Automatic Simultaneous, Multi-screen Set-up to Save Time and ExpenseAutomatic Simultaneous, Multi-screen Set-up to Save Time and Expense

OptionsVideo Wall Manager and Auto Display Adjustment Upgrade Kit


Panasonic's Video Wall Installation Solutions

Video Wall Manager software, which is available for free, enables display color adjustment using color sensors, and data control and management using a PC. If you upgrade to the Auto Display Adjustment Upgrade Kit (TY-VUK10, optionally purchased), you can use compatible cameras* for automatic adjustment of brightness and color balance for multi-screen configurations.


  • Need "Colosuke" sensor
  • Brightness or colors sometimes do not match even if those at the center of the panel are calibrated
  • Need a lot of time and experience...


Video Wall Manager (Free Software)

Colors can be adjusted by a color sensor.*
All color adjustment can also be controlled from the PC, and video wall data can be managed.

* Applicable sensors: KONICA MINOLTA (CA-210, CA-310, CA-410 [Probe CA-VP427, CA-P410, CA-P427, CA-MP410 verified as of June 30, 2020]), Datacolor (Spyder4, Spyder5, SpyderX) X-Rite (i1Pro2)

* The color sensor is optional.

To download the software , please visit here.

Main Screen

Multi Display/Setting Screen


TY-VUK10 (Auto Display Adjustment Upgrade Kit: optionally purchased)

Use an externally connected camera to automatically adjust the colors and brightness levels of multiple displays that are flush-mounted to form the multi-display.

Display set-up

Camera set-up*
Set the camera* to cover the screen area

Auto Adjustment
Automatically calibrate the correction value and reflect the suitable adjustment for each display via Video Wall Manager software. After performing the Auto Display Adjustment, you can perform further detailed adjustments and corrections manually

Activation 1key code per pc

To download the software, please visit PASS.
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* Applicable cameras: D5200/D5300/D5500/D5600/D7500 (Nikon) or successor model.