Creating next-generation learning environments with superior-quality video systems, adapting to a variety of class types and study stylesCreating next-generation learning environments with superior-quality video systems, adapting to a variety of class types and study styles

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Juntendo University Sakura Campus

Installed system:
 Video systems for universities
Date of installation:
 April 2021
 Chiba, Japan


To take the construction of a new building as an opportunity to set up easy-to-use classrooms adapted to a variety of class types


Creating high-quality learning environments equipped with highly visible DLP™ projectors and LCD displays, which can easily be seen from any seat in the classroom. Adapting to a diversity of class types with
next-generation video and image display systems

Since installing this system, we are able to offer a wider range of classes and give students even greater access to learning.

Juntendo University, Sakura Campus

One of Japan’s leading health universities

Juntendo University was established in 1838, as the oldest school of Western medical education in Japan. In 1951, it established the Faculty of Physical Education (currently the Faculty of Health and Sports Science). In its over 70 years of history since then, the university has been educating and training many students as a “health university” supporting health from both aspects of medicine and sports.

1-1 Hiraka-gakuendai, Inzai-shi, Chiba (Sakura Campus)

New building at the Sakura Campus of Juntendo University

Background of System Installation

Construction of a new building that is adaptable to a variety of
class types

The Sakura Campus of Juntendo University opened in 1988, as a learning and training place for students of the Faculty of Health and Sports Science. Initially, the annual admissions quota was set at around 140 students; however, the number of students grew each year as the faculty became more popular. The new semester quota increased to about 600 students, and it became clear there weren’t enough classrooms on the campus. Also, the existing classrooms were built for lecture-style classes, and therefore they weren’t really suited to active learning-style classes. So in April 2021, as a new symbol of the Sakura Campus, the university constructed a new building that is adaptable to a variety of class types.This massive eight-story building has a variety of small and large classrooms, each equipped with the latest AV systems.

Reasons for System Installation

High-definition projectors and displays to enhance
class comprehension

With the construction of this new building, the university selected Panasonic systems to install in all the eight classrooms from the third to fifth floors. The classrooms are equipped with DLP™ projectors, which have excellent durability and superior picture quality. The university also selected LCD displays in a variety of sizes to suit the scale of each classroom, with the aim of enhancing class comprehension. Hideyuki Nakazawa, of the General Affairs Section at the Sakura Campus, comments: “After comparing the systems of various companies, we selected Panasonic systems as they matched the type of classes we were aiming for. We needed projectors with particularly high functionality for use in large lecture halls, and honestly, we were surprised by how visible, clear and vivid the images on screen were—even from the seats furthest back.”

Effects Achieved by System Installation

Large lecture hall also suitable for hybrid-style classes, with screens visible from any seat

In Juntendo University’s numerous medical departments, it is important for students to be able to learn by looking at real images of muscles, blood, and other parts of the human body as they are. So the university has long recognized and appreciated the high-quality color reproducibility of DLP™ projectors. All the classrooms in this new building are equipped with DLP™ projectors, so that students can have the best possible learning environment. Installed in the large lecture hall that seats 740 people are 20,000 lm high-brightness 3-chip DLP™ projectors that project images onto a 200-inch black screen with captivating clarity and visibility. On the left and right of the hall are eight LCD displays with minimal reflective glare, so that students can easily see the images on them from any angle. Recently, many hybrid-style classes are being conducted by combining online and face-to-face learning. Thanks to the high-definition images shown by the projectors, instead of sharing materials via a PC screen, the lecturers only need to send the video and images of the entire class. The students will be able to clearly see the materials projected onto the screen. This also lets students studying at home feel like they are learning in a face-to-face, real classroom environment. Professor Hidefumi Waki comments, “A problem with hybrid-style classes is that both sides tend to be focused on and talking to the PC screen, which makes it difficult to communicate to students in face-to-face learning. In this classroom, I can simply send the students the video and images of the entire class, giving both students online and in the classroom equal access to a high-quality learning experience.”

Using the PT-RZ21K 3-Chip DLP™ Laser Projectors, images are projected onto two black screens set up on the left and right at the front of the large lecture hall. Focusing on audio quality as well, the lecture hall is also equipped with high-quality sound RAMSA line-array speakers and ceiling speakers.

PT-RZ21K 3-Chip DLP™ Laser Projector installed in the ceiling of the large lecture hall

Eight TH-65EQ1 65-inch 4K UHD LCD Displays are installed in the large lecture hall

Table for operating the AV equipment in the large lecture hall. Enables centralized control of audio and visual functions, including switching between the two and sending video and images of the classes using the HD Visual Communication System.

Training room equipped with two PT-RZ690 1-Chip DLP™ Laser Projectors and six TH-55SF2 55-inch Full High Vision LCD Displays

Training rooms for lively learning and instant sharing of contents

In the training rooms that seat between 100–200 people, the university installed PressIT, the Wireless Presentation System that allows users to easily share their screens by just connecting it to a PC and pressing a button. Until now, lecturers were only able to move around the classroom as far as the projector cable reached. With PressIT, they are now able to send materials wirelessly, and conduct lectures without worrying about cable lengths. There is also no need to install drivers, so PressIT can easily and quickly be used by guest lecturers and for student presentations as well.

The PressIT Wireless Presentation System installed in the training room. A PC screen can be shared on a projector and display, simply by connecting it to a PC and pressing a button. Compact and portable, it can easily be taken to different classrooms.

PT-FRZ50 1-Chip DLP™ Laser Projector installed in a 70-seat classroom

The entrance signage uses the massive 98-inch TH-98SQ1 LCD Display

Comments from the Teaching and Administrative Staff

A wider range of classes, in well-equipped classrooms that
enhance learning

From the selection of equipment to delivery, the people at Panasonic came to see us as many times as needed so they could really understand our ideas and propose solutions and improvements. Now we have classrooms equipped with a variety of functions that are new to the Sakura Campus. Thanks to this system, we are now able to offer a substantially wider range of classes; I think this will give students even greater access to learning. We are very much looking forward to seeing so many students gathered in the new building, learning in such well-equipped classrooms.

Hidefumi Waki (left in photo)

Professor Ph.D (Medicine)
Physiology Laboratory, Graduate School of Health and Sports Science
Juntendo University

Hideyuki Nakazawa (right in photo)

General Affairs Section, Sakura Campus, Juntendo University

Note: Affiliation at time of delivery.

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