Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

December 2020
Kanto area, Japan

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Share Meeting Materials with the Push of a Button, Enabling Smoother Meetings.Share Meeting Materials with the Push of a Button, Enabling Smoother Meetings.


To share materials smoothly and improve the efficiency of meetings


Introduce the Wireless Presentation System "PressIT," which does not require advance preparation and allows image-sharing immediately with a simple connection

Background of System Installation

Meeting rooms that see frequent use are now more accessible

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel is a Tokyo Disney Resort® official hotel, and boasts 1,016 guest rooms. The employee meeting room, located in the hotel's backyard, plays host to a variety of different meetings, such as management meetings and team meetings, on consecutive days. Until now, when sharing documents, wired cables needed to be plugged into a PC to send the data to a projector, but now, with the goal of creating meeting rooms that are easier to use, we have introduced the PressIT Wireless Presentation System, which enables smoother sharing of documents.

Reasons for System Installation

Ease of setup and use evaluated highly

With the previous cable-based document-sharing, depending on where the presenter was sitting, we would need to pass a cable between two people or over the table. The need to switch out cables between each presenter also caused a waste of valuable meeting time. With PressIT, you can share a screen just by connecting the transmitter to the PC and pressing the button on the top.
The deciding factor in our choosing to adopt PressIT was the fact that it is so easy to use that it doesn't even need a manual and allows speedy screen-sharing.

Effects Achieved by System Installation

Streamlining meetings with smooth, wireless sharing of materials

The meeting rooms where PressIT was installed are used by many employees for a wide range of meetings, on consecutive days. For that reason, says Executive Assistant Kayoko Masuyama, particularly high value is placed on having a usage method that is simple and allows anyone to use the device with ease.
"Employees who have actually used the system are all amazed," says Masuyama. "They say things like 'I didn't think it would be this easy.' A one-time explanation is enough for anyone to be able to use it, so we don't need a manual. And because PressIT transfers images by HDMI, there's no need to install the driver on the PC. When first connecting PressIT, there is no lengthy installation time, and the presenter can move straight into sharing the screen, so there is no need to prepare for meetings beforehand. This is a big help. In meetings where discussion is to take place with each participant expressing their opinions, two transmitters are used. Because each person's materials can be switched in and out with the touch of a button, when one person is talking the next person is given the other transmitter, allowing the meeting to proceed without interruption. With the introduction of PressIT, we've seen a dramatic increase in the usability of the meeting rooms."

Achieving wireless video playback with high picture quality and minimal lag

PressIT also provides excellent video playback, and allows the user to play Full HD video at up to 60 fps. "While considering installation, we ran projection tests for high-definition images on a large screen," said Takashi Takinami, the Facilities Department Supervisor in charge of selection of devices. "We were amazed at the quality of the images, as well as the fact that there was no perceptible video delay. Because it can send high-quality images wirelessly, we are thinking that it might serve well for the incorporation of video and images into party settings in the future."

A meeting room interior. Using PressIT, the materials are shown on the display.

PressIT's transmitter is connected to the PC's HDMI port. You just need to press the button on the top to start screen-sharing.

PressIT transmitters. Two transmitters are used in discussion-type meetings.
The receiver is connected to the display.

Comments from the Executive Assistant

A reassuring partner in the installation and operation of facilities and equipment

Our hotel has used many Panasonic products in the past, and we have come to place a great deal of trust in Panasonic's quality, but also their support system and responsiveness. With PressIT, too, we were shown a demonstration when we were still on the fence. I saw first-hand how good it was, and thought "With Panasonic's products, we can continue to use them with peace of mind." That was when we decided to introduce PressIT. In our installation of better facilities and equipment, and operating them stably and reliably, Panasonic is our trustworthy partner.

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

Providing a special experience at "the closest resort to Tokyo"

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, which opened its doors in 1988, has the largest number of rooms of any of the official hotels of the Tokyo Disney Resort®. The spacious resort includes two wedding chapels overlooking beautiful Tokyo Bay, 14 banquet halls, and meeting rooms, providing guests with a relaxing experience in a resort atmosphere.

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel