New Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd.
Kansai International Airport

March 2015
Osaka, Japan

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Welcoming New Arrivals to Japan with a Finer, More Beautiful PictureWelcoming New Arrivals to Japan with a Finer, More Beautiful Picture

Installation Details

The Welcome Boards, large displays that welcome people arriving in Japan on international flights, have been replaced with new 98-inch 4K UHD LCD displays

Kansai International Airport opened in 1994 as Japan's first round-the-clock international airport. Since then it has been utilized by countless tourists from overseas who come to visit internationally prominent and popular tourist destinations such as Kyoto and Nara as well as Himeji Castle, Koyasan (Mt. Koya), and elsewhere.

With the aim of making customers the top priority at all times and achieving "an airport that's user-friendly and fun to visit" and "an airport that pleases its users," the New Kansai International Airport Company, Ltd. installed Welcome Boards in the international arrivals area as a service to users in 2007. These displays fulfilled their function of welcoming arrivals, but eight years after installation it was time to upgrade the equipment, and a decision was made to replace the plasma displays with 98-inch 4K UHD LCD displays.

Large-screen displays with outstanding image playback performance, able to display the same HD video content as their predecessors even more crisply and beautifully

Many different systems were considered as possibilities when replacement was being discussed, but it was determined that achieving the best possible picture with stand-alone large-screen displays was the top priority, and the current 98-inch 4K imaging LCD displays (the largest possible size of their class) were selected.
A demonstration using the actual equipment was staged for the client, who had a highly positive response not only to the ultra-high resolution 4K imaging using the next-generation image processing technology Detail Clarity Processor 3, but also the fact that the HD content already in use could be displayed more beautifully with image correction and increased clarity. Also noting the fact that it is appropriate to have displays made by a Japanese manufacturer welcoming visitors at the "gateway to Japan," two Panasonic TH-98LQ70 displays were installed.

A Welcome Board, upgraded to a 98-inch 4K LCD display.
The message "Welcome" is displayed in many different languages. A wide range of other video content, such as seasonal scenery and famous tourist sites, also welcomes visitors from overseas to Japan.
A Welcome Board is located right in front of you when you come out of the international arrivals gate. The large screen has a major impact, and due to its noticeability is frequently used as a meeting or gathering point.

System Outline

The displays deliver diverse content including welcome messages, tourist information, and personal messages welcoming arrivals.

The displays employed as Welcome Boards have DVI connections to a computer that serves as a content playback controller. Fully digital image processing keeps picture degradation to an absolute minimum.
Currently the Welcome Boards display the following diverse content:

  • A Welcome Message shown in a wide variety of languages
  • Tourist Information Content: Seasonal scenery, spectacular images of sightseeing spots, traditional culture, festive events, and food primarily in the Kansai region
  • Welcome Messaging Board: Personal welcome messages that can be posted for passengers arriving for large-scale meetings and events, etc. (messages accepted for passengers traveling as a group only)
  • Transit information such as the time of the last train into the city, location information, emergency information, etc.

A control computer in the Centralized System Management Center in the New Kansai International Airport Company Building adjacent to Terminal 1 is used to schedule the content display and edit personal welcome messages and emergency information. This computer controls and manages the content-playback computer over an in-airport network.

One of the Welcome Boards, before replacement (left) and after replacement (right). The structure was overhauled as well, making the large screen even more attention-getting.
The TH-98LQ70 units installed feature IPS panels with a wide viewing angle. The picture appears crisp, and the colors vivid, even when seen from a diagonal direction.

New Kansai International Airport Company, Ltd.

A Japanese airport that proudly prioritizes customer satisfaction

In September 2014, Kansai International Airport celebrated the 20th anniversary of its opening, and Terminal 1 Building was renovated with the goal of making it even more convenient and user-friendly.
Also, new facilities including a napping and resting area and shower booths are being installed to provide better-quality service for the rapidly increasing number of inbound passengers, and to thoroughly achieve the principle of "putting customers first."

Equipment installed

  • 4K UHD Display
    TH-98LQ70 x 2