Boatpier Kobeshinkaichi

November, 2014
Hyogo, Japan

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4K UHD LCD Displays for the Live Broadcast of Boat Races and the Efficient Presentation of Various Information to Visitors4K UHD LCD Displays for the Live Broadcast of Boat Races and the Efficient Presentation of Various Information to Visitors

Installation Details

Complete renovation of the video display system in conjunction with facility renewal

Boatpier Kobeshinkaichi opened in April 1999 as an off-stadium betting facility for the Boat Race Amagasaki and Boat Race Suminoe. In November 2014, the entire facility was renewed, and a closed circuit video distribution system with 30 Panasonic 4K UHD LCD displays was installed.

Large high-resolution images receive high evaluation

Since opening, Boatpier Kobeshinkaichi has been entertaining visitors by displaying dynamic racing scenes on large screens. Thus, for the recently initiated renewal project, "large screens" and "high image quality" were crucial requirements.
Although Boatpier Kobeshinkaichi originally considered constructing a video wall with multiple displays, it opted for installing large 98-inch displays on account of their capability to deliver dynamic and realistic live images of races.
Panasonic's LQ Series was evaluated highly for its ability to display beautiful HD images thanks to an original image processing technology (Detail Clarity Processor 3).

The six 98-inch display units arranged in a row on the wall display information of various types before the start of the race. The small monitors (VIERA consumer model) mounted below the large displays show the names of the boat racing courses where the displayed images are broadcast from as well as the remaining time before the deadline to get betting tickets for each race.

High utility was a key selection point

One of the highlights of the facility renewal was a video system set up for showing races held at up to six boat racing courses per day. To do so, it was necessary to promptly provide visitors with a large amount of information of various types, such as exhibition runs, boat adjustment conditions and betting ticket odds at each of the racing courses.
The LQ Series is equipped with a 4-Input Multi-Screen Display function to display four different FHD images simultaneously on a single display. This display method presents various types of information efficiently, and it was another point that was highly evaluated by the client. 
In view of these outstanding features and functions, Boatpier Kobeshinkaichi selected the TH-98LQ70 model and installed six units on each of the five floors, for a total of 31 units (1 unit as a spare).

System Details

Display of complex and diverse information effectively and in an easy-to-understand fashion

At Boatpier, it is necessary to provide betting ticket customers with a diversity of information in an easy-to-understand fashion, including ticket odds (ratios of payouts to winning tickets), boat adjustment conditions, water surface conditions at boat racing courses, previous race results and exhibition runs (practice races). Since the information changes frequently until immediately before the start of the race, it is imperative to display information effectively and quickly. Thanks to the 4-Input Multi-Screen Display function, the Panasonic displays provide a large amount of information by displaying four different images all at once on a single display panel.
Since Boatpier Kobeshinkaichi sells betting tickets of boat races held at a maximum of six boat racing courses, a small monitor is installed below each large display to show the name of the boat racing course.
The display system is designed to provide information to visitors at a glance.

Panasonic's original image processing technology for displaying dynamic live images

The Detail Clarity Processor 3 incorporated in the LQ Series renders HD-quality live images of races with high resolution. It vividly and faithfully displays details such as fast-moving boats, splashing water and ruffling water surfaces.

After the race starts, the live image is displayed full-screen. Panasonic's proprietary image processing technology renders dynamic and exciting race scenes on the large screens.

HD-SDI video signal system for long-distance distribution

The closed circuit video distribution system uses mainly HD-SDI signals for long-distance distribution of video signals. Video signals are transmitted and input to the displays on each floor via SDI-to-HDMI video converters. Each display receives four different video signals, and input sources are switched to display information (4-screen display) before the race or to show a live broadcast (full-screen display) during the race.

Before each race, a large amount of information is displayed on a single display panel using the 4-Input Multi-Screen Display function. Each of the four screens is nearly equivalent to a 50-inch display panel in size so even fine text information is clearly displayed.

During a race, the display shows a live image full-screen.
Using the Detail Clarity Processor 3, the display shows even fast moving racing boats clearly and sharply. The control PC in the video control room is connected to individual displays via LAN for the integrated control of display image switching and other operations.

Boatpier Kobeshinkaichi

The off-stadium boat race betting facility located in a commercial district of Kobe

Government-controlled boat racing is held at 24 boat racing courses in Japan. A portion of the proceeds from sales is used for public utility/social welfare services and volunteer support activities in Japan and overseas.
Boatpier Kobeshinkaichi, which sells betting tickets, is located in Kobe Shinkaichi, an area known as a "town of cinemas" and surrounded by entertainment establishments such as movie theaters and live performance theaters. Conveniently situated at about a one-minute walk from the nearest station, the Boatpier building has race watching areas on six floors to provide visitors with relaxing boat race enjoyment.

Equipment installed

  • 4K UHD Display
    TH-98LQ70 x 31