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Netherlands Harvests Power from Unique Landscapes

“Low Land, High Energy”—in one phrase, the Netherlands captures its unique geography and renewable energy program at Expo 2017 Astana. With its iconic windmills conceptually repurposed for wind-power generation, and network of active solar farms, the nation is leading the transition to clean power. Visitors to the pavilion were treated to a five-minute light, laser, and 3D holographic program that highlighted the Dutch way of thinking in spectacular fashion.

Stereoscopic video presentation was achieved with bright and compact PT-RZ970 SOLID SHINE Laser projectors fitted with ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lenses. Special screens used in conjunction with the projectors produced realistic image dimensionality without guests needing to wear 3D glasses. A mesmerizing projection program held audiences spellbound.

Projectors for background, center, and foreground screens helped produce captivating stereoscopic dimensionality. High brightness enhanced audience immersion.

Light weight and laser light source allows select SOLID SHINE Laser projectors to be flexibly cable-rigged at almost any angle. Combined with lenses for short-throw projection, a range of possibilities for creative presentation are possible.

Installed Equipment (Netherlands)

  • PT-RZ970

    1-Chip DLP™ Projector

    PT-RZ970 × 5 units

  • ET-DLE030

    Ultra-Short-Throw Lens

    ET-DLE030 × 5 units