Boat Race Karatsu

March 2017
Saga, Japan

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Clearly Displays Dynamic Race Images and Detailed TextClearly Displays Dynamic Race Images and Detailed Text

Product Installation Background

Using the establishment of the new building as an opportunity for a full-scale update of video display devices

As multi-race ticket sales have become a popular trend for boat race betting tickets in recent years, Boat Race Karatsu has relocated its "Dream Pit" off-track betting office from its original location to a new spot that is adjacent to the main venue.
The boat tickets are subject to up to eight venues per day, starting from 7:30 in the morning until the end of the night races and open 350 days per year. The area of the site is approximately three times larger than the previous location, with a seating capacity of 500 visitors.
Along with the establishment of the new venue, the video display devices have been completely updated within the facilities. Various displays have been effectively installed inside the bright and spacious building according to their individual purposes.
In addition to the races held at Boat Race Karatsu, live coverage of races being held in other boat race venues are available on dynamic large-screen displays. Mr. Itoh, manager of the Karatsu Boat Race Business Administration Project Advertising Department added, "We achieve high visibility while providing information required by visitors, such as odds, racer profiles, results and cash dividends, for every race at eight different venues in 24 locations throughout Japan."

Displays are lined up according to their individual purposes in the general admission seating area, which offers high ceilings and a bright atmosphere.

System Details

General Admission Seats

Four TH-98LQ70 displays are installed along the wall of the general admission seating area. Each display shows information of a different venue.

Before each race, the betting odds and records are displayed on 4-screen split displays. Even detailed text is clearly displayed.

Once the races begin, the live images are displayed on one entire screen. WS-LA100 line array speakers are installed on the upper part of the displays.

Ceiling suspended TH-43LFE8 displays are installed in the middle of the venue. Four displays serve as a set to display information from a single venue. Eight sets are installed within the venue, covering races from eight different venues.

Eight TH-55LFE8 models are installed horizontally along the wall nearby the entrance. Information, such as the betting odds and records from eight different venues, is displayed in real-time.

Clear text with dynamic live images

Four TH-98LQ70 4K LCD displays are installed for the most widely used main monitors in the general admission seating area. Due to the image processing technology (Detail Clarity Processor 3), the monitors can correct conventionally difficult movements and reduce blurring for full high-definition images. The speedy live race coverage can also be displayed smoothly. Here, each monitor displays the races of individual venues. Before the start of each race, the monitors also clearly display detailed text, such as betting odds and records, on 4-screen split displays.
WS-LA100 line array speakers that are designed based on a line source theory are installed on top of the TH-98LQ70 displays, providing powerful audio and video of live race coverage. Also, in order to provide information regarding the status of each race in the eight venues, a total of eight sets of ceiling suspended TH-43LFE8 displays, made up of four displays per set, are installed throughout the building. Each set displays live coverage and betting odds for each individual race venue. Eight TH-55LFE8 displays are installed horizontally along the wall, broadcasting the betting odds and records for all eight venues in real-time. These displays provide information, that enables visitors who arrive with advance tickets to see the status of the races in a single glance, which is useful for purchasing betting tickets.

Paid Seats

Four TH-70LF50 displays are installed in front of the paid seating area, which was newly established during the renovation. Monitors that display the betting odds are also installed at the 54 individual seats.

The actual race conditions are dynamically relayed in bright, large-screen images.

A WS-LA50 array speaker is installed for each display.

Four TH-55LFE8 displays are installed in two areas to the left and right of the entrance. They display betting odds and records from eight different venues.

Four ceiling suspended TH-70LF50 displays are installed in front of the newly established paid seating area. The live races broadcast on the 70-inch screens with high-resolution images have been highly recognized. Similar to the general admission seating area, WS-LA50 line array speakers are installed on the bottom of the TH-70LF50 displays. Also similar to the general seating area, eight TH-55LFE8 displays are installed horizontally along the wall, displaying the betting odds and records.

Comfortable viewing environment in the terrace and paid seating areas

With an emphasis on visitor comfort, a terrace seating area surrounded by nature and a paid private room that can be used by up to seven people were newly established. A comfortable viewing environment was created by installing four TH-48LFE8 displays in the terrace seating area. As part of creating an environment that is friendly for children and women, a women's only powder room and kid's area have also been established. "We also added a convenience store with an eat-in corner, and we expect to attract more families to visit our facilities before or after spending time at Kahan Park," added Mr. Itoh. During the large-scale renovation, a new emergency broadcast system was also installed. In addition to the emergency broadcasts that are aired in the event of an accident, the new system is also compatible with regular public announcements.

Four TH-48LFE8 displays are installed in the spacious terrace seating area. Visitors can check the race information from anywhere within the premises.
A TH-48LFE8 display is installed in the center of the entrance where visitors are greeted. The 9-screen split monitor displays an abundance of information with fine details.

User's Feedback

Pursuing image displays that are optimal for the building layout

During the renovation aimed to further improve visitor satisfaction, personnel in charge of the facilities inspected the newly opened Boat Pier in the city of Kobe, where the TH-98LQ70 displays were already introduced. Seeing the functions with our own eyes led to the decision to use Panasonic's highly reliable products. The display layouts were created after exchanging opinions with Panasonic personnel until we were fully content. It has been over three months since the products were introduced, and our customers are fully satisfied with the results.

Boat Race Karatsu

Relocation reopening in the spring of 2017
An off-track betting office that sells boat race betting tickets for eight different venues

Boat Race Karatsu is located in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.
The "Dream Pit" off-track betting office was founded in 2010, and reopened after being relocated in March 2017. Located adjacent to the south side of the boat racing venue, the new office is approximately three times the size of the previous office. Fully equipped with paid seats, terrace seats and a kid's area, the space can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Located near Kahan Park, the exterior was designed to blend in with the surrounding nature.

Equipment Installed

  • 4K UHD Display
    TH-98LQ70 x 4
  • Standard Display
    TH-70LF50 x 4
  • Entry Display
    TH-55LFE8 x 16
  • Entry Display
    TH-48LFE8 x 8
  • Entry Display
    TH-43LFE8 x 34
  • Sound System
  • Complete Emergency Broadcast System