List of Tested SFP Modules Compatible with Interface Board for 12G-SDI Optical

Panasonic in-house testing has confirmed operability of the below SFP modules in combination with projectors compatible with Interface Board for 12G-SDI Optical (TY-SB01FB/ET-MDNFB10).

Manufacturer Model Number TX RX
Optomedia RMC-S1-4103K-T
Riedel/Embrionix EB12LC1T-MN-13D
Blackmagic ADPT-12GBI/OPT*2
Fieldcast FC-TxRx-12-31

(As of July 14, 2023)

  • Note: TY-SB01FB does not support 6G-SDI. Panasonic has examined SFP module operability according to in-house testing criteria, but cannot guarantee full performance nor functional operability of the products listed in all circumstances due to varying usage conditions and other factors beyond our control. Check with the individual device manufacturer for information regarding handling or performance issues arising from use of a third-party SFP module.
  • *1 When using Embrionix’s SFP module (EB22LCSD-SM), please note the following:
    - Use in combination with Embrionix software (EMOPT-1D-2110-N)
    - Signal can only be received via 2 IN, and is compatible with 3G-SDI Level-A and HD-SDI signal only
    - Do not use while a module is connected to 1 IN.
  • *2 When using Blackmagic’s SFP module (ADPT-12GBI/OPT), 12G-SDI signal is not available via 2 IN.