Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

March 2016
Tokyo, Japan

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A Digital Signage System uses Outdoor LCD Displays to Provide Tourist Information in Four LanguagesA Digital Signage System uses Outdoor LCD Displays to Provide Tourist Information in Four Languages

Installation Details

Installing interactive "high-performance tourist guidance signs" on street corners by combining outdoor LCD displays with touch panels.

The city of Tokyo aims to "provide a wide range of enjoyment by fusing tradition and innovation to constantly create new styles." The number of inbound tourists from overseas, which is increasing in recent years, is expected to continue climbing dramatically. In response to the spike of tourists, a long-term vision "to make Tokyo a city that welcomes guests from around the world with a spirit of hospitality" is being planned and implemented.

In order to further enhance the welcoming environment for inbound tourists, the Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau is planning on installing digital signage systems throughout the city as "high-performance tourist guidance signs" to provide information about the many tourist attraction sites in Tokyo in various languages.

The high-performance tourist guidance signs attract the attention of people walking by them with their with vivid images. By providing icons that let the viewer switch the content at the bottom of the screen, the displays are also handicap-accessible.

Installation Area

  • In front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
  • In front of the Keio Plaza Hotel
  • In front of the UENO3153 Building
  • Near the Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo Police Box

Model Selection Points

  • The only domestically produced display model that is compatible with outdoor installation and achieves high reliability.
  • With a high brightness of 2000 cd/m², images can be displayed clearly even in environments that are exposed to direct sunlight. The bright screens are effective in catching the attention of people on the street.
  • A forced air-cooling system circulates outside air through the inside of the display. This prevents issues that are common with outdoor installations, such as "blackouts" and condensation inside the screen, and offers a stable image display.
  • Achieves an operating temperature range of -20°C to 50°C. The display can be set in a case without having to install a ventilation unit.

By offering image displays using two of these TH-47LFX60 outdoor LCD displays and combining them with touch panels, they have been utilized as a signage system using Panasonic solutions such as the cloud server system.

At the operation standby screen, one of the displays shows a map of the surrounding area and the other display shows a welcome video.

System Outline

The sleek case design blends in with the city.

By using the TH-47LFX60, the space for ventilation equipment or batteries in the event of a power failure that were stored inside the case is no longer required. The sleek case has a depth of 40 cm so it can be installed while conserving space on sidewalks with heavy traffic.

A compact case has been achieved by using an outdoor signage display. This enables the display to be easily installed on sidewalks with heavy traffic.

Displays a wide range of information in the required language with a user-friendly GUI.

Two displays are set into each unit of the high-performance tourist guidance signs. A map of the surrounding area is constantly displayed and viewers can instantly understand the application of the system. A touch panel has been combined on the front surface of the display. A wide range of information is offered with intuitive operation that consists of simply touching the icons on the screen. Switch between Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese) and Korean with a single touch. The displayed content is constructed with a web-based system. The content can be updated easily, enabling the most "current" information of Tokyo, which is constantly changing, to be reflected onto the screen. Display content can also be transferred to a smartphone using a QR code or NFC (Near Field Communication), so the information can be saved on hand on the way to the destination even when you move away from the high-performance tourist guidance sign.

The URL of the content on the displays can be transferred to a smartphone using a QR code reader or NFC (Near Field Communication). Content such as the directions to a destination can thus be viewed on hand.

Provides stable disaster information during emergencies.

During the event of a disaster, surrounding emergency shelters are indicated on one display. By displaying guides in multiple languages it can support visitors from overseas. The other display automatically switches to the NHK broadcast to view the latest status. In the event of a power failure, the battery stored inside the case can operate the system for approximately one hour.

After Implementing

The displays are also used by Japanese tourists. The interactive outdoor signage system has attracted the attention of other regions and municipalities.
The high-performance tourist guidance signs that constantly display maps of surrounding areas make the purpose of the system clearly "visible," making it easy for both foreign and Japanese tourists to use. Traditional fixed guide maps and signboards could not keep up with the speedy transformations that the city of Tokyo is constantly undergoing.
As a result of the implementation of the digital signage systems, not only can the web content be updated regularly, the latest information can also be transmitted on a constant basis.
After installing the systems on the streets, the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau received inquiries regarding the outdoor signage from various municipalities and businesses, indicating a large amount of interest in the system.
"We want to continue brushing up the finer points and upgrade the version of the systems to make them even more user-friendly," adds Manager of the Regional Development Department, Tourism Infrastructure Maintenance Division.

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau is an official tourism organization established for the purpose of inviting tourists from abroad by maximizing Tokyo's cultural, historical, and progressive appeal. In order to promote tourism as the city's only comprehensive tourism organization, the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau has formed strong partnerships with private enterprises as supporting members to propel a wide range of businesses.

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Equipment installed

  • Outdoor Display
    TH-47LFX60 x 2, 4set