Panasonic Center Tokyo
Active Learning Camp

September 2015
Tokyo, Japan

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Proposing New Ways of Learning to Encourage Everyone to Learn, Think and Talk About the Olympic and Paralympic GamesProposing New Ways of Learning to Encourage Everyone to Learn, Think and Talk About the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Installation Details

The "Active Learning Camp" as a Place Where Each and Every Visitor Self-Learns About the Olympic and Paralympic Spirit

The "Active Learning Camp" is an education-supporting exhibition facility established for the purposes of encouraging children to learn more about the Olympic and Paralympic Games and to think on their own about diversities of values, cultures and lifestyles around the world while having fun. The facility consists of the "Diversity Map" corner for gaining knowledge of various cultures around the world through the learning of the Olympism, the "Workshop Garden" corner for interactive learning, and the "Trivia Board" corner which introduces various information about the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Each corner is equipped with a wide range of image display systems to propose a myriad of ways to use laser projectors, short throw projectors, 4K-ready LCD panels and multi-screen display systems.

System Introduction

"Diversity Map" to Present Wide Ranges of Values and Cultures Around the World

The relief world map is designed to provide information of "food, clothing and shelter" of various countries. When a visitor places one of the national flags over the stand, the system announces the name of the country represented by the flag and displays on the map the information of "food, clothing and shelter" of that country. The system uses the PT-RZ670 laser light source projector. The PT-RZ670 projects brilliant images on the pure-white relief map with an excellent level of white balance unmatched by any conventional lamp source projector.

Placing a flag over the stand displays pictures from the country represented by the flag.

"Workshop Garden" for Interactive Learning and Creation

The "Workshop Garden" corner is a workshop where visitors think about Olympism in their own ways and share their ideas. It is equipped with a PT-TW343R short throw projector featuring an interactive function. Using interactive pens, children can draw pictures over the image projected onto the projector-compatible whiteboard, so they can share their learnings with other participants. Even when children stand in front of the whiteboard, their bodies won't cast shadows nor will they find the light to be too bright. Set up next to the whiteboard is the TH-98LQ70 4K-ready 98-inch LCD panel. It has a videoconferencing capability for distance lecturing.

The TH-98LQ70 4K-ready 98-inch UHD LCD panel displays beautiful and vivid images.
The PT-TW343R short throw projector equipped with the interactive function.

"Active Learning Tree" for Learning About the Olympic and Paralympic Spirit Through a Variety of Themes

The "Active Learning Tree" corner is designed to promote deep and multilateral understanding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It stimulates children's interest in the Olympic and Paralympic Games through books and goods and promotes self-thinking. Four Space Player units are used for projection mapping on the white tree located at the center of the corner. Leaf patterns and messages hand-written on the "Go to 2020" pad are projected on this tree.

Space Player™ units project messages on the white tree.

"Trivia Board" Produces a Variety of Tidbit Information Pertaining to the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The "Trivia Board" introduces various tidbit information pertaining to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. By selecting the information of interest on the touch-panel screen located in front of each TH-55LFV70 LCD panel, the visitor can view detailed information on the display panel.

The Atrium Exhibition at Panasonic Center Tokyo introduces many of the Panasonic products and solutions that support the Olympic Games and event management in the background and behind the scenes. It also presents sponsorship activities that Panasonic has conducted as The Official Partner (TOP) of the Olympic Games for more than a quarter of a century, the latest products and solutions, and examples of Panasonic products used in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Sochi.

Trivia information about the Olympic and Paralympic Games provided by TH-55LFV70 panels.

Panasonic Center Tokyo "Active Leaning Camp"

The Olympic Games are an international sports event and also provide an opportunity to learn the "Olympism" proposed by Pierre de Coubertin. Panasonic Center Tokyo opened the "Active Learning Camp" corner where visitors can learn and think about Olympism. This facility uses various innovative systems to suggest new ways of learning to children who hold the future of the world.

Equipment installed

  • 4K UHD Display
    TH-98LQ70 x 1
  • Video Wall Display
    TH-55LFV70 x 3
  • 1-Chip DLP™ Projector
    PT-RZ670 x 1
  • Short Throw LCD Projector
    PT-TW343R x 1
  • Space Player™