PressIT Firmware

There may be firmware update on PressIT due to functional improvement.
We recommend to updated the firmware to the latest version for better use of PressIT.
Please refer to Operating Instructions for more details.
PressIT must be connected to the Internet in order to perform firmware update.

Latest firmware version: As of December 14, 2023


  • Receiver (Box: TY-WPR1): V1.14366.902
  • Receiver (Board: TY-SB01WP): V1.14366.902
  • Transmitter (USB/HDMI: TY-WPB1): V1.14366.902
  • Transmitter (USB-C: TY-WPBC1): V1.14366.902

Changes from the receiver (box): V1.14366.891, receiver (board): V1.14366.891,
transmitter (USB/HDMI): V1.14366.891, transmitter (USB-C): V1.14366.891

  • Fixed a bug in which sometimes the transmitter and/or receiver would not start up even when powered, or would not connect to the receiver when the transmitter started up.
  • Fixed a bug in which sometimes sound was prevented from being transmitted when connecting with the iOS application.
  • Other malfunctions have been fixed.

Revision History

  • 31 October, 2022


    • Receiver (Box: TY-WPR1): V1.14366.891
    • Receiver (Board: TY-SB01WP): V1.14366.891
    • Transmitter (USB/HDMI: TY-WPB1): V1.14366.891
    • Transmitter (USB-C: TY-WPBC1): V1.14366.891

    Changes from the receiver (box): V1.14366.855, receiver (board): V1.14366.855,
    transmitter (USB/HDMI): V1.14366.855, transmitter (USB-C): V1.14366.855

    • Fixed a bug that could cause disconnection of LTE communication when connecting the WPS transmitter to a Windows PC communicating in LTE.
    • Other malfunctions have been fixed.
  • 4 July, 2022


    • Receiver (Box: TY-WPR1): V1.14366.855
    • Receiver (Board: TY-SB01WP): V1.14366.855
    • Transmitter (USB/HDMI: TY-WPB1): V1.14366.855
    • Transmitter (USB-C: TY-WPBC1): V1.14366.855

    Changes from the receiver (box): V1.12412.676, receiver (board): V1.12412.676,
    transmitter (USB/HDMI): V1.12412.676, transmitter (USB-C): V1.12412.676

    • Added "Wireless Display" function
    • Added "Multicast" function.

    Additional Web Setting Functions (Firmware version 1.14366.855) Instruction <Here>.

  • 6 Jan, 2022


    • Receiver (Box: TY-WPR1): V1.12412.676
    • Receiver (Board: TY-SB01WP): V1.12412.676
    • Transmitter (USB/HDMI: TY-WPB1): V1.12412.676
    • Transmitter (USB-C: TY-WPBC1): V1.12412.676

    Changes from the receiver (box): V1.9598.583, receiver (board): V1.9598.583,
    transmitter (USB/HDMI): V1.9598.583, transmitter (USB-C): V1.9598.583

    • Added "Signal Strength" setting
    • Other malfunctions have been fixed.

    Additional Web Setting Functions (Firmware version 1.9598.583 and later) Instruction <Here>.

  • 8 Nov, 2021


    • Receiver (Box: TY-WPR1): V1.9598.583
    • Receiver (Board: TY-SB01WP): V1.9598.583
    • Transmitter (USB/HDMI: TY-WPB1): V1.9598.583
    • Transmitter (USB-C: TY-WPBC1): V1.9598.583

    Changes from the receiver (box): V1.9598.544, receiver (board): V1.9598.544,
    transmitter (USB/HDMI): V1.9598.544, transmitter (USB-C): V1.9598.544

    • Supports sound transmission on Android devices.
    • Added choices to the "Screen Saver" menu.
    • Added "Input Change Timing" setting to "HDMI-CEC control" menu.
    • Other small bugs fixed.

    Additional Web Setting Functions (Firmware version 1.9598.583 and later) Instruction <Here>.

  • 1 July, 2021


    • Receiver (Box: TY-WPR1): V1.9598.544
    • Receiver (Board: TY-SB01WP): V1.9598.544
    • Transmitter (USB/HDMI: TY-WPB1): V1.9598.544
    • Transmitter (USB-C: TY-WPBC1): V1.9598.544

    Changes from the receiver (box): V1.9598.479, receiver (board): V1.9598.533,
    transmitter (USB/HDMI): V1.9598.479, transmitter (USB-C): V1.9598.479

    • The malfunction that the touch panel may not be recognized when connecting the touch screen display BQ1 Series and PressIT (receiver) with a USB has been fixed. Click here for how to set the BQ1 series
    • The malfunction that it may not be displayed properly when selecting "Detailed settings" in the web menu in Internet Explorer has been fixed.
    • Other malfunctions have been fixed.
  • 26 March, 2021


    • Receiver (Box: TY-WPR1): V1.9598.479
    • Receiver (Board: TY-SB01WP): V1.9598.533
    • Transmitter (USB/HDMI: TY-WPB1): V1.9598.479
    • Transmitter (USB-C: TY-WPBC1): V1.9598.479

    Changes from the receiver (box-type): V1.9598.410,
    transmitter (USB/HDMI): V1.9598.397

    • Compatible with the "HD Visual Communications System", Panasonic's video conferencing system.
    • The malfunction that prevented the transmitter's input signal information from being displayed on the signal mode menu of the compatible display on the receiving board has been fixed.
    • Other malfunctions have been fixed.

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