Discover the world of illustrated encyclopedias in an immersive and interactive museumeDiscover the world of illustrated encyclopedias in an immersive and interactive museum

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Huaxia Ecological Civilization Museum

Installed system:
 Projection mapping
 Weihai, China

Using the “new exotic” technical means of “immersion in the scene, roaming in the scenery,” combining the exhibition with the experience, while reproducing the ecological restoration process of Huaxia City from the ruins of the mines to the lucid waters and lush mountains, and from the lucid waters and lush mountains to the mountains of gold. This successful case of the ecological restoration of Huaxia City is used to better interpret the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and to demonstrate the vivid practice of Weihai’s ecological establishment and green development.

Mine Adventure

Dark Ride

The Mine Adventure tells such a story that the formerly abandoned mines in the past have now become China’s No. 1 city for ecological and
environmental protection.

The Mine Adventure Dark Ride Experience Project integrates technologies such as 4D stereoscopic movies, rail cars, disaster simulation, simulated scenery, virtual interaction, special effects, etc., allowing visitors to ride the rail mine car, follow the storyline to start an adventure, and experience the harsh environment and ecological crisis of the mine in an environment combining virtual and real scenes at that time.

Projected on 7 display screens in the form of passive stereo using 16 sets of 8,000-lumen Panasonic LCD laser projector PT-SMZ77C. Single display
size: 6 × 9.6 meters.

Wings of Weihai

Virtual Roller Coaster

After experiencing the adventure in the mine, board the virtual roller coaster “Wings of Weihai,” and complete a scenic journey straight into the sky and the bottom of the sea.

Create a virtual roller coaster “Wings of Weihai.” Visitors put on stereoscopic glasses and ride in a specially designed spaceship with Weihai elements, shuttle between the real decorative scenes and the three-dimensional virtual images formed by the screen, head up into the sea, dive and glide in the undulating and rotating virtual orbit, while experiencing the scenery of mountains and the sea, urban landmarks, characteristic scenic spots and other urban features
of Weihai.

Using 6 sets of 8,000-lumen Panasonic system engineering projector PT-SMZ77C, with each group of 2 sets to superimpose passive 3D images, totaling
3 groups for fusion. The size of the single-screen image is about 8 x 5 meters, the arc screen is 5.2 meters high, 0.8 meters above the ground, 11 meters in diameter, at an angle of 180° and 1 meter horizontally on both sides.

Flying over China

Flying Cinema

The “Flying over China” dome theater, which uses a 25-meter-diameter hemispherical screen with a dimension of 162° and an overall tilt of 90 degrees. With 96 sets of movable seats, it can not only show IMAX film movies and 8K digital movies, but also demonstrate celestial bodies, a real-time digital starry sky, and display astronomical phenomena such as solar and lunar eclipses and moon phase changes. The “Flying Over China” dome theater adopts the most advanced vertical dome theater system, with a screen diameter of 25 meters, creating a full sense of immersion.

In the film, the mascot designed by Jindong Digital Creative Co., ltd. for Huaxia City, Shen Long Xiao Wei, is used as a guide to lead viewers into experiencing a fantasy journey across land, sea and air, delivering a thrilling feast for the senses to the citizens of Weihai. Weaving in and out of the scenic Huaxia city.

The system uses 8 sets of 12,000-lumen Panasonic projectors PT-SRZ12KC in a 5+3 format fusion.

The high levels of brightness, color reproduction and stability of Panasonic projectors, as well as the high-quality service of the professional technical team behind the project, have won high praise from many customers both home and abroad. As a cutting-edge brand in the projector industry, Panasonic projectors have an extensive lineup of products and accessories for large event openings, stage performances, system command and control, art gallery exhibitions, night lighting, etc. In the future, the Panasonic projector team will launch more high-end products to complement your projects.

Equipment installed

  • PT-SMZ77C
  • PT-SRZ12KC