Sanyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

October, 2014
Okayama, Japan

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A Video Wall System Capable of Displaying 4K Images on Its Large 190-inch Equivalent ScreenA Video Wall System Capable of Displaying 4K Images on Its Large 190-inch Equivalent Screen

Installation Details

An open studio established strategically in a train station where many people come and go

Sanyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd. is a television and radio broadcaster which operates the RSK TV station and RSK radio station for the area encompassing Okayama and Kagawa Prefectures. In October 2014, Sanyo Broadcasting established an open studio, "Ekista 6ROCK" RSK In-Station Studio, inside the JR Okayama Station.
The JR Okayama Station is a gateway to Okayama and also a transit station to the Sanin and Shikoku areas. Approximately 62,000 people use this station every day.
Sanyo Broadcasting established this open studio not only for the recording of TV programs but also for use as a multi-purpose space to transmit various types of information to people who use the station. For the display of visual images in the studio, the company installed a video wall system configured with 12 Panasonic super-narrow-bezel LCD displays.

Large-screen video wall system configured with super-narrow-bezel LCD displays

The visual display system installed in the new open studio has to fulfill the requirements for two application purposes: one for use as part of studio setups for the recording of TV programs and the other for the display of information content during the use of the studio as a multi-purpose space. To draw attention of people to the image display, Sanyo Broadcasting decided to install a large-screen video wall system.
Sanyo Broadcasting used 12 Panasonic TH-55LFV5 units to configure the video wall system with a large screen equivalent to a 190-inch screen. The company selected the TH-55LFV5 for the following reasons:

  • The anti-glare panel suppresses ambient light reflection and reduces glare even when strong lights are used for the recording of a TV program.
  • The wide viewing angle provides sharp and clear images to viewers looking at the screen from various positions.

The large-screen video wall system and the huge logo mark in vivid color embellish the open studio. When the studio is not used for TV program recording, the video wall system displays information to promote sightseeing spots in Okayama Prefecture and others.

TV programs are recorded in the open studio. Since the studio is conveniently located inside the train station, it is constantly visited by many people. Many people enjoy watching how a TV program is produced, which is a rather rare opportunity to find anywhere else.

System Outline

Video wall system capable of displaying high-resolution images in a diversity of patterns

The "Ekista 6ROCK" RSK In-Station Studio is equipped with a video wall system configured with 12 TH-55LFV5 units (4 horizontally and 3 vertically). It is used for various purposes during the system operation hours (from 6:00 to 22:00).

<During TV program recording>

  • Displays the logo mark of the TV program and background CG image as part of the studio setup.
  • Displays news clips, smartphone screens, etc. presented during TV programs.

<When a TV program is not being recorded>

  • Displays content such as TV programs aired by Sanyo Broadcasting, promotion videos of characters, advertising for TV programs and announcement of events.
  • Displays content for the promotion of sightseeing spots in Okayama Prefecture as well as local specialties and others.

Since some of the sightseeing spot promotion content is in 4K, those videos are played back by the system's 4K player. The system can display images with 16:9 aspect ratio in 165-inch equivalent screen size (3x3 panels), and it is also capable of showing images with the top and bottom of the image cut off to a 190-inch equivalent screen size (4x3 panels). The system plays back HD video content stored in the 4K player according to the set schedule.
The media integrator distributes video signals to the display units. In addition to DVI video signals from the 4K player, the media integrator also supports SDI video signals commonly output from TV broadcast equipment. It transmits SDI video signals to each display unit as DVI video signals.

Anti-glare panel suitable for use in TV program recording

The anti-glare panel of the TH-55LFV5 suppresses ambient light reflection and reduces glare even if strong lights are used for TV program recording. The IPS panel provides a wide 178 viewing angle in vertical and horizontal directions so the displayed images appear sharp and clear even when viewed from an angle.

Display System Selection

Each of the 12 display units receives video signals individually so images can be displayed in a variety of patterns.

The top and bottom of the image are cut off for displaying images on the dynamic, large 190-inch equivalent screen. This draws the attention of people walking by the studio.

The screen with 16:9 aspect ratio using 3 x 3 panels (165-inch equivalent) is ideal for displaying 4K content. This screen pattern can also be used to simultaneously display three different HD images.

This screen pattern displays six HD images simultaneously for use as digital signage to show a large amount of information.

Sanyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Sanyo Broadcasting is a regionally-rooted broadcaster boasting a long history of more than 60 years.

The company began radio broadcast operation in 1953, then TV broadcast operation in 1958. As a sub-key station of JNN, it broadcasts network shows in Okayama and Kagawa Prefectures. Sanyo Broadcasting is also active in producing original TV programs. Documentaries produced by the company won numerous awards and prizes.

Equipment installed

  • Video Wall Display
    TH-55LFV5 x 12