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Orbi Osaka

“Everything is clear and easy to see, even in bright lighting. The depth of the images is a big attraction.”
“Laser projectors made it possible to bring the producer's intention to life. I think we achieved this by reality and powerful reproduction.”

Anthony Wada Winston (SEGA LIVE CREATION Inc.)

“We chose Panasonic products because their engineers worked very hard to insure their products worked within our Video Solution. This allowed our client to save time and money when they created Orbi.”

Brian Edwards (Edwards Technologies, Inc.)

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • - Panasonic 4K+ laser projectors ensure bright and vibrant large-screen projection.
  • - The SOLID SHINE series projectors maintain excellent image quality and high brightness for a long time,
    and ensure stable operation and long-lasting reliability.
  • - The ET-DLE030/ET-D75LE90 ultra-short-throw lens allows large-screen projection from a short distance.
  • - Panasonic could deliver a full range of projectors and professional displays to support a variety of exhibit sites.

An entirely new type of museum for a new visitor experience produced by BBC Earth

The SEGA SAMMY Group has applied a high level of technology and ideas in pursuit of innovative entertainment. BBC Earth has used its remarkable imaging expertise to capture the earth's lifeforms and natural mysteries.
Orbi is a joint project between the two companies, born to celebrate the wonders of nature. It is an entirely new type of museum that invites visitors to enjoy an ultimate form of immersion that allows them to feel the secrets of nature over their entire body.

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Experiencing magnificent projection on the wall of a 4K screen

Theatre 23.4 embeds a giant screen – measuring 40 metres in width and 8 metres in height – into the wall.

Orbi Osaka consists of various large- and small-scale video systems, allowing visitors to experience nature‘s mysteries through a wide variety of content. Theatre 23.4 is the highlight of these systems. It is a permanently installed, special 4K theatre that combines the expertize of the SEGA SAMMY Group and BBC Earth. The main screen is one of Japan’s largest, at a width of 40 metres and a height of 8 metres. Here, three PT-RQ13K 3-Chip DLP™ laser projectors with 4K+ compatibility are installed. They project the crisp, sharp images of nature that have been captured in all their beauty by BBC Earth. Viewers are overwhelmed by their magnificent size and sharpness. To further enhance this dramatic performance, left and right sub-screens are positioned at the rear of the theatre. PT-RZ670 laser projectors equipped with an ultra-short-throw, fixed focus lens are used for the sub-screens.

  • Images are projected from three windows in the video room at the rear of the theatre. The sub-screens are approximately 5.3 metres wide and 3 metres high.

  • The PT-RZ670 projectors are mounted with ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lenses.

  • This PT-RQ13K projector and two others project images from the video room.

  • Image transmission rack

  • At the entrance to Theatre 23.4, professional displays are used as signage
    to show the viewing schedule and other information.

  • Professional displays are also used in the theatre lobby.

  • This corner shows how the theatre was constructed.

WORLD TRANSPORTER: African Elephants

Creates the sensation of being in a pride of elephants

The Elephants exhibition lets the visitor ride on a space-time movement device as if he or she were mingling with the elephants. The images from each of the three 1-Chip DLP™ PT-RZ670 projectors are seamlessly connected for projection by the multi-screen system. The PT-RZ670 projectors are mounted with ET-DLE030 lenses. Visitors are thrilled to view the wall-size images in this limited exhibition space. Images are also combined with other performances, such as smoke that rises from the floor during a sandstorm scene.

Curved screens are mounted left and right, and the projectors are embedded in the ceiling to conceal their presence.
Three PT-RZ670 + ET-DLE030 are installed on each side.

A PT-RZ370 projector displays images at the Elephants entrance and introductory corner. The white body blends in with the ceiling to prevent any oppressive feeling.


Displays the many colours of the world on screens surrounding the room

When a visitor waves a coloured cloth over a table in the center of the room, that colour is reflected in photographs of the world‘s landscapes, animals and plants literally wrapping the room. The images are edge-blended by six PT-RZ670 1-Chip DLP™ laser projectors mounted with ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lenses. Even in this small room, the operating noise of the six projectors is virtually silent, allowing the viewer to become immersed in the images.

Super wide images extend approximately 320 degrees from the six PT-RZ670 projectors.

The colour of the cloth on the table is
detected by a sensor.


