Real-Time Monitoring and Control Solution for Professional Displays and ProjectorsReal-Time Monitoring and Control Solution for Professional Displays and Projectors

Reduces the Control and Maintenance Burden, and Supports Stable Operation

This monitoring and control solution lets you visualize the operating status of displays and projectors in detail, detecting symptoms of problems in real-time, and preventing malfunctions in advance. While reducing the burden for control and maintenance, it supports stable operation. In situations where it is essential that images are displayed without interruption and degradation does not occur, this system detects signs of trouble, and informs you to avoid serious problems.

System Configuration Example

Up to 2048 displays and projectors on an intranet can be easily monitored and controlled from a single PC via a LAN network. And since you can also register other-brand equipment that is PJLink™ compatible, you can efficiently achieve centralized control over the entire system. Also, by purchasing Early Warning Functions, you can remotely control and monitor the system with a web browser on a notebook PC or tablet device.

Download Software

Multi Monitoring & Control Software

* When you install Multi Monitoring & Control Software, you can use the Early Warning Functions on trial for 90 days free of charge.

Basic Functions (free)

Multiple Video Devices Can Be Easily Managed and Controlled by a Single PC

Up to 2,048 compatible displays and projectors on an intranet can be monitored and controlled, playlists can be produced and distributed, control commands can be executed, and schedule functions can be managed by centralized control on a single PC.

Easy device registration

Auto-search for unregistered devices

Search for and discover unregistered devices on the intranet automatically* to add them to your network.

* Auto-search function may not be available on some devices depending on device status and network environment.

Register multiple devices together from an offline list

Register multiple devices at once by loading a device list created offline* and saved as a .csv file.

* Requires IP address, username, and password.

Device management by group or keyword categorization

Up to 2,048 devices can be managed from a single PC. You can easily manage groups of devices by “Group” or “Keyword” categories according to location or application.

Status monitoring for individual devices

Status of individual displays and projectors on the intranet can be monitored from a PC with Multi Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2.0.

Brief information display

Device status can be understood at a glance as icons* shown on the device list. Devices can be displayed according to registered Group and Keyword.

Detailed information display

More detailed information* can be displayed for selected devices. Displayed items can be changed in the settings window.

* Software functionality varies depending on the model. Refer to operating instructions for more information about icons shown in brief information display.

Control command execution

Control commands can be executed for a selected device or for multiple devices categorized by Group and Keyword.

Automate content display with Scheduling Function

For the selected device, or devices selected by Group and Keyword, scheduled commands can be executed. Functions include control commands, image distribution, projector brightness control, delivery of a content list, and more.

Visualize your network with Map Display

Drag-and-drop device icons onto a preloaded floorplan image* using your PC and Multi Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2.0. Status summary is shown on device icons. To execute control commands or adjust settings, select the device from the map.

* Supported files: JPEG/JPG/PNG/BMP up to 4096 x 4096 pixels.

Content delivery for signage applications

Distribute media from a content playlist, including stills and video, from PC to selected displays and projectors*. LinkRay™ Light ID transmission is also supported on selected devices.

* Please refer to the List of Compatible Device Models for the displays supporting this function.

Early Warning Functions (ET-SWA100)

Maintenance can be improved by purchasing an Early Warning Functions license. Using a web browser on a notebook PC or tablet device, you can detect abnormalities in equipment and images to reduce the amount of downtime. You can also check the timing for parts replacement and maintenance from a remote location. This means you can eliminate unnecessary visits to on-site locations, reducing the time and cost of service and support. Reliability is also increased.

To use Early Warning Functions, it is necessary to install Multi Monitoring & Control Software (Ver. 2.0 or later). After purchasing licenses separately, activate them on PASS.

* After installing Multi Monitoring & Control Software, you can use the software for 90 days free of charge.

* Operating Instructions Early Warning Software Ver. 2.4

* Multi Monitoring & Control Software Ver.2.0 or higher is required for Panasonic professional displays released after November 2017.

Download Multi Monitoring & Control Software


Scheduled maintenance reminders and monthly report generation

Reminders of scheduled maintenance*

Multi Monitoring & Control Software lets administrators plan ahead and manage parts inventories with a high degree of accuracy, saving time and money. With maintenance reminders* supplied in advance, it's possible to schedule equipment servicing when the display devices are not in use. Simplify management and enhance reliability of your display network.

* Click here to view a list of devices that support this function.

Monthly report output*

Multi Monitoring & Control Software Ver 3.0 can generate a monthly report and export it as a .csv text file. Information includes operating environment, device operational history, and error reports from the preceding 30 days of operation.

