JR Kumamoto City Co., Ltd.
Amu Plaza Kumamoto

April 2021
Kumamoto, Japan

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Digital signage that also operates all information to help customers find what they wantDigital signage that also operates all information to help customers find what they want


Providing timely information to customers through a new system that utilizes displays for facility information, floor maps, etc.


Installation of comprehensive solution with high quality 4K displays and the AcroSign® digital signage system

*AcroSign® is a signage solution sold exclusively in Japan.

Background of System Installation

Aiming to create signage that can rapidly provide information

JR Kumamoto City Co., Ltd. is engaged in a redevelopment project that is contributing to the local community around the Kumamoto Station. Amu Plaza Kumamoto, which opened in April 2021, is a commercial complex that is the core of this engagement. Their goal is to offer experiences made possible by pursuing the concept of a place "where the best things come together, discover your new favorite." Thus, the goal of the digital signage system was to provide useful information more quickly than anywhere else. A variety of functions were necessary, such as development of a system to allow tenants to post information more easily, and presenting facility guides and information that only a display system could provide.

Reasons for System Installation

Accurate proposals that meet a variety of needs are highly valued

A total of 155 LCD displays are installed in many locations, including inside the facilities, at train stations, and semi-outdoors. The required screen sizes, specifications, and installation methods vary depending on the installation location. "The rich lineup of 4K displays—from high brightness models to cost-effective models—and the high reliability and generous support experienced by our group's JR Hakata City were also key points." (Aguru Inagaki, Deputy Section Manager of the Sales Promotion Section of the Sales Department) In addition to our extensive product lineup and installation experience, we were selected for our comprehensive solution proposal that could properly respond to new application demands.

Effects Achieved by System Installation

The multi-screen that attracts attention with its high-brightness, high-definition images

The three high brightness 1200 cd/m² 4K LCD displays are located as the multi-screen displays at the main entrance to Amu Plaza Kumamoto, is located just outside of Kumamoto Station. Three 86-inch screens are installed vertically to achieve a large screen display equivalent to a 150-inch screen. The high-definition images stand out in the plaza in front of the station where many people pass by. It is easy to see even in its semi-outdoor bright environment. "We tried a number of products and compared their visibility and reflection on site before making our purchase. The design matches the design of the building, so it attracts the attention of many customers, and it has become a landmark where people meet. We are also seeing strong sales of advertisements, and we feel that the introduction of the new system will bring great benefits." (Inagaki)

Three-panel multi-screen installed at the main entrance. Visitors coming from the station see it first
Signage is also placed at the entrance and information counters along the route from the main entrance to provide information from multiple angles

The introduction of the new system includes new attempts to use the display to show floor maps and information board displays in the building, and to provide store information. "Floor maps and store information need to be displayed in fine, and photos of food at restaurants need to be shown in detail to appeal to customers, and the high-definition 4K display has made this possible. They have been installed in all areas of the facility, and the large number of installed units is possible thanks to the use of cost effiency models that can still provide 4K image quality. By operating the content all together as signage with AcroSign® system (This system is Japan only), information can even be changed quickly and easily. In particular, when tenants had to temporarily close their stores or change their business hours on a daily basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it would have been very difficult to make changes with conventional information signs, such as by manually replacing them. With this digital signage we only need to update information timely, so it is very helpful." (Inagaki)

The Panasonic LCD displays are newly installed as Facility information boards and floor maps
Photos and text are displayed clearly and vividly on the high-definition 4K-quality display

A single large display shows maps on the restaurant floors and other areas

Building a system that allows tenants to easily send information from their smartphones

The distribution system that supports information dissemination is based on Panasonic's digital signage solution, AcroSign®, and a new system that uses components such as cloud services was created. "I myself have experience operating AcroSign® at JR Hakata City, so I requested that the system environment be created to allow tenants to transmit information from their smartphones while considering its ease of use. This is a very simple system that allows tenants to create signage content by uploading photos and text from their smartphones, and then displaying it throughout the building." (Inagaki) This system allows tenants to post new arrivals and new menu items immediately, and post other information in a timely manner. The system also allows for more detailed management of content distribution than the previous system, and the information displays that introduce the restaurant floors can switch photos between lunch and dinner, highlight newly opened restaurants, and provide information signs that are only possible when using displays.

A number of signage systems are also installed in the food court and restaurant areas. AcroSign® allows for smooth updating of information that changes daily, such as menu photos and business hours, by centrally managing content

Amu Plaza Kumamoto has more digital signage than any other commercial facility. Inagaki says that digital signage plays an important role in a facility located in a station that attracts many customers. "The role of digital signage is to materialize the needs that customers have in mind but are not yet aware of, and to create an opportunity for them to say, 'Oh, I wanted this.' We hope that this system, which can easily distribute the latest information from stores and be seen everywhere in the facility, will help customers find their 'new favorites'." (Inagaki)

*AcroSign® is a signage solution sold exclusively in Japan.

Images are also displayed in the elevator halls on each floor and at the top of escalators, so that customers can receive information while they are in motion
4K displays are also used for floor information in front of escalators
Displays are used throughout the building, including in the aisles and event hall guides
Signage is also placed on the concourse at Kumamoto Station to attract visitors to the facility

Comments from the Deputy Section Manager

The continued assistance after installation is very helpful

In addition to the high quality of Panasonic's display and signage system products, we feel that the helpful follow-up assistance after installation has been very important. We can contact the call center and support staff when problems occur, and we can also contact the developers of the system. They have been very helpful in dealing with our problems as needed. We also receive frequent follow-ups from the sales representative who serves as our point of contact. It is very reassuring to know that their service is not just about system installation, and that we can continue to receive personal support assistance. We look forward to receiving continual advice and new suggestions on system operation in the future.

Aguru Inagaki
Sales Department
JR Kumamoto City Co., Ltd.

Amu Plaza Kumamoto

Commercial complex that is the new symbol of Kumamoto

Amu Plaza Kumamoto is a commercial complex with nearly 200 stores that offer fashion, gourmet foods, movies, and amusements. The symbolic zone includes "Adventure Garden", a water and greenery multi-floor garden with a 10-meter-high, 10-meter-wide waterfall, and the "Big Roof Terrace" rooftop garden, which allows visitors to experience the charm of Kumamoto, a city blessed with water and greenery, as soon as they arrive at the station.


Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
Amu Plaza Kumamoto opened in April 2021 as the core of the station that serves as the gateway to Kumamoto

Equipment installed