McDonald's Company Japan

August 2014
Hyogo, Japan

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Multi Touch Screen LCD of Excellent Toughness is Adopted for New Digital Entertainment StationMulti Touch Screen LCD of Excellent Toughness is Adopted for New Digital Entertainment Station

Installation Details

Entertainment equipment utilizing digital technology is being introduced as part of upgrading service for families.

As a service for families, McDonald's Co. Japan, the biggest hamburger restaurant chain in Japan, introduced "Playland" with a jungle gym and slide for children. Furthermore, "Digital Playland" co-developed by McDonald's Company, Japan and teamLab was added to the well-reputed Playland facility. Characterized as space-saving play equipment that enables children to play cheerfully owing to the full utilization of digital technology, it was introduced in August 2014 at the Kobe-Okubo Interchange restaurant that was refurbished as a family-centric restaurant in February the same year.

"Digital Playland" integrates two 65-inch displays, a PC for playing content, speakers, amplifier, etc. in a housing. It is also equipped with a cooling fan.

A touch panel display of excellent toughness and durability that supports simultaneous multi-detection is adopted.

"Digital Playland" is an interactive digital entertainment station that enables children to move displayed characters and draw pictures by directly touching and operating the screen. The basic performances of the system are as below.

Touch panel
A touch panel is an essential function for playing by directly touching screen. It must be capable of detecting a plurality of simultaneous operations because children will assumingly play with their friends or operate the station with both hands. High detection accuracy is also required for smooth stress-free operation.

Toughness and durability
A structure that is strong against impact is essential since children will assumingly hit the screen with hands and toys. In view of that, our Multi Touch Screen LCD was adopted and highly evaluated because it features the following.

  • Support of up to 6 simultaneous touches
  • Highly accurate touch detection without loss of content operability
  • High toughness from the protective glass on the front surface

In addition, a 65-inch screen size was chosen taking into consideration children's body height and size and the possibility of multiple children playing simultaneously. The system has two displays.

The 65-inch screen is wide enough for 4 to 5 children to play simultaneously. The system with two displays enables many children to play at a time.

System Outline

System designed around a multi-touch-screen core

A touch panel that can simultaneously detect up to 6 touches at a time is incorporated in the Multi Touch Screen LCD (TH-65LFB70) adopted for "Digital Playland." The PC connected to the display operates the content and controls the images on the display in response to detected touches. In addition, the entertainment factor is further enhanced by playing back sounds from the speakers. The display is designed to be tough by mounting a roughly 3.2 mm-thick protective glass on the front. Therefore, a protective cover is unnecessary to set the screen in the housing, so vivid high-quality images are displayed as is. Correct and quick reaction to screen touches is also maintained. The housing that contains two displays, a PC, speakers and an amplifier is equipped with an air cooling fan. Furthermore, system operation is more stable owing to a placeholder that ensures images are displayed when the PC is restarted.

The display is installed at a height that enables children to touch the top of the screen.
About half a year was spent on developing the interactive content displayed on the two screens. Play styles and behavior were verified through repeated tests with children.

McDonald's Co. Japan

McDonald's around the world are watching the newly introduced "Digital Playland."

McDonald's Co. Japan, which opened its first restaurant in 1971, is enhancing family services, offering "Mac Adventure" that gives children job experience, and introducing "Party Space" in addition to "Playland." Since striking a balance between "restaurant size" and "space for children" has also been a common source of anxiety among Asian and European McDonald's, McDonald's around the world are looking at the "Digital Playland" that was introduced at the Kobe-Okubo Interchange restaurant as a possible solution to space woes.

Equipment installed

  • Video Wall Display
    TH-65LFB70 x 2