NanJing Foreign Language School

August 2014
NanJing, China

Panasonic’s Interactive LCD Displays have been Installed for the International CoursePanasonic’s Interactive LCD Displays have been Installed for the International Course

NanJing Foreign Language School, founded in 1963, is a modern and open school with a distinctive edge in foreign language teaching. The School has talented faculty members and provides small class teaching with a wide range of curriculum and plenty of opportunities for international exchange programs. Providing foreign language education in the junior high, senior high and international courses, it now has over 4,150 students enrolled in 82 classes. The school fosters students' comprehensive quality and ability by creating a democratic and harmonious campus culture and providing a broad platform for progress. With sheer efforts over the past half century, it has trained a large number of inter-disciplinary talents with a particular edge in foreign language. Over 200 of its graduates have taken important diplomatic roles, including 16 ambassadors, over 30 counselors and over 40 elites working for China's former and incumbent top leaders including Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping. Also, the school's many other graduates have played leading roles and delivered remarkable results in science, education, economy and culture, at home and abroad.

In this project, Panasonic's eight 80-inch and ninety 65-inch multi-point touch LCD displays have been installed for the international course. During the sales campaign prior to the contract, Panasonic LCD faced fierce competitions with other top brands and finally won unanimous recognition from the school's management for its protective glass panel resistant to impacts of up to seven joules, powerful wireless display and quick-start whiteboard function - that requires no connection to a PC.

The solution customized for the school based on the traditional multimedia classroom model includes Panasonic interactive display, push-pull blackboard, desktop terminal control, and multimedia interactive whiteboard tools, replacing the traditional one-way teaching with interactive teaching. Also, in response to various requests from the school, we have not only rendered on-site technical support but also dispatched SEs from the business operations department in Japan to help them address technical challenges and optimize the overall solution. In terms of after-sales service, Panasonic has arranged training for the school's faculty members so that they can become familiar with the operation of the new system. The training also greatly improved their teaching efficiency and diversified teaching measures they can rely on, helping them deliver more vivid and impressive presentation in the classroom.

The school's management has extended its appreciation for the full support from Panasonic and expressed a great expectation for further cooperation with us in the near future.

Equipment installed

  • Touch Screen Display
    TH-80LFB70 x 8
  • Touch Screen Display
    TH-65LFB70 x 90