Tokyu Corporation
Futako-Tamagawa Station/Shibuya Station

July 2015
Tokyo, Japan

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New Digital Signage Systems Utilizing Robust and Large-Screen Displays with Clear ImagesNew Digital Signage Systems Utilizing Robust and Large-Screen Displays with Clear Images

Installation Details

Changing transit advertising media in accordance to urban redevelopment projects

In accordance with the redevelopment projects undergone at Futako-Tamagawa and Shibuya Stations, Tokyu Corporation, which connects Tokyo and Kanagawa, decided to renovate their transit advertising media. They were conventionally based on paper/printed advertisements.

  • The trends of the time have shifted to digital media, with clients expressing increased interest in digital signage.
  • With the increase of foreign tourists and the approaching 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the demand for multilingual content has increased as well. Digital media can offer speedy and efficient support.

Based on the above points, the "Futako-Tamagawa Station Full Screen Signage" and the "Shibuya Station Big Signage" displays were selected for installation as the new transit advertising media.
Eighty-two LCD displays and 98-inch 4K LCD displays were installed at Futako-Tamagawa Station and Shibuya Station, respectively, as part of the image display systems.

A wide variety of displays were installed as part of the "Futako-Tamagawa Station Full Screen Signage"

Known as a popular area for families and women, the redevelopment project at Futako-Tamagawa Station was based on the theme of "the most popular town in Japan for working." With the potential of an increase in the number of passengers, the introduction of a signage system that follows passenger traffic from the ticket gate to the station platform was decided upon. A total of eighty-two Panasonic LCD displays, including thirty TH-84LQ70 models, twelve TH-80LF50 models, and forty TH-55LF60 models, were selected for their ability to display clear images even under bright lighting.

The large-scale digital signage system installed on the platform of Futako-Tamagawa Station.

The "Shibuya Big Signage" that features 98-inch 4K displays

Based on the fact that over 1.1 million passengers pass through Shibuya station per day (2013)...

  • 98-inch large screen: Largest in-station display in Japan.*
  • High-definition 4K images: Reproduces clear images. Also provides detailed images when viewed up-close.
  • High robustness: A protective glass has been placed on the front cover of the display, making it prone to breaking even if someone bumps into it, and optimal for use in crowded locations. The displays can be installed without a protective case, reducing the costs and time required for construction.

The above reasons are why the TH-98LQ70 was selected to be used for the digital signage system.

* As of March 23, 2015. According to Tokyu Corporation and Panasonic surveys.

At the "Shibuya Station Big Signage," displays were installed without the use of protective cases. As a result, there are no glass cases in front of the screens and the high-resolution images are not lost.

System Outline

The "Futako-Tamagawa Full Screen Signage" further strengthened its appeal with its impressive number of displays.

At the Futako-Tamagawa signage installed on the sidewall of the stairs, signage controllers (STB) have been connected to the eighty-two LCD displays via HDMI. By installing the displays along the passenger traffic routes from the ticket gates to the platform, the content displayed on the signage system can be viewed by all passengers and offers great appeal.
The content data and control signals are delivered through Tokyu Corporation's network, and the flexible system makes it possible to control individual displays, and allocate displayed content to each separate screen.

Installations hang from the ceiling outside the ticket gate.

The "Shibuya Station Big Signage" attracts attention with its beautiful large-screen images.

At the “Shibuya Station Big Signage,” a 98-inch 4K LCD display has been connected to a signage controller (STB) via HDMI. The displayed content data and control signals are delivered through Tokyu Corporation’s network.

The robust design, which features a protective glass on the front cover of the display, eliminates the need for a case, which leads to a reduced amount of time and costs during the construction process.

“Space-jacks” that unify content from signage images and nearby large-scale posters and advertising columns have been created by Tokyu Corporation. Located in areas with heavy traffic, the signage systems have achieved truly appealing advertisements.

Advertisements lined up along the stairs (escalators). By using high-brightness models, clear images are possible even in brightly lit areas.
Installed on the right and left walls at the top of the stairs/escalators when coming up from the ticket gate to the platform.

Tokyu Corporation

One of the Kanto area's leading private railways, Tokyu Corporation aims to achieve "Three No. 1's in Japan."

Based out of Shibuya, Tokyu Corporation has an extensive route network that stretches a total distance of 104.9 km and expands to Yokohama, Chuo-Rinkan (Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture), and Kamata.
In addition to the railway business, Tokyu Corporation is also involved in the real estate industry, and lists the aim of achieving "Three No. 1's in Japan" as part of their medium-term vision.

  • The most popular rail service areas in Japan for living: areas served by Tokyu's railway lines.
  • The most popular town in Japan for working: Futako-Tamagawa.
  • The most popular town in Japan for visiting: Shibuya.

Equipment installed

  • 4K UHD Display
    TH-98LQ70 x 1
  • 4K UHD Display
    TH-84LQ70 x 30
  • Standard Display
    TH-80LF50 x 12
  • Standard Display
    TH-55LF60 x 40