Installation Packages for Updates
Programs to update software items included on the product CD/DVD.
 * OCREngine is not installed

Software Connection Version Date
USB 3.0* 04/Nov/2021
USB 3.0* 26/Apr/2021
USB 3.0* 1.0 30/Nov/2020
USB 3.0* 2.13 31/Mar/2021

Utilities (Windows)

Software Connection Version Date
- - -
- 31/Mar/2021

The support of this software has ended on 31 October, 2021.
Panasonic will not response for the inquiries and not provide the update including the future issues.
Thank you for your understanding.

Note: The publication of this software may be closed without prior notice.

Software (Linux®)

Software Connection Version Date
USB 3.0* 1.7.0 31/May/2021

Firmware (Windows)

Check the firmware version of the scanner as below and update the firmware.

  1. Turn the power of the scanner after the scanner is connected to your computer.
  2. On the [Start] menu, point to [All Programs], [Panasonic], [Scanner Tools], and then select [User Utility].
  3. Check the [Firmware Version] in the [Scanner Information] in the User Utility.
    If the version is older than the latest version below, update the firmware.
Firmware Version Connection Date
USB3.0* 26/Apr/2021

Control Sheet

By using control sheets, you can change the scanning conditions in the middle of scanning.
Please refer Operating Manual about how to use.

Language File Name File Size Date
English Control SheetPDF 994 KB 29/Jun/2018
Chinese Control Sheet (Chinese)PDF 638 KB 29/Jun/2018

Note :

* USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 can be used.
Linux is a registered trademark or a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other countries.

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