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Simple and Cost-Effective Multi-Output Switching

  • 2 x DIGITAL LINK (based on HDBaseT™ technology) terminals output uncompressed HD digital video, audio, and command signals to two projectors/displays
  • Long-distance DIGITAL LINK transmission of up to 150 m (492 ft)* through a single CAT 5e (STP) or higher cable
  • Daisy-chain (cascade) connection capability for distribution to multiple display devices
  • Abundant input terminals including HDMI inputs (x 2), RGB input, and audio inputs (x 3)
  • Separate audio output facilitates audio playback when projector is powered down

* For Long Reach Mode applicable models, please refer to DIGITAL LINK page.

Easy Operation and Installation

  • DVI-D output is included to connect an extra projector/display or to monitor outgoing signals on a connected PC
  • Handy in-browser remote control of switcher unit from PC or tablet
  • Supports Early Warning Software allowing failures to be anticipated or more easily identified
  • User-friendly soft-touch buttons and compact half-rack dimensions
  • Front-panel On/Standby buttons for individual display devices
  • ET-YFB200G input can be selected with the remote control of a Panasonic projector featuring DIGITAL LINK compatibility
  • Compatible with other manufacturer's equipment based on the same technology*
  • Brackets for server rack (EIA standards) mounting included

* For applicable models, please refer to DIGITAL LINK Compatible Equipment page.

High-Fidelity Digital Signal Transmission

  • Digital transmission ensures lossless image and sound quality over long distances
  • Digital Cinema Reality converts interlaced motion image signals into beautifully smooth progressive images
  • No Signal Sleep Mode automatically shuts down DIGITAL LINK output when no input signal is detected, saving power
  • PC signals are automatically resized and output at the optimal resolution to suit the projector's panel resolution*
  • Auto Setup function automatically distinguishes input signal and adjusts to output at the optimal viewing angle
  • 3D video format transmission supported (Pass Through Mode only)
  • Closed caption compatibility

* The output setting for the ET-YFB200G should be set to AUTO. This scaling/resizing function does not support some formats.

Expand and Customize to Suit Your Application

Distribute Digital Signals to Two Display Devices

The ET-YFB200G features two DIGITAL LINK outputs, allowing simultaneous delivery of media and control signals to dual projectors, two displays, or one projector and one display.

  • Seamless control and media distribution to a main projector and sub-display, or where content is transmitted to two separate rooms
  • Supports edge blending for large-format dual-unit projection in large venues or at sporting events
  • Monitoring capability from control room on PC via DVI-D output
  • In-browser remote control for convenient operation on tablet or PC

Application Examples

Dual DIGITAL LINK OUT is ideal for use in auditoriums, lecture theaters, and seminar rooms using primary and sub displays, as well as for dual-unit projection in large venues such as places of worship, outdoor and indoor entertainment events, etc.

* For Long Reach Mode applicable models, please refer to DIGITAL LINK page. For other DIGITAL LINK models: up to 100 m (328 ft)

Daisy-chain (Cascade) to Connect Multiple Display Devices

In applications where more than two display devices need to be integrated into an AV network, multiple ET-YFB200Gs can be daisy-chained (cascaded) via DVI-D to switch and relay signals to multiple displays using DIGITAL LINK.

  • Enables Full HD video transmission for up to 150 m (492 ft)*
  • Supports 360-degree panoramic displays using multiple projectors
  • Early Warning Software for reliable operation in mission-critical situations

Application Examples

Suited to multiple projector installations for major outdoor or indoor sporting, entertainment, or corporate events including full 360-degree panorama capability. Ideal for simplifying and expanding large-scale AV networks in education facilities, large corporate offices, etc.

* For Long Reach Mode applicable models, please refer to DIGITAL LINK page. For other DIGITAL LINK models: up to 100 m (328 ft)

Integrates 3x3 Video Wall Installations

The ET-YFB200G is an optional component in Panasonic's end-to-end video-wall solutions, which include a dedicated modular mounting frame, auto color calibration with camera, and panel daisy chaining via DIGITAL LINK.

  • Compatible with video-wall layouts of up to 3 x 3 panels, as well as 3 x 1 configurations
  • Enables long-distance Full HD signal transmission from source devices kept in safe remote locations
  • Suited to applications where the input source is not switched frequently
  • Able to route audio signals separately to sound systems for amplification

Application Examples

Ideally suited to 3 x 1 signage displays in hotel lobbies or retail spaces, or 3 x 3 information displays in airports,
for sporting/entertainment events, and for use in transit hubs or retail spaces.

* Due to HDCP limitations, a maximum of eight displays can be daisy-chained via a single LAN cable.

More Information
For more information about DIGITAL LINK, including example systems and compatible equipment, please visit our DIGITAL LINK page