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Installed :
September 2016
Supplier :
Hokushin Eiden Corporation, Panasonic System Solutions Japan Company

Celebrating 100 years as one of Japan’s preeminent educational institutions, Yasuda Women's University and Yasuda Women’s College recently expanded to accommodate seven departments offering 12 courses and three graduate programs. Guided by the motto “firm yet tender spirit”, it continues to foster women in forging successful careers. Panasonic partnered with Yasuda Women’s University and Yasuda Women’s College to create environments that support self-learning and collaboration “on a scale never before seen in Japan”. These renewal projects surrounded the school’s centenary with completion of 9th Building in 2007, 5th Building in 2014, and 1st Building in 2016.

1st Building was completed August 2016 following the institution's 100th anniversary.

Solutions That Motivate: Visual Dynamism Inspires Self-learning in Bright, Open Spaces

When entering 1st Building, visitors are overwhelmed by the bright and open ambience of the arcade. Administrators had a vision to transform this common area into “the most utilized for learning in all of Japan”. Throughout the space, self-study “workboxes”, and an area given to major presentations, contribute to an atmosphere of productivity while motivating students to engage. Presentation Field is a focal point, with no doors and open plan accommodating semi-enclosed booths that allow students to study independently while remaining connected to the room. The area equips two Panasonic PT-DW11K projectors with ET-D75LE90 ultra-short-throw lenses to deliver 32:10 aspect pictures across a single extra-wide screen. “With no doors, students can still hear information from the presentations, and it’s easy for them to participate,” says Mr. Keiji Ogawa, Director of Facility Department. Elsewhere at Yasuda Women’s University, a Molding Design Department was added to Department of Domestic Science in April 2016. Five 80-inch Panasonic LFV50 Series displays form a 165-inch video wall in the elevator hall; a space that’s evolved into a showcase for students’ work. Mr. Ryuji Higashida, Manager of Facilities Department Reinsurance Division, comments: “Professors were surprised at how easy the screens are to view even in sunlight, and how trouble-free they’ve been under continuous operation.” These Panasonic pro displays were selected for brightness, functionality, and excellent longevity.

Fifth-floor arcade is spacious and brightly lit. Presentation Field area is visible in the background.

Versatile Design Promotes Participation with Ultra-Short-Throw Lenses and Easy Operation

To meet client specification for the largest screen size possible, Panasonic chose a long wall in Presentation Field as a projection surface. But with just 4.7 m (15.5 ft.) between front-row seats and screen, fixed lenses weren’t practical due to shadowing by the presenter. Panasonic solved the problem with ET-D75LE90 ultra-short-throw lenses fitted to dual-lamp PT-DW11K projectors concealed in a ceiling niche above the screen. With edge blending, large 32:10 aspect multi-projector images are made possible, or alternatively, a single 180-inch image. “It’s easy to switch between images at the push of a button, while high brightness provides clear pictures in the bright conditions,” said Mr. Higashida. “The dual-lamp design means video presentation is not interrupted even if a lamp is down.” Mr. Higashida noted that other brands could not meet these requirements in the same way as Panasonic. Students have embraced the new Presentation Field to hold seminars and to create theater projections.

  • Dual projectors are used to display a variety of extra-wide 32:10 image content, including media for future fashion shows staged during the campus festival.

  • Projecting different content side-by-side is also possible, including employing one screen as a whiteboard workspace.

  • Edge blending function can compose a single seamless 180-inch image at the screen’s center.

  • Two PT-DW11Ks equipped with ET-D75LE90 lenses.

  • Control panel in a cabinet changes projection method with one switch.

Five 80-inch TH-80LF50J displays exploit large screen area and high 700 cd/m2 brightness to punch through bright ambient light from skylights and windows.
The visitor reception area provides an ideal location to showcase the work of students completing the molding design course.

Displays Facilitate Smooth Group Collaboration

Nine unique workboxes, each set at different elevations to provide privacy from adjacent booths, allow students to collaborate in small groups. Based on the popularity of these spaces in 9th Building, the scheme was also introduced to 1st Building. “We came up with the idea based on the sophisticated image of IT company floor layouts,” explains Mr. Ogawa. Each box includes a TH-43LFE8J display and is set up to mirror content from notebook computers, allowing groups to work on tasks together or practice presentations.
A custom cable box streamlines connection to personal devices, and the booths are proving even more popular with students than expected.
Reservation information is indicated on a display at the entrance to the room, and occupancy status is automatically shown when the displays are in use.

A single 40-inch TH-43LFE8J display is installed in all nine booths.

  • Laptop PCs can mirror content on the displays.

