Delivering the feel of playing on a real golf course with bright and vivid image quality.Delivering the feel of playing on a real golf course with bright and vivid image quality.

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Matsuyama Showroom

Installed system:
Date of installation:
 December 2022
 Shikoku area, Japan


Creating a space that delivers the thrills of playing on a real golf course with bright and vivid image quality, within the limitations of installation condition restrictions.


Installed an LCD laser projector with high brightness of 7,000 lm in a lightweight, compact body.

This projector is compact and can be installed in confined spaces. The image produced is bright and vivid, and we are extremely satisfied with the greens and blues.

Masaru Ikeda,

Showroom Where Customers Can Try a Golf Simulator

Inside this showroom located on Kukodori street in Matsuyama City, there are two simulator booths where customers can play and experience the functionality and usability for themselves. In addition, audio equipment is in place, so the booths can also be used as theater rooms to test out the projectors for non-golf purposes.

  6-17-2 Kukodori, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime, Japan

The company’s Chugoku-Shikoku base is easily accessible on Kukodori street in Matsuyama City.

Background of System Installation

Indoor Golf Simulator with the Top Domestic Market Share

GOLFLAND CORPORATION, one of the top companies in its industry, is engaged in diverse business ranging from development and sales of top-performing domestic golf simulators such as the JoyGolf series to establishment and operation of various sports facilities and provision of consulting services.

The company uses approximately 300 Panasonic projectors per year for its golf simulator video equipment needs, and for this project, GOLFLAND chose the lightweight, compact, high-brightness (7,000 lm) PT-VMZ71J LCD laser projector for its Matsuyama Showroom, which is the base of operations for the Chugoku-Shikoku region.

Reasons for System Installation

Overwhelming Brightness in a Surprisingly Compact Body

In addition to facilities such as driving ranges and golf bars, there have been increasing numbers of installations in private homes and corporate welfare facilities following the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. This product is being increasingly adopted for various uses such as theater projection.

“Up until now, we mainly used LCD projectors in the 4,000–5,000 lm brightness range, considering factors such as light weight, compact size, and projection distance. Although the high-quality colors were already well-received by our customers, the 7,000 lm achieved by the newly installed PT-VMZ71J was a surprisingly large increase in brightness. We are especially likely to recommend this model to people who want to use the projector not only for golf but also home theater applications.” (GOLFLAND CORPORATION’s Mr. Ikeda) This comment shows how highly the vividness of the projected image is appreciated.

Effects Achieved by System Installation

Stress-Free Installation and Satisfying Image Quality

Due to the characteristics of a golf simulator, installation space is often limited, and a screen approximately 3 meters high and 3.7–4.0 meters wide is required. For this reason, projectors with a short throw distance are needed, and the projection position must be corrected carefully to minimize the shadows of users, sensors, and other objects on the screen. “The PT-VMZ71J is compact and can be installed in confined spaces, plus it’s easy to perform screen adjustment such as keystone correction.” (Ikeda)

The experience features thrilling images that recreate actual courses in detail and the simulator also displays detailed text with information about your play and form. “The showroom is a bright environment, but the image is still bright and vivid. We are extremely satisfied with the vibrance of colors such as green and blue. The small text is also easy to read, so using it is stress free.” (Ikeda)

The image is projected from the right side to limit shadows cast on the screen by players and peripheral equipment. Screen adjustment is performed using tools such as keystone correction.

Detailed form check graphics and text are displayed clearly.

Two screens are set up in the showroom and visitors can use them to try out all of the company’s golf simulation products.

Reduced Maintenance Burden with a Laser Light Source

When operated at a store or driving range, projectors are often run continuously until closing time, and the low maintenance and high durability of laser light sources are highly appreciated in these situations. “Of course it’s great to not have to replace the lamp. There’s also less decrease in color saturation, and long-term continuous operation is great to have. With so many people swinging, dust is inevitable, so the lower filter replacement frequency is a lifesaver.” (Ikeda)

The company also appreciates the Direct Power Off function provided by the laser light source, which allows them to turn the power off immediately after playing.

The PT-VMZ71J achieves 7,000 lm brightness in a compact design and weighs just 7.0 kg (15.43 lbs).

The PT-VX430J lamp model is also installed.

Future Developments

Express the Appeal of the Product to More Customers

“Moving forward, we will expand our golf simulator line, increase the precision of our products, and create something that can be applied for pro use as well. Alongside these efforts, as our products break into the general family household market and e-Sports golf becomes increasingly familiar, we plan to offer combined usage such as home theater that whole families can enjoy together. To achieve this, I hope to not only develop the functionality of our own products but also continue to focus on the details in our projector selections, expressing the appeal of this technology to more customers in an easy-to-understand way.” (Ikeda)

Masaru Ikeda

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