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Global Case Study

As of May 22, 2024
Sector Name of Customer Product Country PDF HTML Movie
Automotive Luxury Automaker CF-20, CF-54 USA -
Automotive Noregon CF-54, CF-33, CF-20 USA -
Automotive Vichine FZ-G1, CF-20 USA - -
Automotive DEKRA FZ-M1 France - -
Automotive Manitou FZ-G1 France - -
Automotive Raskone FZ-T1 Finland -
Automotive AA (Automobile Association) FZ-G1 UK -
Automotive Automotive manufacturer FZ-M1 UK -
Automotive Formula Ford FZ-M1 UK - -
Automotive KTM-Sportmotorcycle CF-D1, CF-19 Austria - -
Automotive AIS Inc. CF-20 Japan - -
Field Sales/Field Service Alban CAT CF-31, CF-53 USA - -
Field Sales/Field Service Batson-Cook Construction CF-33 USA -
Field Sales/Field Service Geophysical Survey Systems (GSSI) FZ-G1, FZ-M1 USA -
Field Sales/Field Service Regiscope FZ-N1 USA -
Field Sales/Field Service Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs CF-33 Germany
Field Sales/Field Service Bayerische Staatsforsten FZ-G1 Germany -
Field Sales/Field Service Skanska FZ-G1 Poland -
Field Sales/Field Service Veikkaus FZ-G1 Finland - -
Field Sales/Field Service Guideline Geo MALÅ FZ-A3 Sweden - -
Field Sales/Field Service Søndergaard Salg & Anlæg FZ-A3 Denmark
Field Sales/Field Service Hoover FZ-M1 UK -
Field Sales/Field Service Konica Minolta FZ-G1 UK - -
Field Sales/Field Service NHBC FZ-M1 UK -
Field Sales/Field Service Ocado FZ-M1 UK - -
Field Sales/Field Service PHS Compliance FZ-N1 UK
Field Sales/Field Service Siemens CF-20 UK
Field Sales/Field Service Kibag Bauleistungen FZ-G2 Switzerland
Field Sales/Field Service ROSEN Group FZ-40 Switzerland -
Field Sales/Field Service Global Tech Group FZ-G1 Australia - -
Field Sales/Field Service Fulton Hogan FZ-G1 New Zealand
Field Sales/Field Service Kajima Corporation FZ-M1 Japan - -
Government Environment Agency CF-19, CF-20 UK - -
Government Central Hawke's Bay District Council (CHBDC) FZ-G1 New Zealand - -
Government Tauranga City Council FZ-G1 New Zealand - -
Healthcare AltaMed Health Services FZ-X1 USA
Healthcare Saint Luke's Hospital CF-52, CF-54 USA -
Healthcare St. Tammany Parish Fire District #4 CF-20, CF-33 USA -
Healthcare Statewide Transfer Ambulance & Rescue (STAR) FZ-G2 USA
Healthcare LifeLabs FZ-55 CANADA -
Healthcare Thornhill Medical FZ-G1, FZ-G2 CANADA -
Healthcare Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham FZ-M1 UK -
Healthcare 118 Brindisi FZ-G1 Italy - -
Healthcare Wit-Gele Kruis Antwerp FZ-G1 Belgium
Healthcare Axira FZ-G2 Netherlands
Healthcare Paramedics in Sweden FZ-G1, FZ-M1 Sweden
Healthcare Samariten Ambulance FZ-G2 Sweden -
Healthcare Trelleborg Emergency Services FZ-G1 Sweden -
Healthcare Medical Rescue Service of Hradec Králové Region (ZZS KHK) FZ-G2 Czech -
Healthcare South Moravia Regional Emergency Medical Services FZ-G1 Czech -
Healthcare AKUT CF-20 Turkey - -
Healthcare Mediceo FZ-N1 Japan - -
Healthcare Sugimoto Veterinary Clinic FZ-G1 Japan -
Public Safety South Australia Police FZ-G1 Australia - -
Public Safety Hitachi City Fire Department FZ-M1 Japan - -
Public Safety Alameda County Sheriff's Office CF-31, FZ-G1 USA -
Public Safety Eaton County FZ-G1 USA -
Public Safety Guam Fire Department CF-19, FZ-G1 USA -
Public Safety Hialeah Fire Department CF-33 USA -
Public Safety Houston Fire Department FZ-G1 USA -
Public Safety Indianapolis Fire Department FZ-G1, CF-31, CF-53 USA - -
Public Safety Miami-Dade County Public Schools Police Department CF-31, CF-U1, FZ-G1 USA - -
Public Safety Mishawaka Police Department CF-33 USA -
Public Safety Morganton Department of Public Safety FZ-G1, CF-33 USA -
Public Safety Phoenix Police Department CF-33 USA - -
Public Safety Poudre Fire Authority FZ-G1 USA -
Public Safety Roswell Police Department CF-31, CF-20, CF-54 USA -
Public Safety Slidell Police Department FZ-55 USA -
Public Safety Survivor Truck CF-31, FZ-G1 USA -
Public Safety Trinidad Police
Canon Police
Grants Office
CF-33 USA -
Public Safety Urban Shield 2014 CF-19, CF-31, CF-53, CF-C2 USA -
Public Safety Wyoming Highway Patrol FZ-G1 USA - -
Public Safety Ottawa Police Service CF-33 CANADA -
Public Safety Missing People FZ-G2 Sweden -
Public Safety Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service CF-D1, FZ-G1 UK -