Produces a children's playground in the world of bugs

Using toys in the shapes of leaves and branches, children feel as though they have become the size of insects, and experience the world of bugs in the Mega Bugs exhibition. The tree leaves around the viewer‘s feet at the entrance and on the free-playing space are projected by Space Players. These devices are shaped like spotlights and require no cables, which keeps the room neat and uncluttered. A PT-RZ475 1-Chip DLP™ LED/laser hybrid light sources projector uses 3D mapping to produce insect images on the white art-object-type screen in the corner. This creates a highly interesting environment for children.

The images in the area of the feet and on the walls
are projected by Space Players.

The insect mapping images are projected
by a PT-RZ475 projector.

  • Images are also projected onto the inside playing space.

  • Mapping is performed on the white art-object-type screen with protrusions.


Uses life-size animal silhouettes to show their movement and teaches trivia

Silhouettes of animals appear on the giant screen with the same size and speed as real animals. When visitors select an animal, Animalpedia lets them learn trivia about that animal. These large images are projected by two PT-RZ12K 3-Chip DLP™ laser projectors. Each projector is mounted with an ET-D75LE90 ultra-short-throw lens and installed in the ceiling near the screen. A motion sensor (Kinect) is used to select the animals. By waving a hand over the animal to designate the desired silhouette, visitors can have game-like fun.

  • The PT-RZ12K projector with ET-D75LE90 ultra-short-throw lens
    provides a dynamic image from a short distance.

  • When a hand is waved over the motion sensor and
    an animal is selected, trivia is displayed.


Natural images with tremendous depth

Images captured by BBC are used for projection mapping onto the surfaces of walls with complex shapes. This exhibition relays highly dynamic views of nature. Stacks are assembled using two PT-RZ670 1-Chip DLP™ laser projectors, to form a total of four projectors. An additional three PT-RZ670 projectors are also used for floor images. Sharp images are projected onto 3-dimensional "wall screens," while viewers watch from their seats.

  • "Wall screens" with complex shapes.

  • Two PT-RZ670 projectors are
    mounted to a ceiling frame.

  • The PT-RZ670 provide projection mapping
    onto the art object from directly above.

  • Mapping is projected onto the front art object in unison with the Base Camp images.


A virtual experience of flying across the earth from high in the sky

Earth Cruising provides a virtual experience of flying across the earth from high in the sky. A 4K+ compatible PT-RQ13K laser projector is mounted with an ET-D75LE90 ultra-short-throw lens. Sharp, never-before-possible, HD images are projected onto a huge, curved screen. To allow this screen in a limited space, the PT-RQ13K projector was mounted inside a chassis that was installed at an angle in the ceiling space of the room. This style of installation was enabled by the laser projector, and would never have been possible with a conventional projector.

Earth Cruising across a large, curved screen. Projected by an ultra-short-throw lens installed at an angle directly above.

FROZEN: Mt. Kenya

Feel the coldness of minus 10 degrees through your body and your eyes

Even though daytime temperatures are around 25ºC, in the nighttime, they drop to about -10ºC on Mount Kenya. The Mount Kenya exhibition, which allows visitors to experience this temperature difference, displays a number of precautions on a professional display, while the projector delivers its dramatic performance inside the exhibition. While the extremely cold wind is blowing, the visitor's body temperature is shown with a thermographic view on a professional display. Visitors are excited to see this image, which is almost impossible to produce under ordinary conditions.

  • Designed to prevent viewing from the entrance,
    with a PT-RZ670 projector and ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lens.

  • Freezing scenes are projected onto the room walls.

  • TH-43LFE8 displays provide precautions along the entrance path.

  • Professional displays give descriptions in the room
    in front of the cold-climate experience room.

  • A thermographic view is displayed during the cold-climate experience.


Moving through the ocean on a wide curved screen

The Blue Layers exhibition lets the viewer learn about sea life, starting with fish at familiar depths and changing as it gets deeper and deeper. The images are projected onto wide, curved screens by three PT-RZ670 multi-screen projectors. Mounted with ET-DLE085 ultra-short-throw lenses, they project images from shelves above the viewers' head. The images are sharp, wide and seamless.

  • A crisp and brilliant panorama created by three SOLID SHINE 1-Chip DLP™ PT-RZ670 units.

  • PT-RZ670 projectors installed above the viewer's head and mounted
    with ET-DLE085 short-throw lenses.

  • Next to the entrance, exhibition descriptions are provided
    on TH-43LFE8 displays.

