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  • Maintains Color and Brightness for Longer SOLID SHINE Laser Extends Brightness and Color Performance
  • The Ultimate Endurance Engineered for Continuous Maintenance-free 24/7 Projection
  • Flexible Setup. Smooth Operation. Install Almost Anywhere at Any Angle for Creative Presentations

Introducing SOLID SHINE Laser Technology

Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser projectors are among the only units that deliver 20,000 hours* of maintenance-free operation for the entire projector, not just the light source. And there’s no trade-off in picture quality. Whatever imaging engine is inside, SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor Drive has massive brightness and superb color accuracy to present images that are superior to lamp-based equivalents in every aspect. Combining unbeatable cost-to-performance and low TCO with free 360-degree installation, light weight, and compact size, it’s easy to see why SOLID SHINE Laser is the industry’s acclaimed solution for professional users.

* Panasonic recommends cleaning at point of purchase after approximately 20,000 hours. Light-source lifetime may vary depending on environmental conditions.

Laser Light Source, Heat-Resistant Phosphor Wheel, Efficient Cooling System, Dust-Resistant Airtight Optics


SOLID SHINE Laser Maintains Excellent Image Quality for Longer

Dual-Drive Optical Engine

SOLID SHINE Laser projectors achieve high brightness and outstanding picture quality by harnessing powerful solid-state laser light sources and heat-resistant phosphor wheels. Laser diodes are grouped into single or dual modules depending on the model. As well as assuring high brightness and reliability over an extended life cycle, the image degradation ramp is far more gradual than lamp-based projection systems. Brightness and color saturation is preserved for longer compared to lamp systems, especially when used continuously. In the unlikely event that a laser diode fails during projection, a redundancy circuit ensures other diodes remain active and image presentation is maintained with an almost imperceptible loss in brightness. This is vital in situations where a blank screen is simply not an option: during lectures, entertainment event presentations, or in control, monitoring, or simulation rooms.

Dynamic Contrast Function

Digitally controlled direct laser output modulation achieves high contrast while consuming much less power. Frame-by-frame scene-linking modulation ensures precise light output adjustment for very accurate high-contrast performance, particularly with video where dark and light scenes frequently interchange.


Dust-Resistant Airtight Design

Dust intrusion compromises image quality. Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser projectors are tested under extremely severe conditions to exceed international standards. Helping to preserve image quality and maintain high reliability is an airtight optical unit that makes these projectors ideal for use in dusty environments, from high-traffic classrooms and lecture theaters to large-scale outdoor events. Advanced cooling systems, filterless or long-life air-filtration systems, refined airflow designs, and dust-resistant cabinets work with airtight optics to ensure that no maintenance or servicing is required for the whole projector for up to 20,000 hours*. This drastically reduces total cost of ownership.

* Panasonic recommends cleaning at point of purchase after approximately 20,000 hours. Light-source lifetime may vary depending on environmental conditions.

Guidelines for Dust Resistance

Particulate Matter per Cubic Meter in Different Environments


Free 360-degree Installation

360-degree Free Installation

Project from any angle desired without image distortion or reduction in projector life. Unlike lamp-based counterparts, SOLID SHINE Laser projectors can be installed in any orientation. This is particularly useful for advanced multi-projector mapping applications at events, trade shows, or in places where portrait orientation is preferred. Naturally, a selection of zoom lenses and short-throw lenses for rear projection are available, and these can be shared between Panasonic projectors with the same imaging engine to reduce inventory size.

Quick Start and Quick Off

SOLID SHINE Laser projectors do not require any time to warm up, so images appear almost instantly when projectors equipped with Quick Start/Quick Off are switched on. Further, no cool-down is necessary when turning the power off—the unit can be turned on and off using the remote or mains power any time


Safety Laser System

A diffusing lens protects eyes from accidental direct exposure to laser light. Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser light is no more harmful to eyesight than a regular lamp-based projector, as the diffusing lens reduces laser beam energy concentration to safe levels.

Standard Laser Light Point laser light goes straight through the eye
Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser Projector Less laser intensity prevents injury Point light Laser light source Diffuser lens Surface light

Eco-Conscious Design

No lead, mercury, or halogenated flame-retarding materials are used throughout SOLID SHINE Laser projectors, which all comply with the RoHS Directive.

Designed in Japan

SOLID SHINE Laser projectors are designed at the Panasonic research facility in Japan, and are manufactured according to the most stringent Quality Assurance standards and practices. Further, our after-sales and on-site support is second to none.

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