Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.

March 2019
Shiga, Japan

Panasonic visual devices are playing important roles in next-generation productive and safe smart factory.Panasonic visual devices are playing important roles in next-generation productive and safe smart factory.

Background of System Installation

Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. has incorporated cutting-edge IoT technology in constructing its new Kansai Plant with the aim of achieving line automation/unmanned operation.
In this new plant, about 700 omni-directional cameras were installed and projectors were installed to monitor these videos.
They also created a new movie focused on its branding and were very particular with the visual systems, resulting in utilization of many displays and projectors.

Video system to realize high-quality branding

The factory tour route for the observation of the instant noodle manufacturing process is about 200 m long. It is installed with ten sets of multi-screen displays, each configured with four TH-55LFE8J LCD panels. Furthermore, in the "My CUPNOODLES Factory" where visitors can make their original CUPNOODLES packages, brand movies are projected by the PT-RZ870J 1-chip DLP™ projectors. "Since our company produced special content, we wanted to use a high-quality display system. So, we decided on Panasonic products without hesitation."

PT-RZ870 projectors project brand movies on the walls.

Realizing efficient meetings

Touch-screen LCD display installed in the meeting room. The display allows for handwriting to promote active and efficient discussions.

Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.

"Next-generation Smart Factory" with high productivity and safety.

Nissin Food Products' Kansai Plant is located on the site measuring approximately 100,000 m2. It is a next-generation smart factory that boasts high levels of productivity and safety. This plant is one of the largest food manufacturing factories in Japan and produces a maximum of four million servings of the company's mainstay food products such as CUPNOODLES per day. Dubbed the "next-generation smart factory," the Kansai Plant is fully automated for unmanned operation so there is no risk of foreign substances entering the plant. The plant features the world's top-level quality control system with a product defect rate of 1/1,000,000 or less.

The roof over the entrance to the Kansai Plant is shaped like the lid of CUPNOODLES.

Equipment installed