Fukuoka Airport Building Co., Ltd.

November 2016
Fukuoka, Japan

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Efficient Operation with High-Added-Value AdvertisingEfficient Operation with High-Added-Value Advertising


Large, Multi-Screens Symbolize the New Departure Area

Fukuoka Airport has the fourth largest number of domestic travelers annually, and is equipped with a large number of advertising spaces targeting passengers.
Effective operation of these advertising spaces is an essential task. Because a large area has been attained in front of the Northern Security Checkpoint due to redevelopment construction, the airport decided to install Panasonic's large, multi-screen system.

A single-screen display was previously used, but as described by Kazuyuki Matsuo, Manager of the Sales Section, "We wanted something with appropriate impact for the new departure area, so we decided on the multi-screen system. The reasons for this selection, which were evaluated with a product proposal using a demonstration model, included the product's inherent features and Panasonic's after-sales service."

Why choose Panasonic?

  • A superb display in terms of coloring and viewing angle
  • An unobtrusive bezel that blended in with the image
  • The ability to withstand extended, continuous operation
  • A simple system with easy operation
  • One-stop maintenance in Kyushu.

"The operating software interface was also easy to understand, allowing us to accurately manage the content that we received from advertisers," explained Konosuke Mitsunaga, Supervisor of the IT Promotion Section, expressing their satisfaction following the installation.

Large, multi-display TH-55LFV60 systems with 4 vertical screens x 4 horizontal screens were installed on the left and right ends of the departure area.

System Introduction

Crisp, Clear Display of Various Advertising Images

Large, multi-screens with 4 vertical screens x 4 horizontal screens were installed on the left and right upper faces of the Northern Security Checkpoint. A wide variety of advertising images are displayed to passengers prior to their departure. For example, by dividing the screens into two blocks, left and right, one end can display video images and the other end can display still images for excellent flexibility. Also by using an aspect ratio of 16:9, the same as an ordinary wide-screen display, the advertisers' existing content can be used as is. As described by Manager Kazuyuki Matsuo, "The IPS LCD panel is truly stunning, isn't it. It's crisp and clear even from an angle. Advertisers are extremely pleased when they view the actual images." The image quality and visibility demanded of digital signage is clearly satisfactory. According to Fukuoka Airport, they plan to proceed with digital systems for their future advertising spaces. In addition to this system, they are also using TH-70LF50 large-screen signage.

Four vertical screens x four horizontal screens were installed with an aspect ratio of 16:9, the same as an ordinary wide-screen display.
Advertisers were pleased with the excellent color reproduction of the IPS LCD panel.

Redundancy Increases Reliability as an Advertising Media

The multi-screen functions as digital signage from 5:30 in the morning, when the Terminal Building opens, until it closes at 23:00. Referring to this 17-hour operation each day, Supervisor Mitsunaga said, "Stability and a good maintenance system are extremely important. Being able to provide continual, trouble-free images is directly tied to the confidence of the advertisers. Panasonic's proposal with regard to building up this confidence was very attractive to us." Fukuoka Airport highly evaluated Panasonic's products, support system, and brand strength. In order to achieve a simple system configuration, fast response is essential in the event that a problem does occur, and restoration must be easy to provide worry-free operation for the staff on site.

The TH-70LF50 was installed in the terminal as large-screen signage. It provided notifications about airport facilities and guidance.

A Large-Screen 4K LCD Display Is Installed at the International Terminal

A Panasonic plasma display (103-inch) had been installed at the entrance of the International Terminal to greet passengers from overseas. In the interest of system integration among other reasons, it was decided to continue using a Panasonic product, by replacing the former display with a TH-98LQ70.
This display provides a wide variety of information, starting with an airport guide and including sightseeing information and customs warnings. For this purpose, naturally, ultrahigh-definition 4K images were used complemented by the previously used HD images, which had received high evaluation for their crisp clarity. The display's front panel was securely guarded by protective glass, so the display could be safely placed in areas where many passengers walked through. Also, installation fixtures and brackets could be used as is for a smooth and easy installation.

The TH-98LQ70 large-screen 4K LCD display was installed at the international arrival location. Its beautiful images promoted the many attractions of Fukuoka.

User's Feedback

We are thinking of installing some standalone 55-inch displays in the near future, but the airport still has so many signboards, the conversion to digital advertising will be a topic for quite a while to come.
Also, in addition to devices, the software to control them is also essential. The proposal that we received this time was backed by thorough knowledge of our operations and system configuration, so the device installation and operation went smoothly. It allowed us to get a start on large-scale signage use in conjunction with our new airport functions, and we're very satisfied with this.

Kazuyuki Matsuo,
Manager Sales Department, Sales Section No. 1
Fukuoka Airport Building Co., Ltd.

Konosuke Mitsunaga,
IT Promotion Section
Fukuoka Airport Building Co., Ltd.

Fukuoka Airport Building Co., Ltd.

A Convenient Airport in Terms of Flights and Location

Fukuoka Airport is known for its handy access to city centers and its function as a gateway to East Asia. Construction is presently under way to redevelop the domestic terminal, doing away with its former 3-wing structure and replacing it with a new, integral domestic flight customer building. The new terminal building is equipped with two security checkpoints, but since the Southern Security Checkpoint is currently under construction, the northern facility is serving as the main inspection point prior to boarding.

Equipment installed

  • Video Wall Display
    TH-55LFV60 x 32
  • Standard Display
    TH-70LF50 x 2
  • 4K UHD Display
    TH-98LQ70 x 2