Hankyu Corporation

March 2015
Osaka, Japan

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Construction of an Appealing Signage System That Covers Over 540,000 Passengers a DayConstruction of an Appealing Signage System That Covers Over 540,000 Passengers a Day

Installation Details

Newly installing a signage system in accordance to the station's renewal opening.

Hankyu Corporation, which connects Kansai's three major cities, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, has introduced a new digital signage system at the 3rd floor ticket gate, 2nd floor ticket gate, and at the JR passageway inside Umeda Station, in accordance with the station's renewal construction, which began in the summer of 2010. A total of twenty-four 84-inch 4K LCD displays and twenty-six 70-inch LCD displays were selected as monitors to display the images.

The 4K LCD displays installed at the 3rd floor concourse. Large, eye-catching images can faithfully reproduce even the smallest details. With twenty-four displays lined up next to each other, they help create a powerful and effective advertising medium.

The "4K 3rd floor concourse" with twenty-four 4K displays

Due to the schedule of the renewal construction, installing 80-inch Full-HD displays to serve as the signage system at the 3rd floor ticket gate, which is the main gate of Umeda Station, was initially planned.
As construction progressed and the selection of specific devices were reviewed, Panasonic’s newly released 4K LCD displays were suggested. After undergoing a thorough review of the specifications...

  • With approximately 8.29 million pixels, or four times as many as a Full-HD display, text and thin lines can be clearly displayed.
  • With large-screen images that exceed 90 x 180 cm can attract attention and be used effectively to transmit information to passengers.

... the above points received positive feedback regarding the signage's appeal to passengers and advertisers, and the 84-inch 4K LCD display was selected for use at the installation spaces.
Using seven strong pillars to install twenty-four TH-84LQ70 displays, a powerful signage system that can appeal to passengers with its immense volume was constructed.

The 2nd floor concourse (central ticket gate) has a lower ceiling compared to the 3rd floor, so 70-inch LCD displays were chosen for use. Located in a heavy traffic area, the signage displays attract lots of attention from passengers.

The "2nd floor concourse" with twenty-six newly constructed displays

During the construction planning phase, a signage system at the 2nd floor central ticket gate was also scheduled to be installed. As the construction proceeded, a bench space that can be used by passengers to rest or wait for their trains was newly constructed at the passageway on the way to the JR Osaka Station, which led to the installation of a signage system in this area as well.
The ceilings on the 2nd floor were lower compared to the 3rd floor, so initially the installation of 60-inch to 65-inch displays were considered, but eventually the 70-inch displays were selected. After confirming that they could be properly installed, seventeen TH-70LF50 displays were set up at the central ticket gate and nine were set up at the bench space.
As a result of this installation, the construction of the "2nd floor concourse," which, together with the existing displays, features thirty-two displays along the passageway that leads from Umeda Station to JR Osaka Station, was completed (see reverse side for reference). The row of displays that deliver content have become a catchy and appealing advertising medium.

At the passageway leading to JR Osaka Station, displays were installed on three sides of the pillars at an angle, to increase visibility for passengers coming from both directions.

System Outline

Using a full digital content delivery system to support large-screen, high-quality image displays.

The "4K 3rd floor concourse" and "2nd floor concourse" are connected to Hankyu Corporation's cloud-based digital signage system. The advertising content submitted from clients is saved onto an external server and displayed via the Internet according to their respective broadcast schedules. By digitally delivering content and conducting display input, it can prevent image degradation and unwanted noise from entering, enabling remote transmissions of high-quality images.

Hankyu Corporation

Osaka Station's large terminal in the north was completely reborn after a five-year construction period.

Used by over 540,000 passengers per day (2014 average/weekday), it has been over 40 years since Umeda Station was constructed. In accordance with its surrounding business developments, the station underwent a complete renewal, and was finally completed in the spring of 2015, after five years of construction.
The "Hankyu digital signage," which consisted of advertising media at the "4K 3rd floor concourse," the "2nd floor concourse," the "Umeda Twin Vision" and in front of the department store, were installed within Umeda Station, and a total of ninety-two Panasonic LCD displays were used for all of the digital signage display systems, excluding the system in front of the department store.

Equipment installed

  • 4K UHD Display
    TH-84LQ70 x 24
  • Standard Display
    TH-70LF50 x 26