Constrology/Twin Peaks Restaurant

March 2017
South Florida, USA

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Panasonic Pro Displays Create the Ultimate Sport Bar ExperiencePanasonic Pro Displays Create the Ultimate Sport Bar Experience

Product Installation Background

Constrology offers their clients, such as Twin Peaks Restaurants, many services — multimedia systems design, consulting and implementation. This is done by leveraging technology throughout every aspect of construction. Pushing the envelope of challenging construction projects in order to incorporate the technology that exists within it is Constrology's specialty.
Constrology recently performed a complete turn-key ground-up construction of the newest Twin Peaks South Florida location for DMD Ventures. With over 80 restaurants nationwide, Twin Peaks will be constructing many more locations over the next 5 years, with each of the locations requiring a massive audio/visual system.


Constrology needed an audio/visual solution that met the customer's goal to be "ultimate" in every way: sleeker; more exhilarating; and "generally better than anything anyone had ever seen." No small task, the complex audio/visual system also needed to be user-friendly for on-site managers. The system would be comprised of 15 different video sources spread over 72 televisions.

Why choose Panasonic?

  • It's the best choice based on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
  • The Constrology/Panasonic partnership solved the challenge of providing a complex, mission-critical, and easy-to-use audio/visual system.

System Outline

The Ultimate Sports Bar, Regardless of Where You Sit

Twin Peaks is the "ultimate sports bar": hearty comfort food; ice-cold beer; "girl-next-door" servers; and all the best sports in town shown on high-definition flat screens. Every seat has a knockout view. Constrology provided nearly everything the operators needed to move in and begin operations immediately, saving weeks from turnover to opening day, March 20, 2017.

Ryan Lampel, founder of Constrology, says: "Technology is at the forefront of this restaurant concept and everything had to be perfect. The audio/visual system includes nearly 75 Panasonic professional 55" and 75" displays fed using the latest high definition IP video distribution system, seven Panasonic digital signage boards ranging from 32" to 55", a serious sound system powering scores of speakers, an enterprise-grade wired and wireless network backbone, over 40 surveillance cameras, integrated lighting control, and a simple floorplan-layout iPad touchscreen control system that makes everything easy to use."

"Our previous display installations had a nearly 25% failure rate, which is unacceptable. So, we sought out a new vendor at the InfoComm show to work with. We attempted contact with every single other display vendor, and the only company that took the time to talk to us, really understand our concerns and actually commit to doing something about it, was Panasonic. Their focus on customer service and creating a real partnership to realize success and grow a business was very compelling."

"Twin Peaks is proud to be able to work with Panasonic to bring a new level of 'Wow!' to our guests. Good isn't good enough. In order to provide the ultimate sports bar experience, the audio/visual systems have to be great. Our expansion plans require a solid relationship with the right partners and Panasonic is it. We're tremendously pleased with the results and so are our guests," said Jack Flechner, CEO of DMD Ventures.

According to Lampel, "While working with Panasonic to provide this massive multimedia system for Twin Peaks, we found some additional benefits that were unexpected. For example, I was concerned about being able to control the displays without having to run an entire second layer control network. The HDMI power option on the Panasonic displays has allowed us to avoid using a secondary mechanism. It was a very smooth deployment."

"Most importantly, our customer is delighted. Constrology and Panasonic have delivered the 'ultimate' audio/visual system to their guests: sleeker, sexier and better than anything anyone has ever seen." according to Flechner.


Providing the "ultimate sports bar" guest experience where every seat has a knockout view requires "always on" technology. Within a few months, the Panasonic audio/visual system has shown itself to be reliable with lesser service interruptions than previous vendor technologies that were experiencing upwards of a 25 % failure rate.

User's Voice

"Partnering with Panasonic at the Twin Peaks sports lodges has brought to life our goal to 'Wow!' our guests with knockout views from every seat. The 25 % higher uptime and drastically improved size/quality compared to other vendors ensures we'll continue to deploy Panasonic technology at our properties."

Equipment Installed

  • Entry Display
  • Entry Display