London Fashion Week

September 2016
London, UK

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On trend displays at London Fashion WeekOn trend displays at London Fashion Week

Upcoming designer Paula Knorr uses Panasonic professional displays in debut show

Breakthrough fashion designer Paula Knorr has used the high brightness and fantastic colour reproduction of Panasonic LCD displays to her advantage at London Fashion Week as she exhibited her Spring/Summer collection in a special installation supported by the British Fashion Council.

After graduating in 2015 with an MA from the London Royal College of Art, Knorr's new collection 'COLLAGE OF HERSELF' revolves around the idea of feminism and womanhood, and features a series of video vignettes filmed with real women talking about their perceptions and attitudes towards femininity.

The British Fashion Council gave the space and financial support to enable Knorr to set up an installation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Pall Mall, where four 55" Panasonic LCD displays, two TH-55LF8s and two TH-55LF80s, were used to show the video vignettes. As part of the installation the displays were encased in specially constructed boxes, establishing red as the theme colour of the installation.

"Many people thought it looked more like real life rather than video on a display"

"I collaborated with a motion graphic designer friend from Berlin to create three 15-minute videos. I wanted to create a collage effect, but video has always been important to how I work, ever since I worked on my graduate collection, so I wanted to incorporate it in there somehow."

In the crowded, chaotic world of Fashion Week, standing out with an installation is important. The Panasonic displays served as a dependable backbone for the show, with the narrow bezels ensuring the footage itself remained front and centre.

Four 55" LCD displays were encased in special boxes in the red theme colour.

Providing an eye-catching accompaniment to the rest of the show, the screens were nearly completely filled with images, maintaining Knorr's work at the front and centre of things. Meanwhile the professional-grade 6-segment colour correction on the displays created an image that was fluid, crisp and incredibly lifelike.

"The videos helped break the fourth wall, drawing the audience in. The feedback was extremely positive; many people thought it looked more like real life rather than video on a display. The technology really gave the audience something unique by working in the background rather than becoming a distraction."

The TH-55LF80/LF8 display offered vivid images in the strong lighting of a fashion set.

"The displays helped create the exact kind of effect that I wanted"

Once the displays were installed on set and the content downloaded onto USB memory and inserted into the displays' built-in port, the video content could be easily changed if need be and monitored over a local area network connection, making for smooth, easy operation that didn't disrupt the exhibition.

The displays offer a brightness level of up to 700 cd/m², creating images that still popped out and held their own even in the strongly-lit environment of a fashion show set. The IPS panel technology also allows for a wide viewing angle, which kept the video part of the installation looking at its best both in person and in photographs, from any angle.

The matte finish on the displays also played well with the textured designs captured on film.
"Because they were matt screens, they conveyed the characteristics of the rough texture of the materials a lot better than a glossier display. They helped create the exact kind of effect that I wanted", added Paula Knorr.

Video content stored in USB memory was played and switched via LAN connection.

Equipment installed

  • Standard Display
    TH-55LF8 x 2
  • Standard Display
    TH-55LF80 x 2