Fuori Salone 2016

February 2016
Milano, Italy

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140 Panasonic Video Wall Displays Used to Create 'KŪKAN' Installation at Fuori Salone140 Panasonic Video Wall Displays Used to Create 'KŪKAN' Installation at Fuori Salone

Japan's unique view of the world and the beauty of its nature has been displayed across seven giant pillars installed at Fuori Salone 2016 — created using 140 Panasonic 55-inch professional video wall displays.

Fuori Salone (held from April 12 to 17, 2016 in Milan, Italy) is part of Milan Design Week, which attracts over 370,000 visitors and 160 participating countries. It has a strong influence on the design industry as a launch pad for the latest global design trends. In recent years, it has evolved beyond its role as a design exhibition and is drawing attention as a platform of expression for many brands.
For this year's event, Panasonic commissioned 'KŪKAN', or the Invention of Space, which was introduced at an exhibition in the Brera district of the city, and combined Panasonic's imaging and audio technologies.

The installation saw 140 TH-55LFV5 panels arranged into seven pillars, each over six metres high. It combined the traditional culture of Japan with state-of-the-art technology, to bring to life the 'Wonder Japan Experience' that fuels the imagination of visitors.

"KŪKAN" The Invention of Space is an installation displaying Panasonic video and audio technologies.

Images arranged in a motif that combines Japan's unique world view with natural beauty fuse traditional culture with leading-edge technology.

Each of the seven dimensions traced the history of space culture from ancient times to modern day to create a 'space' that yields unlimited inspiration and leads to moments of invention of the space just beyond.
The installation picked up the 'People's Choice Award' at the Milano Design Award 2016, the official competition organized by districts and organisations hosting the Fuori Salone.

The People's Choice Awards is a new category established this year whereby, using the smartphone app, visitors vote for the best installation from among 16 works that have been nominated from a total pool of 1200.
At the opening ceremony, Producer Shuichi Furumi introduced the installation as follows. "We created a three dimensional space using 7 pillars and 140 monitors — the '7 Dimensions.' I invite you to think of it as a spatial invention apparatus. It breaks up space. It constructs new space. It creates time in space. Take time to walk around it. Go inside the pillars. Feel the space of Japanese culture. And immerse yourself in an unknown, unexplored space."

20 LFV5 professional displays each 55-inch in size, were used to create each of the seven pillars. A thin screen depth of just 122 mm (4.77-inch) along with a minimalist design makes LFV5 ideal for public spaces.

A dancer also perform in the opening ceremony.

"People were fixated by it, and even laid down face up to gaze at it."

With a 500 cd/m² brightness, an IPS D-LED panel that provides a wide viewing angle and Anti-Glare surface treatment for reducing reflection of ambient light, high visibility is ensured regardless of ambient lighting levels.
The display is equipped with a 5.3 mm (0.21-inch) bezel ensuring vivid, dynamic and natural images that are seamless and continuous in their appearance. Low power consumption is assisted through a LED backlight system that provides improved black levels and contrast ratio.

Visitors can stroll among seven pillars to experience the images and sounds right up close.

Mr. Shuichi Furumi, President of SD Associates, Inc., who was in charge of the total design and the overall production said, "We created an unknown space with imagery. I think it's the first of its kind in the world. People were fixated by it, looked from pillar to pillar, meandered through the pillars, sat down, and even laid down face up to gaze at it. We heard many people say, 'Bravissimo!' (Excellent!) with excitement.
We couldn't have asked for a better award. Thank you all."

"We heard many people say, 'Bravissimo!' with excitement"

The content expressed a perspective of the world that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times. Expressions of Japan's unique sense of 'contrast' and 'boundary' unfolded one by one, showing the history, nature, culture and art that continue even today. This yields unlimited inspiration, where a person can see how they are distinguished from, or connected to others. Mr. Masao Ochiai, Creative Director at Montage Inc., who created the images commented, "There were people who came up to me wanting to shake my hands saying, 'It was very entertaining!' and others who listened very intently to my explanation of the various images. And it gave me the greatest joy as a creator to watch so many visitors genuinely enjoy the installation. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the production/operation staff."

"KŪKAN" — The Invention of Space won the People's Choice category at Milano Design Award 2016.

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Equipment installed

  • Cideo Walllay
    TH-55LFV5 x 140