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“HARUMI FLAG Pavilion”

Condominium Sales Center Showcases the Appealing Features of New “HARUMI FLAG” Development Using Cutting-Edge Technologies

“HARUMI FLAG” will take over the Athletes’ Village site in Tokyo’s Harumi waterfront district following the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The 13-hectare development encompasses 5,632 residential units built for sale and rental together with retail properties, elementary and junior high schools, parkland, and a multi-mobility station as part of a connected neighborhood expected to accommodate about 12,000 people.

“HARUMI FLAG Pavilion” is a condominium sales center where prospective residents can experience many aspects of the town through AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and other experiential display technologies.

“HARUMI FLAG Pavilion”, where visitors experience a realistic sensation of actually living at the seaside neighborhood.

Installation Background

Objective: showcase the appeal and comfortable livability of a town-wide development with an unprecedentedly realistic presentation

“HARUMI FLAG” is an urban development project that public officials and private enterprises hope will preserve the Athletes’ Village legacy in the future. The scale of the project is epic, with 4,145 residential units for sale alone.

Mr. Yoichiro Takagi of Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd, a key participant in the project’s planning phase, commented: “We wanted to convey the grandeur of a residential environment developed from scratch and appealing features such as the open landscape surrounded by the sea in three directions. We thought our sales centers should offer unprecedented presentations that allow customers to actively gather information while having fun with the experiences we offer.”

Panasonic rose to the challenge with “VIRTUAL STAGE MIERVA”, a spatial performance solution also employing cutting-edge VR projection technology. Two different types of zones were installed to convey the appeal of “HARUMI FLAG” using immersive projection images.

The first commercial viewing experience application of its type, “VIRTUAL STAGE MIERVA” reproduces images at “HARUMI FLAG Pavilion” showroom using sophisticated display technologies. It allows viewers to experience being in a virtual living room on one of a tower’s upper floors.

System Introduction

“VIRTUAL STAGE MIERVA” Viewing Experience Type

Dynamic Moving Image Reproduction for Great Views Across the Sea

“HARUMI FLAG” has floorplans to accommodate diverse demographics and lifestyles, ranging from 60 m2 (645 ft2) to more than 100 m2 (1076.39 ft2). There are five REFERENCE ROOMs at the pavilion. “VIRTUAL STAGE MIERVA” Viewing Experience Type occupies one, inviting guests to enjoy a realistic simulation of the views from the windows of a yet-to-be-built apartment.

Most show-homes use enlarged landscape pictures, CG photographs, and other still images, however “VIRTUAL STAGE MIERVA” employs four high-brightness PT-RZ12K laser projectors with ultra-short-throw lenses to project dynamic footage of the actual view onto walls outside the demo-room windows. A 24-hour time-lapse video edited into a one-minute movie shows the changing panorama through morning, evening, and night. The footage was captured from an adjacent building overlooking Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. Synchronized with lighting devices from Life Solutions Company, the time-lapse is rendered with dramatic contrast, color, and clarity.

“Surrounded by the sea in three directions, HARUMI FLAG has views we can proudly call the best in Tokyo. We once were in the dilemma of not being able to show customers the views from our own building, which is already completed, but it’s now visualized thanks to this system,” said Mr. Takagi.

  • At “VIRTUAL STAGE MIERVA” Viewing Experience Type, guests can experience the view as seen from a nearby tower overlooking Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge in an ever-changing time-lapse from morning to night.

  • Lights and colors are modulated with Life Solutions Company’s Light Manager Fx suite and correspond with the captured footage.

  • Projection Image
    Images are projected onto walls measuring 12 meters (40 ft) overall.

  • Equipped with ET-D75LE95 ultra-short-throw lenses, PT-RZ12K laser projectors create bright and clear images even in the limited space, reproducing the landscape in a seamless and wholly immersive projection.

Equipped with ET-D75LE95 ultra-short-throw lenses, PT-RZ12K laser projectors create bright and clear images even in the limited space, reproducing the landscape in a seamless and wholly immersive projection.

