Using with Android device (Android 5.0 and later versions)

There are two following methods to share images from an Android device to a display or projector.
It can be used according to the usage environment (wireless LAN, security measures, etc)

① Connecting wireless LAN from the receiver


Connect the receiver to a display device with HDMI cable, and power on the receiver.

*Use AC adapotor or USB power out (5V2A) device


Standby menu is displayed on the screen

Standby menu


Install the dedicated app [PressIT] on the Android device from the Google Play Store.

You can also scan the QR code below to install the app.

The app can also be installed from the Web setting page

Download an app from web setting page if you can not connect to the Goolge Play Store. Once you downloaded from the web page, it is required to activate the app in order to install on to the Android device. Please check the version of the Android device/Android OS


Connect the Android device to the wireless LAN coming from the receiver.

SSID and a password that are displayed on the lower left of the standby menu

HDMI Standby menu

Turn on the wireless LAN function of the Android device and select SSID displayed on the standby menu.

* The IP address on the image is an example and may be different depending on the environment.

* For the settings for the Android device, please check the user’s manual of your device.


Start the PressIT app

Tap the icon to launch the app


Click "Search Device" when an image of the transimitter is displayed on the Android device

Select appropriate device that your see on the list of receivers (SSIDs that have been set) on the connected network.

Select appropriate device that your see on the list of receivers (SSIDs that have been set) on the connected network.

A message pops up and select "Start Now"

The same operation as the transmitter is possible.

A:Performs the same operation as main button of the transmitter.
B:Performs the same operation as sub button of the transmitter.
C:Displays Android app information.

Tap the main button of the transmitter on the screen.


Mirroring starts.

The image on left shows the connected state. In this case, images are being shared
When returning to the home screen or operating another app without
exiting the app, those images are also shared (mirroring).


  • Copyright-protected content cannot be displayed.
  • Motion pictures may not be displayed smoothly depending on the processing capability of the Android device or network conditions.
  • When making connections on the network to which multiple receivers are connected, there are multiple display devices. Make sure to connect to the correct display device

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