Public Safety City of London Police FZ-M1 UK -
Public Safety Cheshire Constabulary FZ-M1 UK -
Public Safety Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service CF-33 UK -
Public Safety Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service CF-33 UK
Public Safety Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service CF-33 UK -
Public Safety Hertfordshire Police FZ-G1 UK - -
Public Safety Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service CF-33 UK -
Public Safety San Jose mine CF-U1, CF-29, CF-31 Chile - -
Public Safety Brno Metropolitan Police FZ-M1 Czech
Public Safety Sandefjord Fire Brigade FZ-G1 Norway
Transportation Oak Harbor Freight Lines FZ-T1 USA -
Transportation Buckeye Mountain CF-33 USA -
Transportation Total Armored Car Service FZ-N1 USA -
Transportation Transport Bourassa FZ-G1 CANADA -
Transportation Belgian Railways (NMBS) FZ-M1 Belgium
Transportation EXMAR Ship Management FZ-G1 Belgium -
Transportation Katoen Natie FZ-M1 Belgium -
Transportation Dynalogic FZ-M1 Netherlands - -
Transportation Raben Group FZ-N1 Netherlands
Transportation VR Group (Finnish Railways) FZ-G1 Finland - -
Transportation Contship FZ-M1 ITALY -
Transportation Interporto Padova FZ-G1 ITALY - -
Transportation Boucard Emballages CF-33 France - -
Transportation Fjord1 FZ-M1 Norway
Transportation DP World CF-33, CF-20, FZ-G1 UK
Transportation SCG Yamato Express FZ-N1 Thailand -
Transportation Thai Airways FZ-G1, CF-31, CF-AX2 Thailand - -
Transportation Airport Transport Service CF-30, CF-31 Japan -
Transportation Japan Pallet Rental (JPR) FZ-M1, FZ-G1 Japan - -
Utility/Telecom Eastern Propane & Oil FZ-G1 USA
Utility/Telecom Force 5 FZ-G1 USA -
Utility/Telecom Gainesville Regional Utilities CF-20, CF-54 USA -
Utility/Telecom SeekOps FZ-G1 USA -
Utility/Telecom Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative CF-30, CF-31 USA -
Utility/Telecom Circet FZ-G1 Belgium
Utility/Telecom GAZOMAT FZ-G1 France -
Utility/Telecom GRDF FZ-M1 France - -
Utility/Telecom Eltel Networks FZ-G1 Sweden
Utility/Telecom Stedin FZ-G1 Netherlands - -
Utility/Telecom Remeo FZ-G1 Finland
Utility/Telecom Centrica FZ-G1 UK
Utility/Telecom EDF Energy CF-U1, FZ-G1 UK - -
Utility/Telecom Severn Trent CF-20 UK
Utility/Telecom UK Power Networks FZ-G1 UK - -
Utility/Telecom Dicle Elektrik FZ-M1 Turkey - -
Utility/Telecom Beijing Hengneng Technology FZ-G1 China - -
Utility/Telecom Stadtwerke Bielefeld CF-18, CF-19,
CF-53, CF-H2,
FZ-G1, FZ-E1
Utility/Telecom retipiu FZ-G1 Italy -
Utility/Telecom Ergon Energy FZ-G1 Australia -
Various Sectors Blue Sky Walkabout FZ-M1 USA - -
Various Sectors Flix Brewhouse FZ-M1 USA
Various Sectors Greenland ICE Expedition FZ-M1 USA - -
Various Sectors Major Aircraft Manufacturer FZ-Q2, FZ-G1, CF-20 USA - -
Various Sectors Micro Technologies CF-19, CF-54, FZ-G1 USA -
Various Sectors Triton Submarines FZ-G1, CF-54 USA -
Various Sectors Winn Solutions FZ-X1, FZ-N1 USA - -
Various Sectors Aeryon Labs FZ-G1 CANADA -
Various Sectors Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers FZ-G1 CANADA -
Various Sectors Otto Pachmayr FZ-G1 Germany - -
Various Sectors Tough Mudder FZ-E1, FZ-M1 Germany - -
Various Sectors E2P FZ-G1 Spain - -
Various Sectors Inuit Wind Sled Team CF-20, FZ-M1 Spain -
Various Sectors G.D FZ-G2, CF-33 Italy -
Various Sectors Tara Expedition CF-19, CF-AX3, CF-C2,
CF-53, FZ-G1, FZ-M1
France - -
Various Sectors Norwegian Biathlon Team CF-20, FZ-G1 Norway - -
Various Sectors Elitfönster FZ-G1, FZ-N1 Sweden
Various Sectors ASIAQ Greenland Survey FZ-55 Denmark -
Various Sectors Pete Graves FZ-G1 UK - -
Various Sectors FIBO Bau FZ-55, FZ-G1 Switzerland -
Various Sectors Australian Sailing Team FZ-G1 Australia
Various Sectors Barrett Communications CF-20, FZ-G1, FZ-M1 Australia -
Various Sectors Frucor Beverages FZ-G1 New Zealand -
Various Sectors IMDEX FZ-G1 Australia - -
Various Sectors Boonthavorn Ceramics FZ-G1 Thailand - -
Various Sectors Maruha Nichiro Logistics FZ-G1 Japan - -
Various Sectors Miyako Fishery Cooperative Union FZ-M1, FZ-G1 Japan - -
Various Sectors Ski Association of Japan CF-20 Japan - -
Various Sectors PIA and Gamba Osaka FZ-N1 Japan - -
Various Sectors Professional Sailor, Kojiro Shiraishi CF-33 Japan - -
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