System Introduction


New VR System Offers Simultaneous Viewing Experience for Groups of People Without Using Goggles

“VIRTUAL STAGE MIERVA” Dome Type is an exhibition area that simulates completed streetscapes and the expansive residential environment at “HARUMI FLAG”. The projection surface comprises a concave semicircular column with a diameter of 5.2 m (17 ft) and a height of 2.5 m (8 ft). Two high-brightness laser projectors deliver a wide viewing-angle VR projection with both vertical and horizontal maximum viewing angles of approximately 180°, as wide as human vision. Combined with a calculated view-point (position and height) and full 1:1 projection scale, it represents a brand-new VR system ideal for immersive experiential viewing.

Images were created with Life Solutions Company’s original VR software using 3D data for constructional planning. Unlike conventional systems that may provide a VR experience only to a person wearing goggles, VR images can be shared here by couples, families, and groups simultaneously without need of goggles. Viewers gain an accurate conception and perspective of the room proportions, ceiling height, and other features that are difficult to gauge from design drawings alone.

The projection space also invites guests to feel the sensation of the development’s streetscapes (which are currently under construction) as they walk through virtual courtyards lush with greenery.

“Panasonic has taken full advantage of 3D data for constructional planning, which was originally kept at our company. As an epochal exhibition, this has attracted media attention, and customers are also enjoying it,” said Mr. Takagi.

  • At the dome-type exhibit, viewers can experience completed streetscapes, views from a lounge located on the 48th floor of the tower mansion, and other attractive aspects of shared spaces via life-scale VR images.

  • Based on 3D data used for constructional planning, images are adjusted for projection using Life Solutions Company’s original VR software.

  • By projecting VR images with a wide angle of view onto a curved 3D screen, a simultaneous VR experience is delivered to multiple people without need of goggles.

  • Projection Image
    Two projectors throw images onto the wall, ceiling, and floor of a semicircular-column cutout that serves as a large curved screen.

  • PT-RZ12Ks are installed in portrait orientation to each side of the screen.

System Introduction

Other Exhibition Spaces

Deliver Diverse Information About the Town with Advanced Display Devices

Born on a grand scale, “HARUMI FLAG” boasts ample living space despite its location at the center of one of the world’s most densely populated cities. Infrastructure such as “Tokyo BRT” and a new multi-mobility station support efficient transit logistics, while Japan’s first energy management system comes equipped at all residential units. A number of Panasonic display devices are installed at the pavilion to effectively communicate the scale of the development as well as its appealing details.

    A large five-sided theater uses projectors to reproduce spacious lifestyle scenes on offer at “HARUMI FLAG” on the room’s walls, ceilings, and floors.

  • ACTIVE Zone
    Panasonic projectors and displays were installed in an area dedicated to introducing the distinctive “HARUMI FLAG” style of Tokyo living.

  • ACTIVE Zone

  • Multi-touch Wall
    Guests can discover the many charms of “HARUMI FLAG” via Panasonic touch-panel displays.

    Showrooms where live-action footage is reproduced on Panasonic displays.

    Harnessing the flexible performance of the Panasonic Space Player, this area introduces the “smart eco life” concept achieved with Ene-Farm residential fuel-cells and storage batteries equipped at all units, a Japan-first, together with HEMS.


Thanks to Panasonic’s Comprehensive Strength, an Unprecedented Presentation Has Become Reality

“HARUMI FLAG” is a new flagship project for urban lifestyle, so we thought our condominium sales center should offer an unprecedentedly novel presentation to introduce it. With Panasonic’s comprehensive strength gathering cutting-edge display devices, VR, and other technologies together, we could offer a brand-new experience people never had before, where the actual views are visualized and they can walk around the completed streetscapes in a VR environment. We hope to have a further, different presentation style for the Tower Block, which is to be completed in 2024. We have a high expectation for Panasonic’s ideas and technologies.

Mr. Yoichiro Takagi
Senior Project Manager
Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic
Athletes’ Village Department Promotion Group
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd.

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