TOTO Showroom

February, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

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An eye-catching entrance using a Panasonic video wall to show a stunning video has a huge impact on the viewersAn eye-catching entrance using a Panasonic video wall to show a stunning video has a huge impact on the viewers


In March 2017, TOTO opened the "TOTO Technical Center Bangkok," a showroom in Bangkok, Thailand, that targets the developers and design offices who are creating luxurious architectural structures in Southeast Asia.
This showroom was created in two main parts.
First is the product and technology showcase part. Customers who visit the showroom for the first time see a large, wide-screen video wall with a total of 18 displays showing impressive video content. Then they can visit the product and technology showcase zone in which the video wall fits perfectly thanks to its super narrow bezel.

The second part is a meeting room. When customers have completed the product tour, they can hold meetings in this room. We have provided it with the compact PT-VW350 Projector with 4,000 lumens of brightness. This is ideal for a meeting room.


Why choose Panasonic?

  • Superb picture quality and technical support for color calibration.
  • The Panasonic sales company and SI follow-up was excellent.
  • Panasonic proposed an easy-to-use system with a product demo.

Installation Details


Installation models: TH-55LFV6 x 18

The Technical Center displays technology while providing a space where actual toilets, showers, and bathtubs can be viewed. A large video wall is installed at the entrance. Its display of flowing water evokes an image of water-related systems.

Meeting room

Installation models: PT-VW350 x 2

After the customer has completed the product tour, meetings can be held. Here, information and case histories of the newest trends in water-related systems can also be presented.


Installation models: TH-55LFV6 x 3

The showroom is designed in zones that allow products to be selected and easily confirmed to meet the needs of architectural professionals. Technologies that are difficult to understand with only photos and explanations, such as water-saving, cleaning, and anti-staining, are displayed here.

Collaborating with our partner to create a digital signage solution

Our partner helped us to complete this digital signage solution for the TOTO showroom. We think reliability is one of the most crucial factors for a showroom. Both the display and media player need to be durable. We selected BrightSign, a media player widely acclaimed for its durability.

Another solution we provided is the use of a video switcher and processor to freely change the video layout and content based on customer requirements. They want to show two types of content at the same time and then switch to one or the other. Showing content in this way has a greater impact on the customer.

Depending on the content, the 3x3 video wall can easily display a single screen image using two systems, or multiple images simultaneously.

TOTO Showroom

TOTO company limited is one of the biggest manufacturer of sanitary product strife for technology and luxurious.
Established in 1917 as the first sanitary manufacturer of Japan.
Since establishment TOTO has continuously produced variety kind of sanitary ware such as bathtub, faucet and other products for bathroom and kitchen for using in both household and public area. Currently, TOTO is growing continuously and has branches across the globe.
Total employee is 17,192 people. Annual income 4,700 Million USD. Number of factory in Japan is 9 location and 20 factory in worldwide.

Equipment installed