Shimohana Logistics Co., Ltd. High-brightness laser projectors installed at the hall of the new headquarters building, which will become the command tower for the entire Group.Shimohana Logistics Co., Ltd. High-brightness laser projectors installed at the hall of the new headquarters building, which will become the command tower for the entire Group.

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Shimohana Logistics Co., Ltd.

Installed system:
Date of installation:
 March 2018
 Hiroshima, Japan

Providing comprehensive logistics services with the aim to be “No. 1 in Japan for food logistics”

Shimohana Logistics is a logistics company that provides “3PL (third party logistics)”, and consistent services from inventory management, sorting and shipping. They have accumulated achievements and know-how through a wide variety of food logistics, and have expanded our business to the Chugoku and Shikoku regions where the company’s headquarters is located, as well as the Kansai, Kyushu, Tokai and Tokyo metropolitan areas. In the “new 8-year plan” for 2025, they raised the vision to become “No. 1 in Japan for food logistics” and are working on further breakthroughs.


The new headquarters building that was completed in March 2018 (front) and the main building (back).

Background of System Installation

Selected based on brightness and definition that can support videoconferences with a 250-inch large screen

At Shimohana Logistics, they constructed a new building that has 2.5 times the total floor area of the main building at the adjoining site of the headquarters main building to respond to the business expansion. "With the concept of creating an environment where young people want to work and improving employee motivation, we have the best equipment available in the new building," said General Manager Fumitaka Sugo of the Administrative Department of the Administrative Headquarters. The hall located on the 5th floor of the new building will be used for events such as company events, group seminars and research sessions, as well as for broadcasting videoconferences and educational training connected with other sites. Five of Panasonic’s PT-RZ12K laser projectors were adopted as the visual equipment for this hall. When selecting the projector, one that could support a 250-inch large screen and project bright and fine images even when the lights were on was required. “We held demonstrations of projectors from various companies and compared them, but Panasonic’s projectors were outstanding in terms of the brightness and fineness of the images,” he added regarding the process of the selecting the model.

Introduction of the system

Enhanced videoconferences with realistic images

The hall that takes up the entire 5th floor of the new building has a capacity of approximately 200 people, and a 250-inch rolling screen has been installed by the window, with five PT-RZ12K projectors side by side. The floor can be divided into three separate rooms using the movable partition wall, and we assumed that the projectors can be used with a combination of three/one/one units and three/two units.
“For the weekly executive meetings, we use two projectors to hold a videoconference with the sales offices of various sites. We also hold a videoconference once a month using five screens that connects more than 40 sites, including the related companies.” The images of the videoconferences projected by the laser projectors with a high brightness of 12,000 lm and a high contrast ratio of 20000:1 are extremely dynamic, and “make the meetings more fulfilling than before.”

The five screens lined up in the hall. Powerful presentation videos were presented by linking the five screens at the company events and training sessions.

The laser source lets you use and store the projectors right away

For the previous videoconferences, lamp light source projectors in the main building were used. “We used to store the projectors in the main building in the ceiling using a lift when they were not being used, but it took time to cool them and in many cases it was left in the lowered state.” With a laser light source, the projectors can be quickly started and quickly stored after use. Furthermore, there was less deterioration in brightness and image quality even when they were used for a long period of time, and they could be operated maintenance-free for 20,000 hours. “We felt that laser light source was the best option for the projectors to be installed.”

During the Group’s general meetings, the partitions between the hall are opened and a videoconference is held using the five screens.

The hall can be divided into separate rooms using the movable partition wall and be used according to the application.

The projectors are installed on the lift, and the ceiling is flat when they are not used.

The features of the laser projectors, which can be quickly turned on or off, are utilized to maintain the aesthetic of the hall.

The layout of the 5th floor hall in the new building.

After the installation

We wish to use them for company PR and regional contributions

In short, the projectors were better than we imagined. We hadn't initially planned on arranging all of the screens by the five windows, but by setting up five screens it made the videoconferences extremely realistic and we were able to provide powerful images during events such as the welcoming ceremonies. Also, we will continue to consider using the projectors for our company’s PR and regional events to the outside by directly projecting the images on the windows rather than onto a screen.

Shimohana Logistics Co., Ltd.
Administrative Headquarters, Administrative Department
General Manager
Fumitaka Sugo

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