September 2022
Kanto area, Japan

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Easy, smooth projection of materials in the conference room. A more immersive experience for remote attendees.Easy, smooth projection of materials in the conference room. A more immersive experience for remote attendees.


In an era where people can choose where they work, we need tools that provide a high-quality meeting experience for everyone.


This wireless presentation system enables users to share their screen quickly and easily for more productive meetings. This can be combined with the PressIT360, which combines cameras, microphones and a speaker, to bring the atmosphere of the conference room to remote attendees.

Background of System Installation

High-quality meeting experiences for both in-person and remote attendees

At MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.'s head office, materials on a computer used to be projected onto a screen using a wireless projection tool in large conference rooms or an HDMI™ cable in small ones. This caused numerous issues: starting the wireless tool was a nuisance, expanded screens could not be shared and sometimes employees shared their email or chat window by mistake. Frequently inserting and unplugging HDMI™ cables in the small rooms also damaged the cables and the jacks on the computers. And with more people attending meetings remotely since the start of the pandemic, we needed a system that would allow every attendee to feel like a part of hybrid meetings with a mix of in-person and remote attendees.

Reasons for System Installation

People participate more actively in meetings when we get rid of those little nuisances and stresses

To project materials smoothly at in-person meetings, we introduced the Wireless Presentation System "PressIT", a system that enables screens to be shared with a single click. For hybrid meetings, we introduced the 360 degree camera speakerphone "PressIT360". Mr. Hirotaka Nakai in the General Affairs Department says "In an age where people can choose whether to work at the office or at home, the office needs to be set up to enable high-quality work. Eliminating even one action can improve your work processes a lot. The setup of the PressIT and PressIT360 is stress-free—they're ready to go as soon as you plug them in—so we figured that they would help everyone to participate actively in meetings.

Effects Achieved by System Installation

The unit can be connected simply by inserting it, reducing setup time for meetings

We have installed 25 units of the Wireless Presentation System "PressIT", mainly in conference rooms that seat 10 or more people. Mr. Nakai says "The thing I like most about the PressIT is that it does not need to be installed—you simply connect it and it's ready to go. Once we set the units up, we just left a basic instruction manual with each unit and for the most part no one has needed to ask us how to use them. There are two types of transmitters—an HDMI™ model and a USB Type-C model—so we keep both types in the conference rooms that are used for meetings with visiting customers. Some of our customers' computers don't have USB Type-C jacks, so it's useful to be able to choose between the two. The receiver is also compact and easy to set up, so we have one set on hand to lend to employees who need to take it off site."

The Wireless Presentation System "PressIT": simply plug the transmitter into a computer and press the button to share the screen in another screen or display
The PressIT attaches to the door of the conference room with a magnet and can be used straight away (top: HDMI™ connection, bottom: USB Type-C connection)

The PressIT360 enables more active discussions at hybrid meetings

MITSUBISHI ESTATE allows employees to choose whether they want to work in the office or at home depending on the nature of their work, and around 50% of employees currently work in the office. Mr. Nakai says "We have set up a conference room that is specially designed for discussions. We mainly intended it to be used for face-to-face meetings, but these days there are always some people who are attending remotely, so we introduced the PressIT360 so that the employees who were attending over the internet could feel the atmosphere of the meeting and the passion of the discussions. Since the PressIT360 can be set up simply by plugging it into a computer, we have one unit on hand that can be lent to employees in any conference room. When we held hybrid meetings in the past, every employee, even the employees who were in the conference room, had to access the online meeting and speak into the camera of their laptop. With the PressIT360, we don't need to do that anymore."

Views from the PressIT360's cameras are projected on a screen. The unit automatically detects speakers and displays the view from each of the four cameras in a vertical block on the screen, making it easy for remote attendees to see the gestures and facial expressions of those who are attending in person.
Images are also displayed in the elevator halls on each floor and at the top of escalators, so that customers can receive information while they are in motion.
The screen is split horizontally into two 180 degree views to make it easy for attendees to see the atmosphere of the room.
The screen splitting mode can be changed simply by pressing a button on the unit. There are also buttons to turn microphones on and off and adjust the volume.
The PressIT360 has screw holes so that it can be mounted on a tripod. The unit can be powered by the computer through the USB Type-C connection, allowing it to be set up with just one cable.

In the Customer's Own Words

This product solves those frustrating little issues.

I have always found that Panasonic figures out exactly what problems users have and fixes those things. The PressIT and PressIT360 fix frustrating issues—some of them may be very small, but I think they're extremely important when it comes to making people feel that it's worth coming to the office. These devices eliminate one or two actions from each meeting on a daily basis, and we achieve a higher quality of work as a result. We haven't had them for long, but I'm looking forward to reaping the benefits in future.