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Office Communication System

Mobile Softphone


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1 Does Mobile Softphone support Bluetooth Headset? No.
You may be able to talk via Bluetooth Headset, but Mobile Softphone does not guarantee its operation.
2 I cannot receive incoming calls via my Mobile Softphone, why? There is a possibility that the application is forced to sleep by the power management function of the terminal. Please check the settings of the power management function and refer to the terminal manufacturer's support page for details.
3 Does Mobile Softphone support TLS ? Yes.
To enable TLS function, you need to change the settings for Mobile Softphone and PBX.
For application settings, please set "Transport Layer Protocol" of "SIP Settings" to "TLS" and select "NS.pem" or "NSX.pem" in "Certificate".
Please contact the administrator of the system for details.
4 Video call is unstable and the video image cannot be displayed properly. Please try to improve the video call by changing resolution etc.
You can select QCIF, CIF, QVGA and VGA for the resolution of the video setting menu of this application.
Please contact the administrator of PBX for details.

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