ON LOCATION in 4D: Mountain Gorilla

Lets you see how wild gorillas live with 3D images

Mountain Gorilla is an exhibition that lets viewers experience the lifestyles of wild gorillas through 3D images that were successfully captured by BBC. The 3D images are projected with a single PT-DZ21K2 3-Chip DLP™ laser projector. Viewers wear 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D effect, but the 4D Theatre provides an even more dramatic performance with the viewers' seats. Even wearing glasses, the bright, crisp images provide a remarkable viewing experience.

  • The 4D Theatre provides an even more dramatic performance with the viewers' seats.

  • 3D images are projected with a single PT-DZ21K2 projector.

The signage inside the hall uses many projectors and professional displays.

  • The displays at each corner use circular masking images from PT-RZ370 projectors.

  • Professional displays present the details of the exhibitions.

  • The Time Slice compares the movements of people and animals.

  • A professional display is also used to show a photo diary,
    from which visitors can purchase a commemorative photo.

  • A PT-RZ370 projector produces a forest scene on the outer wall
    of the Mega Bugs exhibition.

  • A TH-55LFV5 4-screen multi-display is used at the Orbi Osaka entrance.

  • Ticket counter

  • The display faces outward next to the Orbi Osaka entrance.

Anthony Wada Winston

License Facility Support Section

Mr. Winston, the leader in charge of the decision for this video system, described it as follows, "Everything is clear and easy to see, even in bright lighting. The depth of the images is a big attraction." "Laser projectors made it possible to bring the producer's intention to life.
I think we achieved this by reality and powerful reproduction."
"This is the first Japanese entertainment facility to permanently install a 4K system. The screen for Theatre 23.4 is the largest of its kind in Japan, with a width of 40 metres and a height of 8 metres, but Panasonic's 4K projectors have the power to match this scale.”

From an operating perspective, in contrast with conventional lamp-type projectors, the lamps don't need to be replaced, and durability is improved. They also don't produce heat so there's no need to install exclusive air conditioning systems throughout the facility, which is an advantageous effect. The overall maintenance cost for long-term operation is reduced, which is directly linked to profitability. Mr. Winston added, "Orbi Osaka isn't projecting at full power. Even though we're lowering the projection power, it's all we need for bright, clear images. This should also lengthen the lifetime of the projectors.”

"The image quality, reliable operation, and new laser projectors are a good match for SEGA's business concept."

Nanase Nakamura

PR Chief
Orbi Osaka

We sometimes ask visitors to fill out questionnaires, and people are highly satisfied with the beauty and power of the images. Theatre 23.4 is especially popular. Our visitors are pleased with the large images and versatile performances. We are also happy with the "no-maintenance" feature of the laser projectors. Orbi Osaka operates pretty much all year round, from a bit before 10:00 in the morning until 9:30 at night, every day of the week. We haven't had any operating issues or maintenance problems. We're thinking of planning some new shows using projection mapping.

Brian Edwards

Edwards Technologies, Inc.

We chose Panasonic products because their engineers worked very hard to insure their products worked within our Video Solution. This allowed our client to save time and money when they created Orbi.


Orbi Osaka (Osaka, Japan)

Equipment installed

  • 3-Chip DLP™ projector PT-RQ13K x 4 units
  • 3-Chip DLP™ projector PT-RZ12K x 2 units
  • 3-Chip DLP™ projector PT-DZ21K2 x 1 unit
  • 1-Chip DLP™ projector PT-RZ670 x 25 units
  • 1-Chip DLP™ projector PT-RZ475 x 2 units
  • 1-Chip DLP™ projector PT-RZ370 x 7 units
  • Ultra-Short-Throw Lens ET-D75LE90 x 3 units
  • Ultra-Short-Throw Lens ET-DLE030 x 15 units
  • Space Player PT-JW130G x 5 units
  • Full HD LCD Display TH-70LF50 x 5 units
  • Full HD LCD Display TH-65LFE8 x 4 units
  • Full HD LCD Display TH-55LFE8 x 16 units
  • Full HD LCD Display TH-48LFE8 x 2 units
  • Full HD LCD Display TH-43LFE8 x 12 units
  • Full HD LCD Display TH-55LFV5 x 4 units

* For more information, see the Professional Displays Global Site.

System created by

Edwards Technologies, Inc.

Edwards Technologies, Inc. (ETI) was in the role of technology specialist, including all AV, interactives, show control, and the photo capture system, all using its proprietary Video cloud-based infrastructure.