4K Entry Displays in 6 Sizes Enhance Presentation Effect4K Entry Displays in 6 Sizes Enhance Presentation Effect

Entry4K UHD LCD Displays

CQ1 SeriesTH-86CQ1 / TH-75CQ1 / TH-65CQ1 / TH-55CQ1 / TH-50CQ1 / TH-43CQ1

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4K entry displays are ideal for presentation and information display use in offices, classrooms, and meeting rooms.

The CQ1 Series will feature high picture quality with 4K resolution (3840×2160) and support 4K/60p signals (HDMI). They will also provide 16 hours of continuous operation, combining excellent reliability, functionality, and cost-performance to support active communication in various rooms.

  • 16h Operation
  • ATSC tuner *2

*1: Actual resolution: 3840 x 2160p

*2: U model (US and Canada) only

86-inch class
400 cd/m²
3840 x 2160
75-inch class
400 cd/m²
3840 x 2160
65-inch class
400 cd/m²
3840 x 2160
55-inch class
400 cd/m²
3840 x 2160
50-inch class
400 cd/m²
3840 x 2160
43-inch class
400 cd/m²
3840 x 2160

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Detailed Clear Images
Highly detailed images in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) supporting 4K/60p signals (HDMI) for faithful expression of high-quality content.
Useful Features for Meeting Rooms and Classrooms
Supports HDMI CEC to control connected devices from a single remote, and external device control via RS-232C/LAN for efficient operation. Designed for continuous 16-hour daily use.
Simple Installation
Six plain narrow frame sizes fit in a wide range of room sizes. Equipped with built-in speakers and basic terminals, the display can be used immediately with no need for external devices.
Built-in TV Tuner*
It can be used as a TV or a display for presentation or information purposes, flexibly adapting to offices, schools, and sports bars.
*U model (US and Canada) only

Elaborate 4K Picture Quality Down to the Tiniest Details

* Actual resolution: 3840 x 2160p

With approximately 8,290,000 pixels, about four times the pixels of a Full-HD display, images are highly detailed. This dynamic, large-screen display archives true-to-life finely nuanced images. The 4K display is an excellent choice for digital signage and meeting rooms.

Why is 4K Ideal for Panasonic AV systems?
Please visit "Why 4K" site.

Easy Display of Images Optimized for the Display Content

The CQ1 Series comes with an extensive display menu to let you select the most suitable mode for the content to be displayed and the viewing environment.
You can select the best mode for the video source and the place of display.

  • Dynamic
  • Standard
  • Sports
  • Cinema
  • Graphic
  • Custom

    *You can adjust to suite your favorite picture quality.

* The picture modes that can be selected vary depending on the input signal.

Advanced Video Settings to Match the Environment

Dynamic contrast

Automatically adjusts the contrast by determining the changes in the use of colours for images of the input signal that constantly change, such as motion pictures.

Dynamic backlight control

Adapt to the input signal, adjust the backlight brightness to enhance contrast and reduce total power consumption.

Built-in TV Tuner

An ATSC/NTSC tuner is built-in, providing highly precise 4K images. A Sports mode is also newly equipped, ideal for live sports relays with dynamic images. The narrow bezels also allow better concentration on the screen. And in addition to use in sports bars and restaurants, the CQ1 Series is optimal for refreshing office entertainment and information gathering during emergencies.

* U model (US and Canada) only

USB Media File Playback Function

Video and still images saved into USB media in advance can simply be inserted into the CQ1 Series for automatic playback.

* Some files cannot be played back even if they are in the supported format. Regarding restrictions, see the operation manual.

• To enable automatic playback, numbered files must be stored in advance into a folder named "AUTO_PLAYBACK."

• 4K content does not supported.

Applicable format

Still pictures jpg*, jpeg*
Motion pictures mp4*, ts, mpg, avi
Music files mp3

* Automatic playback is possible with the format (up to 30 still images.) For more information, please see the operation manual.

Built-in Speakers for the Playback of Content with Sound

The display unit has built-in speakers so that it can playback content with sound without the connection of external speakers. This allows maximum use of a limited space for the installation of a large-screen display.

Content with audio can be displayed.

High Reliability Enable Continuous 16/7 Operation


In addition to being impact resistant, the CQ1 Series is capable of constant, 16/7 operation. It offers reliable use in educational institutions, and offices.

* In case of long time, the moving image is recommended to be displayed. If you display a still picture for an extended period, the image retention might remain on the screen. However, image retention can gradually disappear by displaying a moving images.

Choose the Installation to Match Your Application

There are screen sizes to match everything, from small rooms, such as huddle rooms, to large rooms. Installation is also possible at a forward inclination of up to 20 degrees to maintain legibility when mounted in high places.

HDMI CEC Device Linking Supported

HDMI-CEC compatible devices can be connected to the display by an HDMI cable, enabling the basic operations, of the compatible devices to be controlled by the display's remote control.

* The control of all devices cannot be guaranteed.

* VIERA link is not supported.

Support LAN Control Connection

The CQ1 Series can be controlled by LAN or RS-232C. You can configure the display into your existing control system, and you can control several devices simultaneously.