* Multi Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 3.0 or later is required. Click here to view a list of devices that support this function.

Monthly report outputMonthly report output

Early warning and maintenance alert visualization*

Detailed information regarding potential problems or periodic maintenance are clearly visualized, letting you prevent device downtime before it happens.

Error/Warning Notifications

If a problem occurs, you’re sent a notification with information on the problem and a recommended course of action.

* Function supported on selected professional displays and projectors only.

Maintenance Reports

Information including error/warning count, recommended replacement of consumable parts, and periodic cleaning is presented in report.

Error and warning notifications

Error and warning notifications are e-mailed to a preset address or sent to an existing SNMP manager via SNMP trap.

Link with peripheral devices

Network camera

Monitor projected or displayed images with a supported network camera. Select an area of the screen to monitor and get notified if playback pauses.


When using the Panasonic ET-YFB200G DIGITAL LINK Switcher, input and output status can be checked easily.

* Supported cameras: Panasonic Network Camera (BB-S/DG-S/WV-S Series) and Panasonic PTZ Camera (AW-UE70/HE40/HE130 Series).

Video stop detection with network camera

Get an instant notification if the screen blanks or freezes during playback. Video can be recorded to identify where and when the problem occurred.

Note: Movement of objects other than the image (such as a person passing in front of the screen) may trigger a stop alert in some situations. Slow-motion video, video in which areas of motion are confined, or video with little brightness variation between moving objects and background may be interpreted as playback stoppage.

Data acquisition via Web API*

Multi Monitoring & Control Software data and Early Warning Functions data can be acquired via Web API and installed into an existing monitoring application.

* Multi Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 3.0 or later is required.

Early Warning Function License

1 year 3 years Number of connected units
ET-SWA100A ET-SWA100A3 Up to 2,048 units
ET-SWA100B ET-SWA100B3 Up to 512 units
ET-SWA100C ET-SWA100C3 Up to 256 units
ET-SWA100D ET-SWA100D3 Up to 128 units
ET-SWA100E ET-SWA100E3 Up to 64 units
ET-SWA100F ET-SWA100F3 Up to 32 units

* The 90-day free trial software lets you monitor up to 2,048 displays and projectors.

Software Operating Environment

(Operating system)

Windows 11: Windows 11 Pro (64bit)
Windows 10: Windows 10 Pro (32 bit/64 bit)
Windows Server 2016: Standard (32 bit/64 bit)

  • The software works in 32-bit mode on 64-bit Windows.
  • Compatible with English, Japanese or Chinese language versions of the above operating systems.
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is automatically enabled when the software is installed.
Software library

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7

  • Enable the installed .NET Framework 4.7 function.
Web browser

Microsoft Edge

  • The software should operate in most web browsers, excluding those above, but correct operation is not guaranteed.

Intel® Core 2 Duo or better, or equivalent processor

  • Intel® Core i5 or higher processors are recommended when the number of connected devices is 65 or more.
  • When using the [Detect presence of output image] function, processors equipped with the integrated graphics function, which is supported by 6th generation Intel Core i7/i5 or higher processors, are recommended.

8,192 MB or higher

Hard disk free space

100 GB or more

  • Required capacity increases with increasing number of units.
    (Roughly 50 MB per unit.)
Other details

LAN connector (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
A display with a resolution of 1366 x 768, High Color (16-bit) or better

Note that this does not guarantee that any computer satisfying the above requirements will be able to run the software.


  • When using the Windows Server 2016 terminal, operating it as a server is recommended. When using it as a client, change security settings of the browser.

System Requirements for Client Terminal


Use any of the following web browsers.
Web browser: Microsoft Edge

  • The software should operate in most web browsers, excluding those above, but correct operation is not guaranteed.
  • Installation of a display plug-in or Direct X may be required depending on the camera. the web screen display function cannot be used in Microsoft Edge.(As of April 2023)

iPhone: iOS 10,11,12,13,14
iPad: iOS 10,11,12 / iPadOS 13,14
Web browser: Safari 10,11,12,13,14

  • Operation is not supported when displaying the desktop version of the site.
  • Operation is not supported when using Split View of the Multitasking function.
  • Operation of the web screen display function available on network cameras is not guaranteed. (This is due to the browser being unsupported by the camera.)
  • When displaying the <Web Control> window of devices on an iPhone, it will be displayed in the same screen instead of in a new tab.

Tablet running Android 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0
Web browser: Google Chrome

Note that this does not guarantee that any computer satisfying the above requirements will be able to run the software.


  • A separate wireless access point is required to access the monitoring and control terminal from a client terminal via a wireless LAN.