  • Control box is installed under the display for easy operation.

  • Reservation and booth occupancy status information is shown on a TH-43LFE8J at the room entrance.

High-brightness Display Beats Direct Sunlight in Southside Lecture Room

Panasonic displays and projectors handle different roles in a south-facing lecture hall at Yasuda Women’s University. The high brightness and energy efficiency of the TH-80LF50J display, which is used a digital blackboard, remains visible with the blinds open despite being on an upper level and exposed to direct sunlight. “We installed the TH-80LF50J high-brightness display in the south-side room,” explains Mr. Owaga. “We wanted to provide clear pictures while keeping the room naturally bright and comfortable”. Mr. Ogawa says that professors are satisfied with the ease of writing while students can copy notes easily thanks to clear text legibility.

High brightness and large panel size makes the TH-80LF50J display an ideal choice for handling strong natural light in a south-facing lecture room.

Laser Projection in North-facing Lecture Hall
Streamlines Operation and Improves Efficiency

For the north-facing lecture space, administrators again chose Panasonic laser based on positive experience with previous laser projector installation in one of the university’s lecture halls. According to Mr. Higashida, “We introduced laser projectors to 9th Building during its renewal. User feedback showed high satisfaction with the instant startup and shutdown capability, and the fact that students seated at the back could see the images on screen better thanks to high brightness. We introduced 23 Panasonic PT-RZ670JW SOLID SHINE Laser units in the 1st Building lecture room as well.” Where lamp projectors take time to warm up before projection, in some cases longer than a recess break, Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser projectors commence operation almost immediately. This saves time and energy. Further, the same console is used to control both display and projector for convenience.

Multi-screen images from PT-RZ670JW SOLID SHINE Laser projectors are clearly viewed from all angles.

DIGITAL LINK Assures a Clean and Compact Install

After consulting with Panasonic, administrators decided to employ a DIGITAL LINK ET-YFB200G Switcher in 1st Building. Based on HDBaseT™, the switcher transmits plural video input sources at up to 1080p via a single LAN (CAT 5e) cable over long distances together with audio and control signals. As well as practical considerations, such as cost savings on cable, easier installation, and unified integration, DIGITAL LINK allows for a neater install so the interior design aesthetic of the classroom is preserved. “When video and audio cables are connected separately, it increases the potential for problems,” says Mr. Higashida. “Since adopting DIGITAL LINK, we’ve experienced no issues at all with the projectors in 1st Building or 9th Building.”

  • All cabling, including video, audio, and control commands, is integrated into a single LAN cable.

  • A simple console offers control of all visual devices in the lecture room.

  • ET-YFB200G inside the console routes signals from connected source devices to displays.

Interactive Panasonic Video Wall Outshines
Competitive Projectors in Main Lecture Hall

The successful deployment of Panasonic products at Yasuda Women’s College played a significant role in the administration’s decision to again choose Panasonic as its primary partner in providing state-of-the-art visual systems at new facilities. In fact, products Panasonic installed in 2014 are still going strong. Nine high-brightness TH-55LFV50J panels in a daisy-chained video-wall configuration continue to deliver outstanding performance in the large lecture hall in 5th Building, where the 165-inch multi-screen installation serves as the primary visual tool. Prior to installing the Panasonic video wall, it was necessary to close the curtains in the south-facing room against the sun in order to project content. These high 800 cd/m2 panels, however, deliver clearly visible pictures without darkening the room. With ultra-narrow bezels for near seamless large-format images, and connected to a console for interactive use, the video wall serves as a giant whiteboard for lecturers.

  • The video wall delivers excellent visibility in bright light in the south-facing lecture hall.

  • Interactive capability allows the video wall to function as a whiteboard connected to a digital writing pad, or video display capable of Full HD video playback.

The video wall delivers excellent visibility
in bright light in the south-facing lecture hall.

Interactive capability allows the video wall to function as a whiteboard connected to a digital writing pad,
or video display capable of Full HD video playback.


“Yasuda Women’s University has taken initiative to work on improving the educational environment with a view towards the future. We aspired to make the best learning commons in Japan, not just for its size, but also for its efficacy. And looking at the situation in each facility, and the equipment being used by people, we think it is becoming a reality.

“We chose from a vast variety of Panasonic products based on not only high picture quality, but also on usability. We hope that the students utilize these facilities not only on weekdays, but also on open-campus holidays, and hope those facilities will provide opportunities for students to grow their creativity through encounters with friends, books, technology, and business.”

Keiji Ogawa

Keiji Ogawa

Yasuda Women's University,
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Ryuji Higashida

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