Below are answers to frequently asked questions about PT-VZ580 Series projectors.

The <ON (G) / STANDBY (R)> power indicator is blinking red. Is something wrong?

This is normal. The <ON (G) / STANDBY (R)> power indicator blinks red to indicate that the projector is in standby with standby mode set to [NORMAL]. When the projector’s standby mode is set to [ECO], and the projector enters standby, the power indicator lights red.

The <ON (G) / STANDBY (R)> power indicator is blinking green. Is something wrong?

No, there is nothing wrong. The power indicator is blinking green for one of the following reasons:

(1) The projector is in the process of powering up the lamp. In this case, the indicator blinks in a 0.5 to 0.5-second on/off cycle. The image will be projected after a brief interval.

(2) The projector is on, but the lamp is off. The projector is in a Ready condition with Power Management function activated. In this case, the indicator blinks in a 2.0 to 2.0-second on/off cycle.

Network function and RS-232C control cannot be used in standby mode. Why?

When Standby Mode is set to [ECO], network function and some RS-232C commands cannot be used during standby. To enable network access while in standby, change [PROJECTOR SETUP] -> [ECO MANAGEMENT] -> [STANDBY MODE] to [NORMAL] via the main menu.

Is it possible to disable image display without turning off the power?

You can disable image display temporarily by pressing the AV MUTE button on the remote control or the projector’s control panel. The image will reappear when the button is pressed again.

Is the projector equipped with a mechanical shutter?

No, it’s not.

Does this projector have a lens-shift function?

Yes, it does (vertical only).

Can the projector be installed using ET-PKL100S/ET-PKL100H alone?

ET-PKV400B ceiling mount bracket attachment is required when using ET-PKL100S/ET-PKL100H.

Are the zoom, focus, and lens-shift adjustments electric powered?

No, they are manual adjustment.

Is it possible to display an image with a 4:3 aspect ratio?

You can change the screen aspect ratio by selecting [DISPLAY OPTION] -> [SCREEN SETTING] -> [SCREEN FORMAT] on the main menu and setting it to [4:3].

What is the maximum number of displayable colors?

This projector supports a maximum 16,770,000 colors.

How do I check lamp usage time?

You can check the number of hours on your lamp by selecting [PROJECTOR SETUP] -> [STATUS] via the main menu.

Does the projector support DIGITAL LINK?

Yes, the projector supports DIGITAL LINK.

Does the projector have a built-in speaker?

Yes, it does.

Do you sell a carry bag for storing and carrying the projector?

We don’t currently sell an optional carry bag for this product. Please consider a suitable third-party alternative.