Panasonic Corporation Group Companies

Autumn 2020
Kanto and Kansai areas, Japan

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Sharing a PC Screen with the Simple Touch of a Button. Bringing Improved Value to Real Communication.Sharing a PC Screen with the Simple Touch of a Button. Bringing Improved Value to Real Communication.


To project materials at meetings and seminars easily, without as much time or effort


The Wireless Presentation System, which does not require either cables or the installation of driver software, enables speedy screen-sharing to accommodate the flow of the meeting

Background of System Installation

With face-to-face meetings being a rarer opportunity than before, conducting them smoothly is a must

September 2020 saw the release of the PressIT Wireless Presentation System, which allows PC screen-sharing at the touch of a button, and after going on sale it was quickly purchased by the various Panasonic Group companies. The reason was the stress and time loss caused by having to switch the cables out each time a new presenter spoke and having to move to places where wires can be hooked up whenever materials needed to be shown on a projector or display during a meeting. Now in particular, as we have grown accustomed to speedy screen-sharing during online meetings, these challenges have come increasingly to the fore, because face-to-face meetings are a rare opportunity and the time available needs to be utilized with maximum efficiency.
The time has come for PressIT, which answers that call.

Reasons for System Installation

Allowing smooth use even with high-security PCs

The deciding factor in our decision to install PressIT was that it can be used immediately by just plugging it in. Particularly praiseworthy was the fact that the USB is used only for charging while the display contents are transferred by HDMI, thus allowing comfortable use in sectors where the security policy restricts the use of USB devices. And because there's no need to install driver software, the screen can also be shared from a customer's computer with ease during customer visits. Another major factor that led to the selection was the fact that it can be connected to not only a PC but also a video camera, allowing for simple and easy wireless transmission of captured video footage.

PressIT connected to a PC. Screen-sharing is now possible even from locations where cables cannot reach.
The wireless installation enables meetings in which participants can sit wherever they like.
The device is extremely easy to use—just plug it into the PC's HDMI port. The USB connector is for charging.

Effects Achieved by System Installation

Thriving in various settings, from business meetings to policy presentations

Because PressIT allows for segmented display of up to four screens, it grants excellent flexibility for multiple people to make presentations at the same meeting. In business, and particularly in meetings of the management and planning sectors, it is common to engage in discussion while looking over not only prepared documents but also information looked up online there and then.
With PressIT, it is now possible to share a variety of documents, images, and videos while simultaneously conversing. This has in turn allowed for ever more lively brainstorming sessions. Policy presentations and the like have previously been limited by the length of projector cables, with the person in charge of the slides needing to be seated near the front, but now, with PressIT, it is possible to do this job from the back of the room, out of the way.

A large meeting room fitted for hybrid seminars.

The HD Com unit and the specialized camera are on the top level of the display rack. PressIT, for transfer to the projector, is connected to the HD Com unit. The lower level has the HD Com's web conference integration system (Gateway Box).

Allowing hybrid seminars that combine face-to-face with online

In large meeting rooms for training sessions and product presentations, both the display and projector show the presentation materials, and by utilizing Panasonic's videoconferencing system HD Com web conference integration, online broadcast over Teams or Zoom can be performed at the same time. Furthermore, because inserting PressIT directly into the video camera allows for wireless transfer of video data, it is now possible to create realistic online seminars by broadcasting the entire meeting room.

Where previously movement had only been possible as far as the cable reached, the new wireless setup provides improved mobility when recording.
The video camera is connected to PressIT and USB charging unit.

Comments from the Installation Staff

This is a system that is critical to the current age in which face-to-face sales require a new level of value

We bought three sets, with two being set up in the management meeting room and one set in reserve so that it can be brought into the meeting room when needed or taken out when going on a sales presentation. With the novel coronavirus pandemic, it has recently been impossible to visit our customers directly, and so if we are going to request a face-to-face meeting, we all feel that it is very important to show the customer all that we have to offer. Against such a backdrop, PressIT has allowed smooth visual communication, and is an important tool for raising the value of face-to-face sales.

There is also a plan to install the Panasonic JOINBOARD TH-65BQ1J and remote cameras. This will promote the building of meeting room environments that are easier to use.

What was once the daily norm has changed, and has become more convenient, almost imperceptibly

One thing we noticed looking back on the five months or so since installing PressIT is that we seem to have stopped needing to switch out cables during meetings, or move around seats to make room for those cables. While we might be aware of a buildup of stress, who would notice a sudden lack of stress? The way it makes things more convenient without making the user think about how things have become more convenient is the real merit of PressIT.

Comments from the Sales Staff

Realizing a new era of seminars by integrating Panasonic products

PressIT can be used for a wide variety of applications by combining it with various devices. For example, when running training seminars online, you can connect PressIT to the touch screen display (BQ1 series) to broadcast contents written with the pen directly to those on the other side. The visual difference from simply pointing a camera at a normal blackboard is like night and day. You can also connect it to business-use remote cameras to shoot high-definition video in an even wider range than with cameras for web conferences, thus eliminating the need for complicated systems for transferring video. We can also respond to the need to hold meetings while reducing the amount of close contact by allowing people to sit freely while maintaining their distance. I really hope that as many people as possible will have the opportunity to experience the many positive effects brought about by PressIT.