The Foundation of
Fukuoka Convention Center Corporate
Fukuoka International Congress Center

March 2017
Fukuoka, Japan

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LCD Displays Are Installed Strategically to Provide High Value-Added InformationLCD Displays Are Installed Strategically to Provide High Value-Added Information

Installation Details

Displaying event guidance, sightseeing, and transportation information as well as evacuation guidance in the event of an emergency

Among the three facilities located in the convention zone, the Fukuoka International Congress Center serves as the core facility. To provide services to meet the needs of visitors from all over Japan and abroad, the Center is equipped with audio systems, light control equipment and simultaneous interpretation booths. Event guidance was previously displayed on electric bulletin boards; however, after 13 years of use, they were replaced in the spring of 2017. Since the Foundation wanted to provide information with higher added value on a large guidance display in the entrance hall, it decided to install a multi-screen system configured with nine Panasonic TH-55VF1H ultra-narrow bezel displays for high visibility. This system displays not only a list of events, room numbers and starting times but also a sightseeing guide and transportation information. It is also provided with a system that switches the display to evacuation guidance in the event of an emergency.
Mr. Suetake, General Manager of the Convention Operations Department, is very happy with the new system. He said, "We have many rooms, so there is a limit to the maximum size of characters that can be displayed on the panel. The new system shows text with incredible clarity. When we use the nine display units as a single screen, the displayed images look natural because the bezels (frames) are extremely narrow. This display system is located on the left side, at a position slightly higher than eye level, after entering from the front entrance. The displayed text is easy to read even from an angle, and sunlight reflections entering through the glass, and indoor lights do not affect the viewing."

An anti-glare treatment reduces the glare and reflection of lights. The screen shows the guidance on event venues clearly.

The bezel width is only 1.8 mm, so it provides natural-looking images.

The top part of the display panel is installed with a LinkRay Light ID transmitter. Use of this device in the future is expected to deliver information with even higher added value.

System Outline

High visibility of information promotes smooth traffic flow of visitors.

Panasonic TH-55SF1H LCD displays are installed on every floor of the Fukuoka International Congress Center along the passage starting from the entrance hall zone on the first floor to the multi-purpose hall zone, the main hall zone, medium-sized and small conference rooms zone and international conference rooms zone on the fifth floor. These display panels show an easy-to-understand floor map together with a list of events scheduled on the day, and also visitors' present locations and destinations. When a visitor touches an event indication on the screen, the corresponding venue lights up on the screen to help the visitor smoothly reach the destination.
Also installed in front of each room is a TH-32EF1 display for the confirmation of the event held in the room. The TH-32EF1 displays clear images that are easy to see even from a distance. The overhead installation location allows visitors to all see the panel at the same time even if the area is crowded.

A touch panel is installed to the TH-55SF1H that displays the floor map and a list of events.
The TH-32EF1 display is installed above the entrance to the room.

Networking provides a courteous information service and reduces management labor.

At the time of the replacement, a video distribution management server and many controllers were installed for the networking of purpose-specific display units installed on all floors. This enables central control of video streaming using the PC in the administration office. The new system has satisfied the principle need of Fukuoka Convention Center: "Provision of courteous information services to visitors without increased labor or burden." The newly installed system is also connected to the reservations management system for the Fukuoka Convention Center, Marine Messe Fukuoka and Fukuoka Kokusai Center. A staff member said, "The new system provides an additional benefit.
It saves the time and effort for entering event information to be displayed." As for the newly installed LinkRay Light ID solution device, the Foundation expressed its plans to use it effectively as the waterfront district, including the convention zone, further develops in the future.

The images displayed on the facility displays are centrally managed using a management server and confirmation monitor.

System Configuration

User's Feedback

Provision of information that enhances the visitors' satisfaction

We wanted to provide not only necessary information but also information that makes the visitors feel "it's good to know." The new system has met our needs exactly. At the present, we are not making full use of the system, so we will listen to the voices of visitors and seek advice and proposals from Panasonic in order to operate the new system at its full capability.

The Foundation of Fukuoka Convention Center Corporate
Fukuoka International Congress Center

An international congress center that offers easy access from anywhere in Japan and abroad and connects to Asia and the world

Fukuoka Convention Center is a general incorporated foundation that manages and operates the convention zone in the Chuo Wharf district of Hakata City, Fukuoka. It provides venues for the exchanges and interactions of people, goods and information to promote academic culture and international exchange. Located in the convention zone are Fukuoka International Congress Center where various conferences, lectures, seminars and exhibitions are held, as well as Marine Messe Fukuoka and Fukuoka Kokusai Center. They are easily accessible from the airport, subway/train stations and port, and the number of visitors from overseas is increasing.

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Fukuoka Convention Center is the core facility in the convention zone. It is located adjacent to Fukuoka Sunpalace Hotel & Hall and connected by a passageway.

Equipment Installed

  • Video Wall Display
    TH-55VF1H x 9
  • Standard Display
    TH-55SF1H x 5
  • Entry Display
    TH-32EF1 x 4