Grande Centre Point Space PattayaGrande Centre Point Space Pattaya


Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya

Installed system:
 Projection mapping
Date of installation:
 September 2022
 Pattaya, Thailand


Transform the exterior of a themed hotel into an iconic landmark using high-brightness projection mapping over a kinetic façade.


Engage global technology partner Panasonic to co-create the attraction by providing Native 4K projection equipment, consultation services, and on-site support.

People in Pattaya can see the projection mapping from in front of the hotel or from a distance. It completes us as a space hotel and reflects a futuristic world.

Mesinee Kaewratri,
Vice President Marketing & Communication,
LH Mall & Hotel Co., Ltd.

The First-Ever PT-RQ50K Deployed in SE Asia Revitalizes a Space-Themed Hotel with Dynamic Projection Mapping

Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya is a themed hotel and entertainment complex in Pattaya, Thailand. As the country’s only space-themed hotel, operators wanted to revitalize its distinctive space-shuttle-shaped structure as a landmark attraction. “We needed a trendy and fascinating technology,” says Mesinee Kaewratri, Vice President of Marketing & Communication at LH Mall & Hotel Co., Ltd. “That’s why we brought in projection mapping. The projector that best portrayed our work was Panasonic’s PT-RQ50K. Panasonic sent a team of experts to create the spectacular together.”

With 50,000 lm1 and Native 4K resolution, PT-RQ50K uses state-of-the-art technology to project vibrant images over the hotel’s façade, which includes a kinetic wall comprising 30,000 perforated metal pieces that move in the wind. A single PT-RQ50K—protected against the salty air with an anti-corrosion treatment—covers the entire projection surface and maintains high definition even on shiny metal pieces. “When we saw what the projector did, the color was visually stunning,” said Ms. Kaewratri. “It completes us as a space hotel and reflects the futuristic world.”

1 Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2012 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped.

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