Expo '70 Commemorative Park

February 2014
Osaka, Japan

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Durable, All-Weather LCD Displays Installed in the Public Space Provide Various Information to VisitorsDurable, All-Weather LCD Displays Installed in the Public Space Provide Various Information to Visitors

Installation Details

A digital signage system installed to provide visitors with various information

The Expo '70 Commemorative Park was built on the previous site of the Japan World Exposition held in 1970 and opened to the public. This huge park consists of a Natural and Cultural Garden, a Japanese Garden, the National Museum of Ethnology and various sports facilities. When information and guidance signs in the park were renovated in 2014, the Expo '70 Commemorative Park also installed a digital signage system using Panasonic's durable LCD displays to provide information more effectively and efficiently to visitors.

Durable, all-weather LCD displays selected for image displays

Various signboards were previously installed at five locations in the Expo '70 Commemorative Park to present maps of the park and provide information such as the best time to see seasonal flowers. As renovation work was conducted over the years to refurbish and replace aged signboards, the number of signboards increased. As a result, information could not be communicated effectively to visitors. The park wanted to provide information promptly and improve the convenience for visitors, but reorganizing information into a fewer number of signboards would not be able to satisfy those needs.

Thus, the Expo '70 Commemorative Park considered installing a digital signage system for the following main purposes:

  • Reducing the number of signboards without decreasing the amount of information provided.
  • Improving the quality of information and enhancing visitor service through speedy and accurate updates of information.

After careful consideration, the park selected a digital signage system configured with the Panasonic TH-47LFX6 because of the following product features:

  • The display unit boasts dust-proof and water-resistant performance equivalent to protection class IP44.
    This prevents heat-induced malfunctions which tend to occur when the display unit is placed in a water-proof case.
  • The display uses a high-brightness panel and the displayed image is sharp and clear even under bright sunlight.
    Displayed images are clear and easy to see even if the display unit is installed outside facing south.
  • The front surface of the display is protected by tempered glass.
    The tempered front glass does not break easily even if external impacts are applied.

On a rainy day
Images are displayed without any problem even if the display surface becomes wet with raindrops.

The park gave the digital signage system a friendly name, "Banpaku Navision" (nicknamed "BAN-NAVI") to give it popular appeal to visitors. The digital signage system is installed near the main gate of the park where most visitors pass through as well as at the gate of the Japanese Garden.

System Outline

DIGITAL LINK enables labor-saving installation as well as remote content distribution and operation.

The TH-47LFX6 display units installed in the park support DIGITAL LINK. By using Panasonic's ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box, video and control signals can be transmitted through a single LAN cable.* This helps to significantly reduce the wiring work for connecting displays installed outside to image source equipment in a building at a distant location, as in the case of this system. In the Expo '70 Commemorative Park, the park office and offices at each gate are connected via wireless LAN. This further streamlined the installation and wiring work.
Content produced in the park office is transferred to the display terminals in the offices at the gates. Image content is transmitted according to a schedule via the digital interface box and shown on the display units.

* When a CAT5e or higher STP cable is used.

Banpaku Navision uses durable LCD displays fit for outdoor applications. DIGITAL LINK is used to connect the outdoor displays to the image source equipment set up indoors.

Urgent information can also be distributed in the event of an emergency.

Since the Expo '70 Commemorative Park is a huge public space visited by many people, if an accident or disaster occurs, it is imperative to promptly provide visitors with accurate information to guide them safely. With that in mind, Banpaku Navision is designed to interrupt the scheduled information transmission to display emergency information.

Expo '70 Commemorative Park

Located a short distance to the heart of Osaka City, the Expo '70 Commemorative Park is easily accessible and rich with lush green trees.

The park occupies about 260 hectares of land, which is about 65 times the size of Koshien Stadium (a baseball stadium). Also situated on the premises are the Tower of the Sun, Expo '70 Pavilion (former Steel Pavilion), a Japanese Garden, a Japan Folk Crafts Museum, Osaka (formerly the Japan Folk Crafts Museum) and other facilities from the Expo held in 1970. The Natural and Cultural Garden was built in the area where other pavilions used to stand and now serves as a venue for music and other events.
On the periphery of the park are sports facilities, such as Expo '70 Commemorative Stadium (the home ground of the J-League Gamba Osaka soccer team) and an American football stadium.

Equipment installed