Namba Galleria
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

May 2017
Osaka, Japan

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New Landmark is Born in the Minami District Namba Galleria Twin VisionNew Landmark is Born in the Minami District Namba Galleria Twin Vision


Large-Scale Signage for an Ideal Location

Since it opened in October 2009, Namba Galleria has featured a wide variety of advertising media, including a Large Graphic Board, Namba Pillar, Big Screen, Hanging Banners, all monopolized by the popular "Galleria Jack." Rumor, both inside and outside companies, has it that this superb location, with its thousands of viewers and unique area shape, may soon be approved for a huge digital signage space for a wide variety of images and videos, with examination now under way.

Within this examination, proposals have been received from various manufacturers. However, according to Shinya Takeda, Deputy Director of the Sales Promotion Room, "A realistic plan has been proposed." Masahiro Ioki, Supervisor of the Sales Promotion Room, added, "We've decided to leave the details in the hands of a partner to bring shape to a large-scale digital signage installation. Backed by their extensive track record of signage delivery and installation, this maker has the capability as a manufacturer to ensure solid reliability."

Why choose Panasonic?

  • Extensive track record of signage delivery and installation
  • Sharp picture quality when viewed from anywhere
  • "Packaged" installation ensures reliability

Namba Galleria Twin Vision features 32 LCD 55-inch display screens aligned in two units.

System Introduction

The Largest-Scale Digital Signage in Any Japanese Train Station

This long, horizontal space was originally used for a large-scale graphic board. As for the conditions for transforming it into image media, Masahiro Ioki explained that, "Conditions such as the load-bearing capacity and installation environment will be satisfied while also ensuring that the system will provide versatile use, with no limitations on content." Following careful consideration from the viewpoint of advertisers and image providers, Namba Galleria Twin Vision (hereinafter called "NGTV") was born as the largest-scale digital signage in any Japanese train station, with a total of 32 LCD 55-inch display screens (4 vertical X 8 horizontal) aligned in two units to make a total of 64 screens in all.

Anti-reflection processing reduces glare from natural lighting to maintain crisp clarity.

Sharp Picture Quality When Viewed from Anywhere

As a result of repeated trial and error operation, it was finally decided to use the TH-55LFV60 LCD display. "Namba Galleria is covered by a roof, but it is a semi outdoor space with natural lighting. While repeating actual trial operations with various types of media, we selected the LCD display as the most suitable system," said Shinya Takeda. He then added that, "People will be viewing NGTV from a variety of angles. In addition to the impact of viewing directly from the front, we were surprised at the clarity of images viewed almost from either side."

Considering the load-bearing capacity and viewing angle, the wide-screen system comprises 32 displays (4 vertical x 8 horizontal).
Multi-screen video and still images are automatically corrected for smooth display.

"Packaged" Installation Ensures Reliability

"Also, by installing the Afficher® digital signage system, distribution management and other operations can be remotely controlled with mobile PCs via cloud technology." Masahiro Ioki said, "Since NGTV is located in public spaces, it is necessary to be prepared for virtually all possible situations. It is essential that an environment is built that allows access to be quickly gained."

The IPS LCD panel was used to prevent brightness and color changes when viewed from almost either side.

Future Prospects

The Attractiveness of Japan's Rail Lines Starts Here

Shinya Takeda explained that, "Even before the system was completed, we understand that many inquiries were received. Starting with ideas for linking NGTV with various events, we believe that we will be able to hold a greater number of promotions. In so doing, we hope to relay the beauty of Japan's rail lines to even more people, and serve as a gateway to travelers from other countries who arrive at Kansai International Airport. This will provide excellent public relations for Osaka, Kansai, and all of Japan."

Shinya Takeda
Deputy Director
Sales Promotion Room
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Masahiro Ioki
Sales Promotion Room
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Kansai's Prominent "Terminal Area"

Long known by its nickname of "Rocket Plaza," Namba Galleria was reborn by a major renewal into a spacious design in October 2009 with an open ceiling space that extends from the basement floor all the way to the 8th floor. Here, in an area that attracts around 770,000 people on an average day, with subways and private railway lines fanning out from the central ticket gates of Nankai Namba Station, and a "Terminal Area" that leads directly to Osaka's Minami district, Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. installed a huge digital signage.

Equipment installed

  • Video Wall Display
    TH-55LFV60 x 64