Nippon Foundation
Paralympic Support Center

November 2015
Tokyo, Japan

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A Multiscreen System with 18 LCD Displays Presents 360-Degree Images at an Information Base for the Tokyo 2020 ParalympicA Multiscreen System with 18 LCD Displays Presents 360-Degree Images at an Information Base for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic

Installation Details

The Latest Paralympic Information Is Actively Distributed by a Digital Signage System and Projector.

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center, a general incorporated foundation, was established as a base for Paralympic support and information dissemination for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. A joint office was opened with the Paralympic teams in November 2015, from which information has been actively distributed by a Panasonic digital signage system consisting of 18 LCD displays in a multiscreen configuration and a 3-chip DLP® system projector.

This 360-Degree Display is mounted on a circular column in the center of the entrance to provide easy visibility from anywhere in the office.

A "360-Degree Display" Provides Visibility from Anywhere in the Open-Layout, Barrier-Free Office.

The Support Center, which was established on the fourth floor of the Nippon Foundation Building, was designed with a stadium motif. The office space will be used jointly by the Paralympic teams (tentatively 24 teams). The open layout will enable easy sharing by the competition teams, related organizations, staff members, and Paralympic athletes.

Symbolizing the new office is a signage system installed at the center of the entrance and visible from anywhere in the room. This system will actively disseminate information. As an official worldwide partner of the Paralympic Organizing Committee, Panasonic was consulted regarding this system.

Using no room dividers, the images are also visible from the area opposite to the entrance. A TH-65LFE8 display is mounted in the center of the forward meeting space.

Against this background, Panasonic participated in the project from the office's earliest planning stages, which began by listening to the office needs. A multiscreen system comprising LCD displays positioned on a circular column was proposed, and it was decided to use 18 TH-55LFV70 displays in the center of the entrance. In order to inform more people about the Paralympic Games, it was also decided to install a 3-chip DLP® system projector in the 1st floor lobby of the Nippon Foundation Building.

System Introduction

The Bright, Multiscreen System Displays Both Special, Ultrawide Content and Ordinary 16:9 Content.

The 360-Degree Display installed on a circular column in the center of the entrance consists of 18 TH-55LFV70 displays in portrait orientation. The image sources and data transmission devices are stored inside the circular column to make more effective use of the office space. Image sources include personal computers and 3 BD/DVD recorders. A switcher is used to transmit the data to each display. The HDMI/DVI images from the image sources are converted and transmitted to the displays via coaxial cables.

What's a 360-Degree Display?

(1) It displays laterally long content (81:8 aspect ratio) as if the 18 displays in portrait orientation were a single screen.

(2) Using 3 displays as 1 set, 16:9 content is also displayed, making a total of two display types. The type can be selected to match the content.

The Bright Projector Emits Rear Transmissive Video Images to Disseminate Information to Areas Outside the Building.

A PT-DZ10K 3-chip DLP® system projector was installed in the 1st floor lobby of the building. A transmissive screen was mounted on the window glass where people pass by, and by projecting images from the rear, the latest information can be distributed to building visitors and people passing by. Tests were repeatedly conducted of screen materials and colors to raise the visibility of the projector images when viewed from outside of the building.

The projector and transmissive glass-window screen installed in the 1st floor lobby.

Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center

Providing Full-Fledged Support to the Paralympic

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center is a general, non-profit incorporated foundation funded by the Nippon Foundation. It was founded in May 2015 for the purpose of establishing a base for Paralympic team sports, and disseminating and enlightening their activities to increase public awareness. These activities cover an extremely wide range, from establishing an environment that enables Paralympic athletes to concentrate on their competition, and promoting Paralympic volunteers, to conducting academic research and providing international assistance for Paralympic sports and supporting art and culture for the handicapped.

Equipment installed

  • Video Wall Display
    TH-55LFV70 x 18
  • Entry Display
    TH-65LFE8 x 1
  • 3-Chip DLP™ Projector
    PT-DZ10K x 18