MobiCom Corporation

October, 2014
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Interactive Displays for MobiCom's Mobile Operator's Service CenterInteractive Displays for MobiCom's Mobile Operator's Service Center

MobiCom Corporation is Mongolia's largest telecommunications company, with a network that covers the entire country. The company recently installed two interactive displays in its Mobile Operator's Service Center. The displays are mounted vertically and allow visiting customers to freely touch the screens to find the information they want. When a customer touches one of the on-screen icons, the information appears in the upper part of the screen.

Why choose Panasonic?

  • Belief in the quality of Japanese technology
  • Panasonic's high reputation
  • The high sensitivity of the touch screen

The displays are sunken into the walls to provide the office interior with a fresh, clean look. The large 50-inch size also allows several people to look at the screens at one time, and makes them easier to operate. The displays are highly praised because they make it possible to receive time-saving explanations directly from the high-sensitivity touch screen, without having to call for an operator.

MobiCom Corporation

MobiCom began operation as Mongolia's first mobile phone provider in 1996. Today, the company oversees a total of eight companies in the fields of telecommunications, content, and other services. It holds more than a 50% share of Mongolia's diffusion rate for these services, which exceeds 90% nationwide. MobiCom launched a Mobile Commerce Service in October 2010 to allow electronic trade over mobile phones. In addition to building an indispensable telecommunications infrastructure, the company is supporting Mongolia's development as a "comprehensive telecommunications business group" providing a wide variety of value-added services.

Equipment installed

  • Touch Screen Display
    TH-50LFB70 x 2