PressIT360 Firmware

There may be firmware update on PressIT360 due to functional improvement.
We recommend to updated the firmware to the latest version for better use of PressIT360.
Please refer to Operating Instructions for more details.

Latest Firmware version:(last update: 20 February, 2024)


  • PressIT360(TY-CSP1): 0.0.7904.62

Changes from 0.0.7904.34 / 0.0.7904.36

  • Optimal picture and sound quality adjustment to convey the natural atmosphere of the conference room during web conferences
  • Added an item to select whether to show or hide the virtual drive in the settings menu of the PressIT360 application
  • Added an item to select the maximum zoom magnification in the settings menu of the PressIT360 application
  • Fixed other bugs

Latest firmware

[ (89.2 MB)]

* V0.0.7904.34 (high magnification version) / V0.0.7904.36 (standard magnification version) have been integrated into V0.0.7904.62. As for the magnification, it is now possible to select it in the PressIT360 application.

How to check the firmware version of the main unit (check with PC application)

  • Run the PressIT360 application and display the "Diagnostic utility".

Revision History

  • 1 June, 2023


    • PressIT360(TY-CSP1): 0.0.7904.36 / 0.0.7904.34

    Changes from 0.0.7904.32 / 0.0.7904.30

    • Fixed bugs related to Firmware update
  • 12 May, 2023


    • PressIT360(TY-CSP1): 0.0.7904.32 / 0.0.7904.30

    Changes from 0.0.7904.28 / 0.0.7904.26

    • Fixed the issue that this product was not recognized in Microsoft Teams on some PCs.
    • Fixed the issue that AI would stop after prolonged use in certain environments.

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  • 17 February, 2023


    • PressIT360(TY-CSP1): 0.0.7904.28/ 0.0.7904.26

    Changes from 0.0.7904.22.

    • Standard zoom and high zoom versions available
    • Update on image quality settings
    • Other minor modifications
  • 24 November, 2022


    • PressIT360(TY-CSP1): V0.0.7904.22

    Changes from V0.0.7904.04

    • Improved face tracking accuracy
    • Shortened video mode switching time
    • Display of recovery message in case of Firmware update failure