Meet Ancient Shu Immersive Light and Shadow Art Exhibition of SanxingduiMeet Ancient Shu Immersive Light and Shadow Art Exhibition of Sanxingdui

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Meet Ancient Shu Immersive Light and Shadow Art Exhibition of Sanxingdui

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A chance discovery has brought the Bronze Age Sanxingdui archaeological site to the forefront, unveiling the mysterious world of the ancient Shu Kingdom from 3,000 years ago. Among the priceless treasures unearthed at the Sanxingdui archaeological site are extraordinary artifacts that stand as unparalleled masterpieces of ancient Shu culture. These include the Large Bronze Standing Figures, Bronze Masks, and the remarkable Bronze Tree. Each of these artifacts is truly one-of-a-kind, a testament to the pinnacle of ancient craftsmanship and artistry.


Through light and shadow science and technology, the mysterious Sanxingdui and the ancient Shu civilization are recreated, and the fusion of modern science and technology with traditional culture takes us back in time to the ancient Shu Kingdom of 3000 years ago.


The highly anticipated "Meet Ancient Shu Immersive Light and Shadow Art Exhibition of Sanxingdui" has opened in Nanjing. Utilizing the latest cutting-edge digital projection technology, this exhibition brings to life the social development, ceremonial rituals, and nature worship of the Sanxingdui civilization. Experience a captivating voyage through history to the ancient Shu city and the mysterious Bronze Age culture. Immerse yourself in an interactive world of mesmerizing sound and light. Travel back three millennia to unravel the secrets of the ancient Shu culture!


In the interactive zone, we've incorporated projector interactive motion sensing technology. Visitors can use fixed-point identification to generate lifelike mirror reflections of themselves interacting with ancient Shu bronze artifacts, creating a unique connection between individuals, historical artifacts, and the play of light and shadows! With every movement you make corresponding to the graceful dance of ancient Shu figures, it is as if you are awakening precious treasures that have been slumbering for three millennia. Two Panasonic Projectors PT-FRQ100C faithfully reproduce the movements and details of the figures on the wall, showcasing the profound intricacies of patterns and textures.

Enter the captivating realm of the exhibition, where state-of-the-art technology and artistic innovation come together to unveil the enchanting mysteries of the ancient Shu civilization. With immersive digital interactive environments and cutting-edge audiovisual encounters, Panasonic projectors vividly bring to life the profound cultural legacy of the Sanxingdui civilization.

Within the approximately 300 square meters of space, a total of 16 Panasonic Projectors PT-FRQ100C with a brightness of 10,000 lumens were employed to create this experience. This setup created a projection space encompassing walls, floors, and screens, weaving together a captivating and awe-inspiring representation of ancient Shu culture.

From its origins and development to its zenith, the Sanxingdui civilization has always been steeped in profound mystery. It forged connections with diverse regions while preserving its distinctive veil, rendering it an authentically mysterious and enthralling civilization. At the exhibition, visitors can explore realistic depictions of production and daily life, providing insights into the abundant material life of the Sanxingdui civilization. Additionally, they can immerse themselves in sacred ritual settings and witness a distinctive system of divine authority, showcasing the splendid and fantastical spiritual world of the Sanxingdui people.

Furthermore, natural elements like trees, mountains, and the sun are depicted in abstract forms, collectively portraying the mythical world of ancient Shu. The bronze sacred tree is connected to the thriving earth, coexisting and growing with the underground civilization buried for millennia. A divine bird soars between the picturesque mountains and water scenery of ancient Shu. A total of 14 Panasonic Projectors PT-FRQ100C are employed for seamless wall and floor projections. Leveraging the built-in projection fusion feature of Panasonic Projectors, these integrated images deliver exceptional color uniformity and intricate detailing, effectively captivating the visual senses of visitors.

There is also the grand and solemn sacrificial scene, with sequentially lit lamps illuminating the temple, casting a radiant glow throughout the space. Atop the altar, the priest stands, presenting his heartfelt devotion to the divine authority. At the climax, a ray of divine light shines upon the ritual objects, resembling a blazing flame, as they are ceremoniously incinerated and integrated back into the earth. The Panasonic Projectors PT-FRQ100C feature Rich Color Harmonizer technology, significantly enhancing color reproduction. This remarkable color performance enhances the creation of a magnificent color aesthetic, intensifying the vibrancy of reds and the brilliance of golds.

Two gauze projection screens hang in the space, with two Panasonic Projectors PT-FRQ100C adding vibrant colors to them. The semi-transparency of the screens enhances the already fantastical scene, adding an ethereal touch. This otherworldly sight leaves a lasting and unforgettable impression.

In "Meet Ancient Shu Immersive Light and Shadow Art Exhibition of Sanxingdui," the presentation of the ancient Shu civilization is a perfect fusion of projection mapping technology with artistry. Panasonic Projectors infuse the technological prowess of digital imagery into this captivating journey across three millennia, enabling the audience to fully immerse themselves in the world of our ancient Shu forebears. Through this immersive experience, visitors can delve into exceptional artistic imagination and creativity while uncovering the enigmatic secrets of the Sanxingdui civilization. This innovative technology facilitates the expansion of culture into a more diverse and engaging dimension.

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