Multi Monitoring
and Control


Multi Monitoring & Control Software for Windows

Introduction of the Application

Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software has been renewed. This software application lets you manage and operate up to 2,048 Panasonic projectors and professional displays over a LAN network. It is also compatible with existing Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software.

Compatible Projector Models

For detailed information about the Multi Monitoring & Control Software and Early Warning functions, refer to the following website.

See the list of compatible device models.

List of Compatible Device Models

* Various restrictions apply depending on the model.

List of Compatible Professional Displays

Latest Version

Ver. 3.3 (3.3.27)

Click the button below to check version information.

How to confirm the version

Update information from Ver. 3.3 (3.3.21)

  • Firmware update function improved
  • Character code detection added to equipment registration (.csv file registration)
  • Notification setting improvements

Note: Compatible functions vary depending on the model. For more information on functions supported on individual models, please click here.

System Requirements

The computer that will be used as a monitoring and control terminal and where the software will be installed must meet the following requirements.

(Operating system)

Windows 11:
Windows 11 Pro(64 bit)
Windows 10:
Windows 10 Pro (32 bit/64 bit)
Windows Server 2016:
Standard (32 bit/64 bit)

・The software works in 32-bit mode on 64-bit Windows.
・Compatible with English, Japanese or Chinese language versions of the above operating systems.
 (In the Chinese language version, the display is in English when the software is run from a web browser.)
・Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is automatically enabled when the software is installed.

Software library Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
・Enable the installed .NET Framework 4.7 function.
Web browser Microsoft Edge
・The software should operate in most web browsers, excluding those above, but correct operation is not guaranteed.
CPU Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or better, or equivalent processor
· Intel® Core™ i5 or higher processors are recommended when the number of connected devices is 65 or more.
· When using the [Detect presence of output image] function, processors equipped with the integrated graphics function, which is supported by 6th generation Intel Core i7/i5 or higher processors, are recommended.
Memory 8,192 MB or higher
Hard disk free space 100 GB or more
・Required capacity increases with increasing number of units.
 (Roughly 50 MB per unit.)
Other details LAN connector (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
A display with a resolution of 1366 x 768, High Color (16-bit) or better

Note: Computers that meet the above requirements are not guaranteed to run the software. If you are using a Windows Server 2016 device, operating it as a server is recommended.
If you wish to use it as a client, please change your browser security settings.

Downloading and Installing the Software


Please check if a Windows update is pending before downloading and installing Multi Monitoring & Control Software. If a Windows update is pending, please update the OS and install Multi Monitoring & Control Software after all updates are complete.

Note: The installation may not proceed normally if a Windows update is pending.

How to Check

Click the Windows Update Status Tray Icon in the taskbar to see if a Windows update is pending. Complete any updates before installing the software.


  1. Click the Download button above and the "Software Licensing Agreement" window will appear. Select [Agree] and the installer will begin to download automatically.
  2. Once the installer has been downloaded, double click
    This will uncompress the setup file and create a folder named License.
  3. Double click the setup icon.

For specific installation instructions, refer to the following manual.

Operating Instructions of Multi Monitoring and Control Software

Multi Monitoring & Control Software Operating Instruction (English)

Compatible device models

Multi Monitoring & Control Software List of Compatible Device Models (English)

FAQ for When the Software Cannot be Installed onto Windows 10.

Procedures for when Multi Monitoring & Control Software (Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software) cannot be installed onto Windows 10.

For Windows 10, this software uses Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7. When installing the software, a message may appear instructing you to install .NET Framework 2.0. If this occurs, click "No" to halt the installation process and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 prior to installing the software.

Procedure for installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
  1. 1. Start “Control Panel” by typing “Control Panel” in search bar.

  2. 2. Click "Programs."

  3. 3. Click "Programs and Features" – "Turn Windows features on or off."

  4. 4. Place a check mark in the check box of ".NET Framework 4.7 (Advanced Services)," then click the "OK" button.

  5. 5. The required files will be retrieved, and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 will be installed.

  6. 6. (Only when the following screen is displayed)
    If your computer does not have the files that are required for installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7, the following screen will be displayed. Click "Download files from Windows Update." (An Internet connection is necessary for this.)

  7. 7. Once the installation is completed, restart your computer.

FAQ for Update Installation to Multi Monitoring and Control Software Ver. 3.
via Early Warning Software

If a previous version of Early Warning Software*1 is installed on your computer, installation may not be completed normally when performing Update Installation*2 to Multi Monitoring and Control Software Ver. 3..

  1. 1. Launch Early Warning Software Control Console Window from the task tray.

  2. 2. Select [Exit] to exit Early Warning Software Control Console.

  3. 3. Perform Update Installation with Multi Monitoring and Control Software Ver. 3..

How to confirm software version
  1. 1. Launch Early Warning Software Control Console Window from the task tray.

  2. 2. To confirm software version, select [Help] → [Version Information] via the menu.

*1 Applies to all versions of Early Warning Software (Ver. 1. – Ver. 2.). To check software version, please refer to the above information.

*2 Update Installation indicates that a new version is being overwritten without uninstalling the previous version.

FAQ for When Early Warning Function is Displayed on Microsoft Edge

When Microsoft Edge is used to display Early Warning function, the appearance of an update notification for Early Warning functions may be delayed in the following situation (depending on your computer’s operating conditions).

• When performing an operation using Early Warning function’s Remote Preview screen display while the projector is turned on and off frequently in a very short interval.

  1. 1. Close Microsoft Edge and reopen the Early Warning function screen.